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MOLLUS Photographs

Blodgett, Gardner Spring, age 0, cred. to Burlington, VT
Service: CPT and AQM, USV, 8/3/61, CPT and AQM, USA, 7/2/64, Bvt MAJ and Bvt LTC USA for faithful and meritorious services during the war, 3/13/65, First service, equipping 1st VT CAV, fall of 61, at Burlington, While at Annapolis MD, built the camp for prld US prisoners which handle 30,000 men, Work was done by prld prisoners, at an extra duty pay of 25 cents per day each and a superintendent at a salary of $5 per day, Acting Chief QM, 8th AC, at Baltimore, MD 64, Chief of the 4th Div, QM-Gens office, War Department, Washington, DC, 64 and 65, in charge of transportation by river and rail, resgd 10/13/65
Born: 11/10/1819, Rochester, VT;
Died: 04/16/1909;
Buried: Tombstone

Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington, VT

Source: Companions of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, L. R. Hamersly Co., New York, 1901.

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