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Addison County
The War of the Union

For a period of thirteen years, sweet Peace exercised grim War, and he quietly reposed among the fertile valleys of Vermont. Youths had grown to manhood, coy maidens to comely matrons, whose children, as they rested upon the knee of gray-haired grandsire, loved best to hear the tales of martial days--of the blood-red field of Buena Vesta, of the deeds of the brave McDonough, and "Old Ethan, " at Ticonderoga. Prosperity asserted herself in the hum of machinery, telling of the increase of manufacturing interests, in the silver threads that were branching in all directions, proclaiming the route of the "iron horse" as it conveyed to prosperous marts the harvests' surplus. The sun arose each morn upon a prosperous, happy, contented people; but, alas, as its rays tipped the Green Mountain summits with splendor on the morn of April 12th, 1861, it awakened no answering smile in brooding Peace, and War again asserted his rights. The hearts of the Green Mountain Boys were again touched with the old fire of martial ardor; the dreams of peace were forgotten; naught was remembered but their insulted flag--the flag purchased with the blood of their fathers--to which they owed their homes and the plenty which surrounded them.

Side by side with her sister States, Vermont endured the weary marches and bore the brunt of battles, and side by side their sons sleep the long sleep, -- some where the wave of Mexico's Gulf chants an endless requiem to their silent grades, some 'neath the sun-kissed plains of the willful South, and some rocked in the bosom of the broad Atlantic, "held in the hollow of His hand." Others have been borne to rest among their kindred, by sympathizing friends, who, year by year, to muffle drum-beat, went their way to the consecrated places to deck their graves with beautiful spring flowers--a national tribute to the memory of the gallant dead, 5, 128 of whom Vermont sacrificed as her share toward the preservation of the Nation's unity, freed from the curse of slavery, so long a foul blot upon her fair fame. And the thousands of parents, wives, sisters and brothers, that still weep o'er the graves of those they loved, still have a valuable legacy left to console them--a legacy of glory, bequeathed by a nation's honored dead!

Vermont promptly filled every quota, and every dollar needed was furnished with alacrity. Of her treasure, $9,087,352.40 were expended in furnishing the 34,238 loyal sons and representatives who went out to fight the battles of their country, 5,022 of whom were discharged from service with shattered constitutions, or maimed in body, to renew the peaceful avocations of life as circumstances would permit, and it is but lately that these stricken defenders have, by increase of bounties and pensions, received proper acknowledgment by a grateful nation, for their heroic deeds and sacrifices. The following complete roster of men who went from Addison County as commissioned officers, and of those, who enlisting in the ranks were subsequently promoted to a commission, is complied from the Adjutant and Inspector-General's report of 1866, and from other sources.

Roster of Field, Staff, and Company Officers.

Abell, Charles E., Orwell
Allen, Lewis J., Ferrisburgh
Allen, Solomon T., Panton
Atwood, Henry C., Salisbury
Baker, Perry A., Whiting
Barney, Edwin A., Monkton
Barrett, Daniel E., Middlebury
Beach, Watson O., Salisbury
Begor, Peter, Monkton
Bird, Elijah W., New Haven
Bird, Riley A., Bristol
Bogart, William E., Weybridge
Bolton, James F., Middlebury
Branch, Charles F., Orwell
Briggs, Gordon N., Whiting
Carroll, Henry, New Haven
Cheney, Ozro F., Bridport
Child, Andrew J., Weybridge
Collins, Isaac N., Middlebury
Comstock, Olney A., Middlebury
Converse, John R., Panton
Cook, Hiram, Bristol
Corey, Charles W., Bridport
Corey, George H., Bridport
Crane, Albert A., Bridport
Crane, Cyrus R., Bridport
Dayton, Durrell W., Middlebury
Decelle, Augustus A., Shoreham
Drury, Eben M., Vergennes
Dunshee, Noble F., Bristol
Dyer, Benjamin N., Leicester
Eaton, Solon, Addison
Eells, Isaac L., Middlebury
Frost, Henry M., Middlebury
Gage, William W., Monkton
Gale, George S., Bridport
Grace, James, Middlebury
Hamilton, Eugene A., Salisbury
Hanchett, Henry, New Haven
Heath, Orville W., Middlebury
Herbert, Henry, Middlebury
Howe, George G., Shoreham
Hoyt, Jonathan M., New Haven
Hulburt, Ward B., Weybridge
Hundson, Charles, Shoreham
Huntingdon, Henry D., New Haven
Jones, Walter S., Shoreham
Kidder, Charles W., Vergennes
Lucia, Joel H., Bridport
Mason, Andrew J., New Haven
Mason, Charles W., New Haven
McCormic, Charles, Middlebury
Middlebrook, Theophilus C., Ferrisburgh
Moore, Franklin, Shoreham
Moore, Herbert H., Middlebury
Murdick, Newton, Middlebury
Neddo, George, Middlebury
Needham, Henry B., Middlebury
Palmer, Edson B., New Haven
Parker, Charles E., Vergennes
Parker, Edward B., Middlebury
Parker, George Jr., Vergennes
Perry, Henry L., Salisbury
Porter, Henry M., Middlebury
Prindle, John A., Vergennes
Randall, Charles J. S., Bristol
Raymond, Edson M., Orwell
Rice, John R., Bridport
Rich, Edwin, Middlebury
Rose, Charles W., Middlebury
Ross, Oliver E., Cornwall
Russell, William P., Middlebury
Sayles, Lensie R., Leicester
Severance, Philo S., Middlebury
Smith, Luman, Addison
Smith, Charles H., Addison
Sneden, George W., New Haven
Sprague, Edwin H., Middlebury
Spencer, Orrin L., Salisbury
Stowell, Henry, Vergennes
Thomas, Cyrus, Weybridge
Tracy, Amos S., Middlebury
Walker, Aldace F., Middlebury
Ward, John S., Shoreham
Wright, Don Juan, Shoreham
Williamson, Charles H., Middlebury
Worcester, George B., Ferrisburgh
Wright, Wilson D., Middlebury

Of the 5,022 men discharged, 317 commissioned officers resigned, sixty-one commissioned officers and 3,865 enlisted men were discharged for disabilities, forth-four commissioned officers and 596 enlisted men, for wounds received in action. Eleven enlisted men were paroled prisoners. Twenty-eight commissioned officers and one hundred enlisted men were dishonorably discharged.

