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Richard Valentinetti is a collector of old photographs, as well as American Political items (mainly presidential campaign items as well as Vermont state contests). As he started to collect ambrotpye and tin types of civil war soldiers, his interest peaked on trying to determine the background of the soldier. He also lived in Fairfax, Virginia on assignment for 4 years and visited many of the battlefield in the area as well as the history of the Northern Virginia area. As he has lived in Vermont for over 40 years, he picked many more Vermont and New Hampshire photographic items.

Added 12/28/2011, a tintype of Pvt. Elisha Goodspeed, 6th Vt. infantry.

Page 1 - 5th Vermont Infantry

Page 2 - 5th Vermont Infantry, continued

Page 3 - Various other Vermont Units

Page 4 - Unidentified

Page 5 - Unidentified, continued

Page 6 - Miscellaneous