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Poetic Reflections

Where Are They?

Mrs. H. M. Crapo

One morning in the month of May,
I wandered down the street,
A regiment is going out,
I hear the war drum beat.

A thousand brave Vermonters
(they were a splendid sight)
Equipped and armed were going
To battle for the right

* * *
Three long years have past away,
Today they are coming home,
A handful of scarred veterans;
where have the others gone?

Those gallant brave Vermonters,
that proudly marched away,
With banner waving over them,
Pray tell me, where are they?

O. do not ask kind lady
A mournful voice replied,
They were in many a battle,
Fought bravely by our side.

Some perished in the conflict,
Died on the battle field,
and others in the hospital
From wounds that never healed.

Others from lingering sickness,
Exposure and fatigue,
And some were taken prisoners
Upon the battle field,

And by those fiends incarnate.
Were starved until they died,
In filth and vermin perished
Many a mother's pride.

And many a gentle maiden,
With heart once light and gay,
Weeps for her soldier lover
In prison cell to day.

I look upon those warriors
Maimed and scarred in many a fight,
And to myself I questioned
Oh! how can this be right?

For our burden is increasing;
What more must we pass through,
To appease the wrath of heaven?
What can the stricken do?

For every day is bringing
Some soldier to his home;
In coffin-beds reposing
Our soldiers to us come.

Haste, O haste, kind Father,
The dawning star of peace!
And bid the strife be over,
The clang of arms to cease.

Source: Williams, J.C. "History and Map Of Danby Vermont" Rutland: McLean and Robbins, 1869; Contributed by Thomas Risdon Baine

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