Among the whole number of troops it is to be expected that some were not true, and the records show that 2, 219 men (mostly, if not all of whom were substitutes, ) deserted.

The Number of Engagements in which the several Regiments, Batteries and detached troops, (officered in part by Addison county men), bore honorable part during the war, are as follows:--

First Regiment, Infantry
Second Regiment, Infantry
Fifth Regiment, Infantry
Sixth Regiment, Infantry
Seventh Regiment, Infantry
Ninth Regiment, Infantry
Eleventh Regiment, (First Regiment Heavy Artillery)
Fourteenth Regiment, Infantry
Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry
First Regiment, U. S. Sharpshooters
Second Regiment, U. S. Sharpshooters
First Battery, Light Artillery
Second Battery, Light Artillery
Third Battery, Light Artillery
First Regiment, Cavalry


Addison County


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. Q. Adams, D. Barrow, P. Barrow, S. Bachman, C. Bowers, E. Casey, W. D. Clark, G. W. Converse, J. Crowley, L. Davis, G. H. Dobbin, S. Eaton, H. Elmer, W. F. Elmer, E. Fuller, W. Fuller, 0. Gordon, F. Harris, G. A. Holcomb, W. J. Hurd, E. McKenzie, J. Morgan, L. Murray, C. Norton, H. Palmer, C. H. Smith, D. Smith, L. Smith, J. Turney, J. Vanderhoof, 0. S. Vanderhoof.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
J. Arno, B. P. Bowers, J. Bogor, jr., D. S. Day, E. Dushon, A. H. Harris, I. C. Heath, S. Knight, H. Laptad, J. Miller, jr., A. Mumble, D. Murray, L. Murray, P. Ruin, L. St. Clair, L. Tatro, M. H. Taylor.

Volunteers for one year.
E. Briggs, jr., C. M. Bucklin, D. W. Clark, H. M. Fifield, D. St. Johns, J. F. Todd.

Volunteers re-enlisted.
J. Bovia, J. Daniels, J. Morgan.

Not credited by name.--Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.
P. Berges, M. A. Clark, A. Dachno, J. W. Dallison, A. Dayton, C. L. Elmer, H. B. Heustis, P. Finegan, F. King, W. H. Merrill, A. L. Norton, F. Pasno, J. Pecu, C. Riley, C. Sprigg, J. A. Strong, R. C. Whitford.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, D. R. Brown, E. A. Field, 0. H. Fisher, F. Morby, V. Norton, B. Smith, L. H. Smith, W. D. Smith, G. H, Sprigg, H. Warner, T. S. Warren, P. C. Whitford.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
W. Allen, W. Baldwin, E. Barry, F. A. Brainard, A. Bristol, H. H. Burge, D. Carpenter, jr., J. Carpenter, E. D. Carrier, O. F. Cheney, J. Clair, J. M. Clinton, A. A. Crane, C. R. Crane, G. W. Crane, J. Duckett, A. C. Fisher, G. S. Gale, A. H. Hamilton, F. H. Hathorn, W. W. Hathorn, H. Heitman, N. Herbert, F. H. Holdredge, J. Howe, J. Kennedy, H. Kerner, A. P. Legier, C. A. Lamos, C. N. Lapham, J. F. Lapham, J. Laverty, F. Little, N. B. Lucia, G. Macha, G. Madigan, J. L. Martin, J. McCormick, C. B. Myrick, P. M. Myrick, G. E. Norton, J. F. Olmstead, J. B. Rice, J. Ross, J. F. Russell, L. Russell, S. Smith, R. W. Swinton, C. H. Taylor, H. Towle, F. Tremble, J. Tremble, Z. B. Wickwire, A. H. Wilcox.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
H. H. Alden, W. Baker, W. C. Braisted, M. Brannan, P. Canada, C. W. Corey, G. H. Corey, R. F. Crossman, G. D. S. Drew, J. Dukett, J. Fernett, W. Fernett, H. A. Fields, T. Foy, E. Godon, E. Hayes, G. A. Holmes, J. H. Lucia, N. B. Phelps, G. W. Pratt, J. Sproule, H. Taylor, F. R. Tremble, O. Trickay.

Volunteers for one year. - S. Buffum, W. Buffum.

Volunteers re-enlisted.
O. F. Cheney, F. H. Hathorn, F. H. Holdredge, R. Hudson, J. Kennedy, J. McCormick, C. R. Shambo, W. E. Taylor.

Enlisted men who furnished substitutes.-A. A. Fletcher, J. O. Hamilton. Not credited by name.-Three men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.
H. Austin, L. S. Buzwell, C. W. Corey, B. W. Crane, H. P. Elitharp, N. V. Elitharp, G. B. Grovener, F. C. Howe, J. Kennedy, A. La Point, jr., H. G. Lawrence, J. H. Lucia, J. E. Moriarty, M. Randall, P. J. Shumway, J. J. Sprowl, A. A. Walker.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, F. A. Brainerd, S. E. Cook, W. M. Grandy. Procured substitute, O. P. Lee.
Entered service, P. Dakin, W. Hammett.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. M. Bacon, A. F. Baker, E. R. Bancroft, C. L. Bartlett, H. R. Beckwith, R. A. Bird, H. Bowers, H. Brooks, W. Brooks, N. Bush, M. Bushee, A. Butler, E. D. Chase, E. D. Chillson, H. Cook, A. Danforth, G. E. Drake, O. B. Drake, W. B. Dunshee, E. J. Foster, A. N. Gauthier, C. Grimes, B. J. Grinnell, J. Hagan, D. Hamblin, J. B. Hastings, B. F. Hickin, J. Hines, A. A. Leland, J. McVar, H. C. Myers, J. Moody, S. S. Morgan, F. Mullings, G. Mullens, R. Munroe, C. R. Myers, W. W. Needham, H. Noland, J. Oakes, C. O'Brian, H. O'Brian, L. Orcutt, H. L. Prime, D. C. Quimby, J. B. Quimby, C. J. S. Randall, H. Robbins, J. Scarborough, J. W. Shadrick, R. Sharlow, B. Sheldon, J. Sheldon, E. Tart, N. Tart, D. R. Thompson, N. C. Thompson, E. Vradenburgh, C. B. Warner, C. E. P. Wheeler, E. C. Wright.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, for 300,000 volunteers, and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
A. Bezner, J. Bezner, W. E. Bicknell, C. Bowers, H. Brooks, G. H. Bunker, F. Daniel, C. E. Dushon, D. K. Hamblin, E. R. Jacobs, U. D. Jacobs, H. D. May, C. E. Nelson, A. A. Peters, P. Phinney, S. Preston, C. Prince, W. T. Richardson, M. Roberts, J. Shadick, W. Shadick, L. Steady, jr., J. Weaver.

