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Poetic Reflections

To the 11th Vermont Regiment
Mrs. H. M. Crapo

There's mourning in our households
There are sad and tearfull hearts,
The homes are few that have seen not
A cherished one depart.

With purpose high and noble,
They've battled for the right,
Vermont's brave boys have ever
Been foremost in the fight.

And now they are coming homeward,
A remnant of that band,
That went out from among us
To stay the traitor's hand,

Those comrades brave, where are they?
Who shared with you the fight,
Your marches long and toilsome,
Your glowing camp-fires bright?

Brave hearts that then were throbbing
With manhood hopes so bright,
O'er Southern vale and hill top
Lie cold and still to-night.

No loving hands can ever,
Plant sweet flowers o'er their breasts;
Far, far from home and kindred
These fallen braves do rest.

All cold in death they're sleeping,
Their strife and conflict o'er,
A tearful tribute rend them,-
Comrades you'll greet no more.

Source: Williams, J.C. "History and Map Of Danby Vermont" Rutland: McLean and Robbins, 1869; Contributed by Thomas Risdon Baine

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