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Poetic Reflections

Inscribed to Abraham Lincoln

by A.S. Baker

Watchman tell us of the fight,
"What the signs of promise are,"
"Soldier on yon Guarded heights"*
"See ye not one beaming star?"

Watchman tell us, can ye see,
Aught of hope not seen before,
Shall the bondman yet be free?
Hear ye not the cannon roar!

See ye not our soldiers fall,
Must their blood be spilt in vain,
Shall our soldiers but enthrall,
Binding fast the bondman's chain? **

Watchman will ye tell us true,
If the fight goes right or wrong,
Tell us when the battle's through,
Freedom's own right arm strong.

Written March 1862

* Arlington Heights, then guarded

** McLellan was sending back slaves

Source: Williams, J.C. "History and Map Of Danby Vermont" Rutland: McLean and Robbins, 1869; Contributed by Thomas Risdon Baine

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