Volunteers for one year.
E. D. Chase, F. M. Dwyer, L. C. Finch, G. W. Green, N. McIntyre, D. Munroe, H. C. Myers, F. Strait, L. S. Walker, L. F. Weaver, E. Whittemore, G. Whittemore.

Volunteers re-enlisted.
J. M. Bacon, E. R. Bancroft, H. Bowers, M. Bushee, J. S. Chandler, E. D. Chillson, A. Danforth, C. Grimes, B. J. Grinnell, J. W. Hilton, L. Orcutt, I. B. Quimby, D. R. Thompson.

Not credited by name.--Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.
E. D. Barnes, R. C. Brown, H. Butler, M. Calihan, J. Clapper, N. F. Dunshee, N. Gravel, F. W. Grinnell, A. E. Manum, N. McIntyre, M. Melian, S. W. Palmer, D. Patno, I. Plain, H. C. Powers, E. Tatro, S. Vradenburgh, D. Whitmore, jr., C. Yattaw.

Furnished under draft.

Paid commutation, C. C. Abbott, W. T. Drake, C. Kendall. Procured substitute, N. Crozier, T. Rockwood. Entered service, S. Crozier, G. Q. Day.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
D. H. Allex, W. H. Austin, A. K. Barlow, N. Baxter, J. Castle, C. Clair, E. Clair, O. Clair, L. Darling, J. Donnelly, L. S. Evarts, J. E. Fenton, E. Frost, D. Goulette, G. Greenleaf, D. Hickey, G. Hodges, F. S. Holley, T. J. Lane, J. J. Manny, E. Mayo, M. Nero, T. D. Peck, E. O. Porter, A. H. Potter, P. G. Potter, O. E. Ross, B. Rider, H. R. Sampson, O. Sanford, I. Searles, W. Shorker, M. W. Smith, C. E. Stearns, I. J. Stearns, J. Stott, E. S. Stowell, A. Youtt, C. E. Youtt.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.--P. Bear, D. C. Bent, J. Bodoin, J. A. Barrows, L. Goulette, J. C. Hawkins, L. Lavake, A. Mahan, S. Mahan, G. M'Cue, W. D. Watson, A. P. Youtt, C. Youtt.

Volunteers for one year.--B. Brooks, M. Smith.

Volunteers re-enlisted.--A. K. Barlow, H. Currier, J. Castle, P. Fox, M. Nero, C. E. Stearns, J. St. Marie, J. Stott, J. R. Rice, A. B. Wilson.
Enlisted men who furnished substitute.--O. A. Field, R. Lane.

Not credited by name.-Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--C. Beaudoin, H. W. Bingham, J. Demar, M. S. Keeler, N. S. Lewis, A. Mahan, S. Mahan, H. Mora, L. D. Moody, H. T. Peck, R. R. Peck, A. S. Pinney, H. S. Sheldon, A. B. Simonds, H. D. Wheelock, J. M. Wooster, W. J. Wright.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, H. J. Manchester, W. H. Matthews, L. C. Mead, S. E. Parkill, M. M. Peck, G. Pratt, C. H. Rust. Procured substitute, C. B. Currier, G. E. Dana, M. B. Williamson, I. G. Wooster.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
R. W. Allen, W. F. Allen, E. Ayers, W. Beckhorn, P. Blood, C. F. Brown, M. Courtney, H. M. Ferris, H. A. Hendee, H. Hooker, J. Lovell, J. R. McGibbon, V. D. Salls, A. P. Smith, P. Tyler.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. H. D. Ayer, P. H. Blood, H. Brown, J. Hogan.

Volunteers for one year.
S. C. Alexander, S. T. Chamberlin, R. Laird.

Volunteers re-enlisted.
J. R. McGibbon, J. W. Pitridge.

Volunteers for Nine Months.
M. F. Allen, J. Ayers, D. B. Brown, H. S. Brown, J. W. Brown, N. Capen, E. Kelley, J. Washburn, J. S. Wilber.

Furnished under draft.

Paid commutation, A. Ayers, N. J. Phelps, S. H. Washburn.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
V. W. Albee, D. C. Bailey, O. Berean, J. Becotte, P. Burke, E. C. Butler, J. A. Cady, E. J. Chase, E. Clough, C. W. Cooley, W. O. Cochran, J. Devine, R. Devine, O. Dumas, D. Ellis, S. Garrow, E. W. Harvey, J. H. Highlen, C. L. Jones, J. Kerr, R. E. Lamed, J. Patton, P. P. Ripley, N. B. Stark, C. St. John, M. Stowe, A. Thurston, J. Tracy, H. Wood, M. Wood, H. P. Worcester.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.--J. B. Aldrich, H. A. Bacon, C. Bedell, E. Church, W. B. Cobb, W. V. Eastman, B. Edwards, A. A. Ford, J. H. Ford, J. Ingleston, O. E. Kennedy, H. J. Russ, C. Sherman, jr., C. St. John, jr., N. C. Swan.

