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Poetic Reflections


Three cheers for the Green Mountain Boys, old Vermont.

Who fought for our country so dear.
When dangers were threatened they marched to the front.

Three cheers for each brave volunteer.
The thunder of Sumter aroused all their pride.

As its echoes fell sad on the ear.
And to join in the conflict each young hero sighed, _

Three cheers for the brave volunteer.

Thy valleys shall shout to their fame, old Vermont,

And hilltops re-echo the cheer,
And granite and marble proclaim o'er their dust,

Thy love for the brave volunteer.
The spirit of Allen and Stark strung their nerves.

They never knew failure nor fear.
And the Swiss love of freedom burned bright in the soul

Of each gallant and brave volunteer.

Ah! Dear to each heart was thy fame, old Vermont,
And the pathway of duty was clear.

By the deeds of each brave volunteer.
A halo of glory shall circle each brow,

The dead be embalmed in our tears,
And a country united, when victory is ours,

Shall honor thy brave volunteers.

Then hurrah for thy Green Mountain Boys, old Vt

Their bays shall grow green with the years ;
With patriot soldiers from each loyal State,

Side by side stood thy brave volunteers.
They struck for their country, for freedom and right,

And God for their help did appear,
And millions unborn, of the wise and the good.

Shall huzza for the brave volunteer.

óRev: William Ford, 1862

Source: H. P. Smith and W. S. Rann,History of Rutland County Vermont with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its priment men and pioneers, Syracuse, N.Y., D. Mason & Co., 1886.

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