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Poetic Reflections

The Dying Sentinel


They're gone___The watch fires they have set
Glow round the mountain passes yet;
Out through the darkness of the night
They flash a silent,flickering light.

They shine on Victory's distant track,
Whence none, for me,alas! come back
They let me bleed to death to-night,
True sentry, on the field of fight!

Hushed is the tumult of the fray,
The powder-smoke is blown away;
Faint, broken shouts fall to my ear____
My comrades all are far from here.

Yet,though my comrades all are far,
There gleams full many a golden star,
And angel_bands light up on high,
The eternal watch-fires of the sky.

Oh,comrades brave, to victory!
Farewell thee banners high and free!
I can no longer be with you___
Another camp is near in view!

White banners, in the moonlight spread,
Float through the heavens above my head;
Slow sinking now I see them wave
And flutter o'er a soldiers grave.

Oh loved one! 'tis the thought of thee
Alone weighs down the heart in me;
Yet weep not, love__be this thy pride,
That bravely at my post I died!

The Lord of Host, unseen on High,
Leads out the armies of the sky;
Soon shall He call my name out clear,
And I, true sentry, answer___Here!

Submitted by Deanna French.

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