Volunteers for one year.--S. Cronk, E. Dillon, G. W. Fisher, A. Kemp, R. Maxwell, S. Maxwell, H. T. J. Royce.
Volunteer re-enlisted.--R. E. Lamed. Not credited by name.--Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--M. B. Morehouse, W. Rhodes, O. T. Tucker, S. C. Webster, G. N. Wright.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, N. A. Robinson,
H. J. Smith, H. Wood, J. Wood, jr. Procured substitute, A. F. Vinton.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. T. Austin, O. L. Beckwith, E. M. Bull, J. G. Burk, O. Byron, F. S. Chatterton, M. R. Claflin, W. M. Cleveland, D. B. Field, L. Gilson, E. E. Hopkins, J. Hunt, H. Kemp, O. Kemp, G. Kendall, H. C. Kidder, J. Kirkpatrick, A. McCollom, J. A. Page, R. E. Page, H. S. Quimby, O. Robinson, J. E. Sargent, T. P. Sargent, B. F. Ward, J. Watson.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.-
J. H. Church, M. R. Claflin, N. L. Claflin, C. V. Flint, J. H. Fuller, O. T. Tucker.
Volunteer for one year.--W. S. King.
Volunteer re-enlisted.---R. E. Page.
Volunteer for nine months.--H. R. Perry.

Furnished under draft. Paid commutation, T. B. Martin, jr.,
A. Page. Entered service, H. Alexander.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
W. S. Alden, A. Atwood, L. Baker, B. A. Bates, E. F. Beckford, D. W. Carr, H. C. Carr, G. 0. Dow, P. E. Dow, B. N. Dyer, E. G. Estey, J. H. Esty, A. W. Flint, H. W. Flint, J. Foley, J. W. G. Gibbs, R. W. Henry, N. Little, E. Matot, J. P. Matot, 0. Partlow, S. Partlow, M. H. Powers, E. Reneau, A. A. Rosseter, L. R. Sayles, C. Stanley.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
C. J. Brown, L. M. Gibbs, G. Jenney, A. Norton, H. T. Parker, A. W. Perry, W. F. Spencer.

Volunteers for one year.
C. C. Bump, D. E. Gibson, T. H. Green, H. Mulloy, P. H. Mumford, A. Tremblee, H. A. Wainwright.
Volunteers re-enlisisted.--E. F. Beckford, G. 0. Dow, M. Foley.

Not credited by name.--One man.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--A. Austigan, W. Austigan, A. L. Casavan, J. V. Collette, H. Laird, J. Murray, S. Pere, W. Powers, 0. A. Sayles, W. Shaise, C. Turner.

Furnished under draft ,Paid commutation, L. E. Beach, F. Dow, A. E. Stanley. Procured substitute, L. P. Barker, A. Morse, H. H. Roberts.

Entered service, C. Miles, W. H. Newton.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
G. H. Atwood, H. A. Atwood, S. Barnard, A. Bassalow, L. E. Bristol, J. S. Butterfield, J. H. Butterfield, T. J. Byron, E. Canfield, F. Clark, J. Clark, J. Clark, T. Clark, K. Connelly, A. Cushman, E. S. Cushman, P. Delphy, E. C. Dow, L. Dow, E. R. Gove, I. S. Gove, 0. A. Gould, T. T. Hamner, R. S. Hill, L. J. Hoadley, I. N. Mayo, S. W. Mayo, N. Miner, 0. J. Moore, R. Richards, S. J. Sargent, G. Shedrick, D. H. Stearns, F. Stevens, J. Walker, J. F. Walker, C. W. Weaver, E. S. Whittier, J. J. Whittier, J. W. Williams, D. H. York, G. W. York.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.--G. A. Atkins, L. M. Atwood, A. J. Barnes, C. B. Chamberlain, S. G. Chapman, J. W. Cobb, Jesse Coty, Nelson Crozier, P. Durfey, A. B. Gove, C. Hamner, J. Hufson, J. Person, F. Soriol, J. Ubar, W. Wheeler, W. J. Whittier, H. J. Wood.

Volunteers for one year.--A. D. Atkins, G. Blanchard, C. W. Clark, E. King, S. B. Morrill, J. H. Murray, H. C. Powers, D. C. Ubear.

Volunteers re-enlisted. H. A. Atwood, P. Delphy, J. J. Whittier

Enrolled man who furnished substitute.--G. F. Pope.

Not credited by name.--Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months
A. G. Babcock, J. Coffin, L. J. Dow, W. E. Gove, W. E. Green, C. P. Jones, D. D. Jones, L. M. Kent, J. Moulton, W. E. Noyes, E. M. Percival, H. Stenior, H. Wood.

Furnished under draft. Paid commutation, A. Atkins, L. N. Downing, O. Frank, J. Jackson, D. Johnson, D. Palmer, N. Page, N. Purinton, S. Danforth, C. E. Varney.

Procured substitute, C. E. Bristol, M. F. Gove, 0. Stokes, E. B. Tracy.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
O. Abby, J. Alexander, C. H. Bain, F. Baker, D. G. Bannor, E. D. Barber, D. Barrett, jr., J. Barrett, E. S. Bidwell, B. W. Billings, J. F. Bolton, P. Brady, L. J. Burton, J. Caffrey, P. Champagne, H. J. Carpenter, A. Carr, A. W. Chalmers, A. Chambers, R. W. Champlin, H. Clark, H. H. Cobb, C. Collins, I. N. Collins, L. Comstock, O. Comstock, J. Cox, J. Cummings, F. Cunningham, M. Cunningham, W. Daniels, W. Dewey, P. Donahue, P. Donnelly, M. Dudley, A. Durand, I. L. Eels, A. A. Enos, M. S. Fales, C. Ferris, E. M. Finney, D. Fitzsimmons, F. L. Forbes, P. Foer, J. A. Freeman, H. M. Frost, J. Galvin, M. Gilligan, H. E. Gilman, L. E. Gilman, F. Goodnow, W. H. Goodnow, J. Grace, J. W. Grant, A. R. Green, S. Hartley, O. L. Heath, E. M. Hosmer, E. Howe, C. C. Huntington, L. Hyatt, J. M. Hyde, J. Isabell, G. H. Jackson, J. W. Jackson, jr., O. Johnson, W. F. Johnson, W. Latimer, J. Manney, R. Manney, E. Marion, J. Marshall, W. Martin, W. Masters, C. McCormic, W. H. McFarland, J. McSorley, H. H. Moore, J. H. Morrison, N. Murdick, A. M. Nash, J. M. Nash, C. Noirell, J. Noland, C. O. Norton, B. Owens, E. B. Parker, J. E.Parker, H. E. Perkins, F. H. Piper, G. H. Piper, H.M. Porter, J. W. Porter, G. Portwine, H. M. Pottie, G. W. Randall, J. Roach, J. Roberts, T. Rodd, J. Rooney, C. W. Rose, W. J. Rose, P. Ryan, S. Severance, A. M. Shaw, A. C. Sherwood, A.Smith, D. H. Smith, J. Smith, W. Smith, J. St. Mary, P. Stone, J. Sullivan, F. L. Sumner, L.W. Sumner, F. Swift, E. Tatro, P. Taytro, G. C. Taylor, J. W. Taylor, W. Taylor, A. S. Tracy, J. Trudeau, J. L. Turner, A. F. Walker, J. Ward, H. C. Wheeler, A. Williamson, C. H. Williamson, E. S. Williamson, H. S. Williamson, J. T. Williamson, A. B. Wilson, D. O.Wilson, C. Wright, R. S. Wright, W. D. Wright, D. W. Yale.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.--M. W. Bentley, W. Bradley, J. A. Collins, P. Donahue, L. F. Dow, O. C. Gage, L. E. Gilman, A. Lacaille, R. H. Linsley, J. E. Nash, W. H. H. Parker, C. Pemberton, G. H. Ploof, H. J. Porter, W. Smith, G. F. Taylor.

