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Poetic Reflections

'Tis Sad To Think


'Tis sad to think of all the homes
   Whence loved ones have departed:
Their gladsome steps no more to come,
   To cheer the broken-hearted.

'Tis sad to think of all the graves
   On which the grass is springing,
Where sleep our lost and noble braves,
   Nor heed war's clarion ringing.

Oh! sad that human blood must flow,
   And drench the earth like water;
Brother, in brother finds a foe,
   And fall mid strife and slaughter.

And sad that o'er our land so fare,
   The scourge of war is sweeping,
And death and carnage in our midst,
   Their carnival are keeping.

Yet better far that blood should flow,
   That homes and hearts be riven,
Than that our fair inheritance,
   The traitors should be given.

The gift our fathers bought with blood,
   Will we, their children cherish,
Nor yield the priceless treasure up,
   Till name and nation perish.

Oh, God of justice! speed the right,
   Soon may the day be dawning,
Which ushers in the golden light
   Of freedom's radiant morning.

Submitted by Deanna French.

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