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Poetic Reflections

by Mrs H. M. Crapo

Land of the evergreen; rugged thy hills,
Mossy the banks of thy murmuring rills'
Green are thy valleys where bright waters gleam,
Tho' thou canst ne'er boast of one broad winding stream,
Journeying onward towards the blue sea,
By stately old castles, yet dear unto me
Are the banks of old Otter where I have strayed,
And on its bright bosom my fairy boat sailed.

Land of the brave! o'er thy valleys so fair,
Green mounds tell of patriots, slumbering there;
O'er the tomb of the soldier, the marble gleams white,
In Valley on hill top, they're sleeping to night.
The brave sons of Mars, in their cold narrow beds,
Vermont, ever true to thy patriot dead,
Guard well the hillocks where moldering lies
The soldiers who gave to our country their lives.

Land of the North; soon thy green hills will be
Swept of their verdure, by Autumn's decree,
And rude winds will whistle across thy bleak hills,
The snow o'er thy valleys lie heavy and chill
But many a heart shall gather around the bright hearth,
Of many a home, in the land of the North,
Thou hast sisters afar who breathe the perfume
Of magnolia fair and the pale orange bloom,
Who sit ‘neath the shade of the palmetto tree,
Gazing far off on the blue rolling sea,
Weeping in vain, for warriors so bold,
Who " came down from the North like a wolf on the fold"

All hail to the Chief and the Red , White and Blue.
The Green Mountain Boys and their leader so true,
Who fought and who bled our Union to save,
From the hand of the tyrant they've wrested the slave.
The Chief and his clan on their laurels they rest,
The pride of the North the East and the West.

Source: Williams, J.C. "History and Map Of Danby Vermont" Rutland: McLean and Robbins, 1869; Contributed by Thomas Risdon Baine

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