Volunteers re-enlisted.--H. M. Adams, J. W. Adams, D. E. Barrett, J. Barrett, L. Barton, E. Bidwell, R. W. Champlin, C. A. Collins, P. Donnelly, I. L. Eells, A. English, A. Gaulin, H. H. Gilman, J. Grace, G. Greenleaf, E. Howe, J. M. Hyde, W. F. Johnson, W. Martin, W. Masters, C. McCormick, N. Murdick, A. M. Nash, J. M. Nash, H. E. Perkins, H. L. Perry, F. H. Piper, G. W. Randall, I. Scott, A. Smith, E. Tatro, H. Taylor, J. W. Taylor, A. Varney, N. Varney, H. S. Williamson.

Naval credits.--D. R. Wheeler.

Veteran Reserve Corps.--W. Daniels.

Miscellaneous, Not credited by name.--Four men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--O. Abbey, G. N. V. Abbott, D. W. Adams, G. W. D. Blazo, H. R. Brown, J Brunelle, C. Brush, C. Bruya, F. Bruya, C. L. Clark, W. B. Cobb, L. H. Cogswell, I F. Cotton, J. W. Donnally, T. Dutton, J. Farrell, L. Forbes, A. Fontaine, W. Galvin, H. C. Goodrich, C. Grant, Greenleaf, J. Haley, J. F. Haley, G E Huntington, M. C. Kendrick, J.W. Lawrence, A. M. Lee, G. E. Makinster, J. Marion, J. McCue, C. McGoldrich, J. McSorley, J. H. McWhirter, S. McWhirter, E. Mullen, P. Mulligan, H. B. Needham, A. Olmstead, E. J. Olmstead, W. H Olmstead, A. Palardy, P. Paydy, A. Peck, H. T. Powell, J. F. Powell, H C. Rice, E. Rich, C. W. Ross, C. C. Smith, T. Stapleton, L. St. Mary, H. Taylor, A M. Williamson, W. H. Wilson.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, W. Brown, H. Crane, jr., M. E. Day, J. Fales, G. W. Hewett, S. S. Hill, H. R. Holder, W. J. Mead, H. H. Nichols, H. G. Peabody, A. J. Severance, E. C. Severance, M. T. Shackett, E. Vallette.

Procured substitute, H. W. Hammond, W. S. Longworthy, F. N. Nason, L. D. Sessions. Entered service, O. W. Heath, N. Hyer.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
E. Barney, H. E. Barnum, J. P. Barnum, P. Begor, W. Boughton, A. J. Bull, G. E. Collins, M. Colt, A. L. Cox, C. D. Dean, M. Degree, T. R. Dunn, J. Elliott, jr., L. C. Finch, A. Freeman, H. J. Freeman, W. Freeman, W. W. Gage, F. Greenough, J. S. Hays, A. D. Hyer, G. Hill, W. Higby, L. Lapointe, A. C. Little, W. P. Morgan, A. Page, H. B. Potter, A. Rivers, J. P. Rosco, C. H. Sears, C. C. Sears, 0. Shepherd, S . Shepherd, H. Sherman, S. Stebbins, J. Stillson, J. S. Tracy, W. H. Tracy, J. J. Weaver, G. W. Weller, S. A. Wright.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
J. N. Baldwin, E. T. Collins, E. S. Collins, 0. Demmins, A. Derby, 0. B. Hutchins, J. Kingsley, J. Lamson, J. Osier, P. Osier, P. Owen, P. Parents, E. Steady, F. Stone, H. C. Sweet, C. Van Steenburgh.

Volunteers for one year.--H. Bostwick, I. Briggs, C. Comstock, H. J. Freeman, J. Greene 3d, A. E. Lamson, E. Sears.

Volunteers re-enlisted.--E. Barney, P. Begor, M. Colt, A. L. Cox, J. S. Hayes.

Enrolled men who furnished substitute.- L. E. Beers, 0. W. Eaton, George F. Skiff, J. B. Smith, L. E. Smith, W. W. Wyman.

Not credited by name.--Three men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--J. Baldwin, J. Cogue, M. Furlong, E. F. Hall, N. Hawley, jr., H. L. Hurlburt, K. Melainliff, J. C. Moulton, J. Rounds, H. H. Spooner, L. Steady, G. R. Toby.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, T. Dillon, C. Hyer, 0. Nimblet, F. B. Partch, S. Tracy. Procured substitute, D. B. Collins, E. Hill, B. S. Lawrence.

