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"Thousands of our boys in blue were prisoners of war and suffered privations, in southern prison pens, that form the darkest chapter in the history of the great rebellion. Occasionally there were attempts at escape, but rarely did these breaks for freedom succceed." - Francis J. Hosmer, "A Glimpse of Andersonville and Other Writings", (Loring & Axtell, Springfield, MA., 1896), 1.

Webmaster's Note: Not all soldiers taken prisoner ended up in Southern prisons (for example, the entire 9th Infantry Regiment was captured at Harper's Ferry, but almost immediately paroled.

The Principal Confederate Prisons, and Where They Were Located

Andersonville (Sumter County, GA), Belle Isle (Richmond, VA), Blackstone, SC, Castle Morgan (Cahaba, AL), Castle Pickney (Richmond, VA), Castle Thunder (Richmond, VA), Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Camp Ford (Tyler, TX), Camp Sorghum, Columbia, SC, Danville (Danville, VA), Florence (Florence, SC), Goldsborough, NC, Libby (Richmond, VA), Camp Oglethorpe (Macon, GA), Camp Latwon (Millin, GA), Camp Davidson (Savannah, GA), Salisbury (Salisbury, NC).


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CT - Connecticut Prisoners of War Books, listed by year.

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