New Haven

Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
A. S. Abbott, jr., E. Baker, A. M. Bean, J. B. Bird, G. W. Bisbee, C. Bombard, S. Bradford, S. R. Brown, C. Bush, H. Conell, J. W. Diago, A. H. Field, A. Gaulin, J. C. Grover, R. D. Grover, P. Halpin, G. S. Hawley, T. J. Hill, J. M. Hoyt, J. 0. Hubbell, H. D. Huntington, H. Jackson, P. King, E. Kingsley, A. Lawrence, J. Lawrence, M. M. Lockwood, A. J. Mason, H. D. Maynard, J. Messick, I. Mills, A. K. Moore, E. B. Palmer, J. Palmer, H. E. Pickett, N. E. Rider, W. H. H. Rider, C. A. Sanborn, J. H. Sanborn, J. Shadwick, H. S. Smith, R. Smith, G. W. Sneden, J. Sneden, A. L. Squier, H. Sturdevant, J. Sullivan, A. Varney, N. Varney, F. J. Ward, G. W. Ward, A. Williamson, J. Williamson, R. Williamson.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863, and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years.
C. Albee, N. Atwood, E. W. Bird, W. S. Brown, J. Clapper, E. Degree, E. D. Foster, F. Goodroe, F. Goodroe, jr.,
J. Goodroe, J. Hagan, W. H. Hinman, C. Meigs, E. B. Palmer, R. Porter, jr., A. G. Squires, F. Varney, G. R. Witherell.

Volunteers for one year.--M. Bowen, F. W. Duffy, J. C. Grover, J. C. Grover, jr., I. Plain, D. D. Sullivan.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- P. Boagee, J. W. Diago, J. C. Grover, G. S. Hawley, H. D. Huntington, G. D. Jackman, M. M. Lockwood, H. D. Maynard, I. Mills, H. Robbins, J. Sneden, N. Tart, J. Williamson, R. Williamson.

Enrolled men who furnished substitute.--S. B. AL Cowles,
E. S. Dana.

Not credited by name.--Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--W. L. Cady, 0. W. Chapin, L. Dickerman, H. S. Jackman, H. P. Jennings, J. Johnroe, jr., E. Kendall, P. Laptad, C. W. Mason, E. P. Nash, H. C. Roscoe, P. D. Sturtevant, S. Whittemore, J. J. Whittier, A. E. Wright.

Furnished under draft. Paid commutation, H. V. Jacobs, D. H. Squiers, D. S. Walker. Procured substitute, E. A. Doud, E. A. Langdon, C. E. Palmer, C. Peck, H. 0. Smith. Entered service, G. F. Washburne.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
C. E. Abell, G. S. Benson, A. Blood, S. S. Bowen, C. F. Branch, F. Brown, J. Bruen, P. Chamberlin, J. M. Coburn, C. C. Comafourd, J. C. Cummerford, L. Dunbar, M. Fanning, W. Fanning, M. Finnessy, T. Finnessy, J. W. Goodrich, L. L. Goodrich, J. Hammel, C. A. Higgins, H. O. Higgins, J. J. Huit, G. A. Kilmer, J. La Mountain, C. C. Larabee, P. Maloney, J. W. Perkins, E. M. Raymond, I. W. Raymond, E. J. Rogers, H. C. Rogers, M. H. Skeels, F. C. Stedman, I. W. Stedman, J. Stedman, H. C. Thomas, D. Wadsworth, J. N. Woodward.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. J. N. Brock, J. Brock, jr., J. Carlisle, J. R. Gray, J. Hersey, L. R. Hopkins, C. Howard, R. Killmer, C. T. Lester, O. D. Lyford, W. Miller, A. J. Morton, N. A. Munger, W. T. Munger, A. Parent, F. Plue, H. Steward.

Volunteers for one year. -- T. Denno, C. R. Lilley, M. Naylor, L. N. Wolcott.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- M. Finnessy, J. Quarters, E. M. Raymond, E. C. Rogers, F. C. Stedman, J. Stedman.

Enrolled men who furnished substitute. -- D. C. Bascom, D. W. Clark, H. T. Cutts, J. L. Hammond, A. D. Holbrook, D. H. W. Horton, C. Sanford, P. Smith, J. H. Thomas, S. D. Wells.

Not credited by name. -- Three men.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- C. E. Abell, E. C. Ball, J. D. Barber, D. I. Brown, S. E. Griswold, H. E. Hack, H. G. Hibbard, T. W. Lewis, J. A. Munger, D. Rogers, G. H. Rowley, D. E. Royce, A. W. Samson, F. Spaulding, H. Sturdevant, W. D. Walker, C. R. Winchester, J. Wolcott, N. L. Wolcott.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, L. A. Austin, H. C. Brown, C. A. Cook, M. A. Hitchcock, C. R. Lilley.

Procured substitute, C. F. Persons, W. O. Ray, H. Rust, R. C. Wilcox.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to call for 300,000 volunteers of October 17, 1863:
F. Bombard, J. G. Converse, W. Cross, J. Daniels, M. Daniels, J. H. Gandell, T. G. Gardner, I. Hatch, H. Matthews, H. Matthews, L. P. Matthews, C. Minor, A. Perry, H. Perry, J. P. Perry, L. Raymond, C. R. Shambo, J. Spalding, G. A. White.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years-- R. H. Barnes, W. Clarke, J. R. Converse, N. Laplant, J. H. Larock, R. Ryan, S. S. Tucker.

Volunteers for one year.- S. F. Ellison, I. W. Everett 2d, C. W. Holcomb, G. A. Wood.

Volunteers for Nine Months.--S. T. Allen, E. E. Beach, J. R. Converse, G. Holcomb, H. Pecue, W. D. Talbot.

Furnished under draft.--Paid commutation, B. Allen, J. Spencer. Procured substitute, H. F. Gaines, M. D. Lee, W. E. White.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. Adams, L. Aldrich, R. E. Bentley, M. Boynton, J. S. Chandler, A. Chan-ning, H. C. Damon, E. F. Downer, J. Duquette, T. Durfey, A. English, S. J. English, G. W. Farmer, E. M. Farr, G. W. Fulsom, J. Gillespie, O. S. Gilmore, W. C. Goodell, D. Hale, L. H. Hendrick, W. H. Keep, J. P. Kirby, S. S. Kirby, J. Laundree, R. O. Linsley, B. Maynard, L. W. Merrill, L. B. Newell, W. R. Newton, L. Plankey, P. Plankey, L. Stone, A. Whitney, R. Wright.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:
Volunteer for three years. -- E. B. Kent.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- H. C. Damon, E. M. Farr, G. W. Fulsom, J. Gillespie, R. Wright.
Volunteer for nine months. -- J. Hale.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, J. W. Briggs, J. Chapman, E. Downer, A. M. Fisher, J. E. Goodyear, H. Kirby, F. J. Lewis, L. Lewis, R. O. Linsley, H. B. Ripley, W. D. Stowe.

Procured substitute, C. J. Robbins. Entered service, S. Spooner.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. Ashley, G. W. Baird, J. Baker, J. T. Beach, W. O. Beach, W. Birchard, J. Bovia, H. H. Bushey, A. Carriveaux, L. Carvo, S. Chapman, O. Clark, G. H. Cloyes, J. Comstock, J. Comstock, C. Constantinople, H. Currier, H. S. Daggett, Q. Doty, J. Edwards, W. R. Ellis, E. Forrest, S. J. Gambell, W. Garland, R. A. Graves, C. F. Greenleaf, L. G. Hack, E. A. Hamilton, G. W. Henderson, R. T. Howard, R. Hudson, H. Huntley, L. D. Huntley, W. F. Huntley, J. Lamorder, C. Laquee, J. Laquee, N. Larnerd, R. R. Lawrence, J. Leno, F. W. Noyes, N. Page, H. L. Perry, A. J. Piper, H. Pratt, H. M. Race, S. Richards, J. Savery, J. E. Savery, W. J. Savery, O. L. Spencer, P. St. George, H. Taylor, H. M. Taylor, T. Thomas, W. J. Thomas, C. A. Walker.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. -- E. Baker, L. C. Bell, J. C. Comaford, J. M. Comaford, N. Forrest, H. Little, C. A. Walker, T. Wilcox.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- J. Baker, W. Birchard, S. Chapman, L. G. Hack, J. Laquee, R. R. Lawrence, S. Miles.

Not credited by name. -- Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- H. J. Boardman, J. D. Boardman, M. C. Bump, G. H. Cloyes, T. E. Kelsey, J. Morse, N. Spencer, jr., S. Sumner, W. J. Thomas, F. A. Waterhouse, J. M. Whitney, F. Wilcox.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, W. Dowd, R. Graves, A. K. Marvin, A. A. Ranney, A. Thomas, S. Thomas.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
J. Bolton, G. D. Bryant, T. A. Canfield, F. Y. Center, B. S. Clark, W. H. Cowan, J. A. Dana, A. Decelles, E. Denno, M. Denno, S. Denno, T. Denno, J. 0. Green, E. Guyette, W. Higgins, G. G. Howe, C. Hunsdon, H. Johnson, E. C. Jones, V. A. Jones, W. S. Jones, J. Keefe, M. H. Keefe, J. Kelly, A. Ladam, H. H. Lambert, G. Lamot, F. Lapelle, Z. Lapelle, H. Lapham, C. W. Lemarder, L. S. Lewis, W. F. Lewis, F. Moore, A. Mosely, O. Nephew, H. Nicholson, H. B. North, A. P. Palmer, C. F. Powers, O. E. Pratt, A. L. Reed, C. B. Sloan, E. P. Sloan, S. Smith, F. Trimble, P. Trudeau, J. S. Ward, J. White, H. J. Wideawake, E. F. Wright, L. Young,
Credits under call of October 17,1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. -- J. Basonait, G. D. Bryant, E. E. Cudworth, W. H. Deming, C. Draper, A. Elger, J. A. Huestis, W. Hurley, M. H. Keefe, P. Ladam, I. N. Lewis, E. Lumbard, J. N. Payne, L. B. Powell, T. Ryan, G. H. Shepherd, G. W. Shepherd, W. G. Willey, T. Wisell, J. Woodward.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- G. F. Bennett, J. Clair, O. Clair, B. S. Clark, A. Decelles, J. Kelley, K. Morrill, E. P. Sloan, L. Young.
Enrolled man who furnished substitute. -- C. E. Bush.

Not credited by name. -- Two men.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- O. F. Atwood, A. Austin, C. A. Bugbee, P. Carney, W. M. Corey, E. C. Cudworth, N. B. Douglass, T. Duchan, I. Farnham, B. C. Jennings, E. T. Kellogg, J. W. Knapp, E. Laundre, W. A. Mead, B. Moriarty, S. I. Northrup, P. Sangrah, A. M. Smith, C. Spaulding, J. Q. Stickney, A. J. Towner, D. J. Wright.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, H. A. Bascom, A. J. Carr, E. E. Cudworth, R. S. Kellogg, G. L. Moore, J. Newell, M. Platt, C. C. Rich, J. V. Sanford, C. B. Williams.

Procured substitute, E. N. Bissell, J. Frost, H. Jones, J. S. Jones, H. C. Mead, P. T. Wolcott.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
H. M. Bristol, R. M. Carl, J. H. Chaffey, S. H. Clark, L. Delong, R. Delong, A. J. Elliott, W. C. W. Elliott, Z. Elliott, J. Fuller, D. Hill, W. D. Hill, H. Irish, F. James, G. W. James, J. S. McGill, C. Montgomery, L. Nichols, G. H. Paine, W. S. Pierce, J. P. Ravlin, J. M. Remington, S. Rounds, T. Russell, J. Sheldon, C. Smith, N. Sprague, T. Sweenier, S. Taft, W. H. Taft, G. W. Varney.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. --A. J. Brown, J. Carl, A. J. Crane, G. W. Cobb, J. N. Downer, R. L. Downer, P. Dwyer 3d, A. J. Elliott, J, H. Grace, J. Kimball, F. W. Labar, E. L. Sawyer, H. Sayles, W. Scarborough, J. Sheldon, N. H. Shurtleff, J. M. Smith, J. M. Synyer, B. E. Stokes, A. L. Tart, F. C. Thompson, B. Tucker.

Volunteers for one year.--S. B. Brown, J. V. Carpenter, J. Colby, A. C. Dearborn, G. W. Griffith, J. Haskins, E. H. James, L. Liberty, J. S. Moody, M. Noland, H. C. Russell, C. Smith, J. Sweet, W. P. Thompson, S. B. Thompson, H. Whittemore, H. H. Wright.

Volunteers re-enlisted.--R. Delong, J. Fuller, J. Golden, D. Hill, H. Irish, F. James, G. W. James, W. S. Pierce, L. Swinger. Enrolled men who furnished substitutes. --B. W. Bidwell, E. C. Dike, F. W. Hill, G. Somers. Not credited by name.--Three men.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- J. Barton, G. O. Chamberlin, P. Coonety, C. D. Delong, H. C. Dike, P. Dwyer 3d, A. C. Hill, J. S. Hill, L. T. Hill, S. A. Jackson, A. C. Jacobs, U. D. Jacobs, W. C. Jacobs, J. H. Knowles, S. J. Randall, J. J. Rhodes, C. W. Ross, M. Ross, E. Rounds, M. Russell, R. C. Sargent, E. F. Sawyer, H. Sayles, S. Stone, J. Snyder, A. E. White, D. Wright.

Furnished under draft.-- Paid commutation, B. F. Ellison, D. W. Fuller, C. Johnson, J. Hill, W. Hines, D. Orvis, H. C. Russell, H. Sayles, M. Smith.

Procured substitute, G. W. Brown, W. Hill, R. F. Livermore, J. H. Orvis.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863: F. Adams, G. W. Adams, E. Allen, G. Ayres, S. Ayres, J. Bartley, J. Bartley, P. Barton, W. L. Boyden, E. E. Burroughs, J. Champaigne, J. Cokeley, T. Corcoran, T. Dompier, E. N. Drury, C. H. Edwards, J. Fales, E. J. Fisher, W. Fisher, J. Fitzsimmons, B. L. Fortin, A. Gilmore, S. Green, H. Hoy, J. January, C. W. B. Kidder, C. King, E. King, E. King, L. King, G. W. Lawson, L. Liberty, D. Martin, J. Martin, C. G. McAllister, W. G.. McCarter, D. McKinn, R. E. McLaughlin, G. Meigs, F. Miller, J. Miller, D. Morgan, H. Noble, P. O'Brien, W. E. Owen, S. Packard, A. Palmer, W. Palmer, C. E. Parker, G. Parker, jr., H. Phair, C. H. Platt, C. Price, F. Price, J. A. Prindle, J. Rock, A. Sands, E. Sheldon, J. Sheldon, H. Smith, F. Snay, E. D. Squires, H. D. Stowell, H. Stowell, C. B. Strickland, F. B. Strickland, L. Torville, C. A. Tredo, J. Wheeler.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls: Volunteers for three years. -- C. Jandreau, J. Thompson.

Volunteers for one year. -- J. Douglass, J. Lafountain, I. Miller, A. J. Preston, J. Preston; J. Riley, J. Scanlon, O. Thibeault, M. Welch.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- W. F. Brink, L. Brooks, W. Hall, E. King, C. G. McAllister, F. Miller, W. Palmer, J. A. Prindle, C. Price, L. Torville, T. Train, A. Williamson, L. Woodward.

Veteran reserve corps. -- E. F. Squires.

Not credited by name. -- Three men.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- F. Barton, J. Fosha, E. January, H. Miller, J. Miller

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, C. Bottsford, J. Breman, C. Sherman, W. H. Smith.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
S. Baker, D. Beaura, J. Blayes, A. C. Burns, A. C. Cross, J. Fuller, J. W. Jackson, J. Obin.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. -- F. Colomb, jr., F. Eno, H. P. Fisher, J. Vere.

Volunteers for one year. -- A. J. Hobon, E. Matot, G. A. Quilty.

Volunteer for nine months. -- C. N. Dickenson.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, E. F. Benton, J. Tatreau.


Volunteers for three years credited previous to October 17, 1863:
H. M. Adams, A. Austin, F. Austin, W. E. Bogart, W. T. Cole, C. N. Crane, C. N. Dickinson, E. E. Grinnell, N. C. Hayes, T. M. Hunter, L. D. Huntley, O. L. Hurlburt, W. B. Hurlburt, P. Irish, G. D. Jackman, M. T, Lamson, G. McCue, E. B. Parkhill, G. Sherbevo, F. M. Sherman, D. Steele, F. D. Sturtevant, W. H. Sturtevant, C. Thomas, H. H. Wilder, E. Yerter.

Credits under call of October 17, 1863 and subsequent calls:

Volunteers for three years. -- J. Bovia, J. Burns, jr., R. Currin, J. Leno, J. H. Little, E. Martin, A. Mills, E. L. Moody, S. C. Sturtevant.

Volunteers for one year. -- G. Butterfly, C. C. Ingalls, S. Johnson.

Volunteers re-enlisted. -- H. Ayers, E. E. Grinnell, J. Walker.

Enrolled men who furnished substitute. -- J. Bowdish, J. Cherbino.

Not credited by name. -- One man.

Volunteers for Nine Months. -- M. L. Boies, A. J. Childs, E. H. Fish, J. Hodges, W. Hodges, J. W. Kinsley, S. P. Merrill, jr., C. C. Nichols, G. B. Robbins, N. P. Sherman, W. C. Sturtevant, H. Tyler, M. L. Warner, B. N. Whitman.

Furnished under draft. -- Paid commutation, C. Dodge.

Procured substitute. -- J. A. Child, J. S. Cole, H. B. Dodge, L. A. Wright.


It may be well to state that the War Department accredited to this State 5,242 men; being one thousand and four more than that are shown by the State records, and give the State credit over the aggregate quota under all calls, of fifteen hundred and thirteen men. "This discrepancy may be and probably is to be accounted for, " says Adjutant General P. T. Washburn, "by enlistments in organizations of other States, to the credit of this State, which appear upon muster rolls of those organizations and were not reported to the State."

Source: Hamilton Child's Business Gazetteer, 1880s

See also Chapter 8 of H. P. Smith's History of Addison County Vermont, on-line courtesy of Middlebury College.

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