Civil War Monuments Related to Vermont

"In the centre of almost every village you will find a monument erected in memory of soldiers who were in the Civil War, and around the base of these monuments you will find carved, 'Bull Run, Chickamauga, Antietam, Wilderness, Gettysburg,' etc., places where the boys from those towns fought." (Slocum, 113)

Unfortunately, that's not true. We have only identified 30 monuments that were in place by 1913, but there may be a few more. Monuments to veterans all all wars, including the Civil War, have been erected as recently at 2012, and at least a couple more are planned. But to date, we've only identified 83, but we are actively working with local historical societies to identify and photograph as many as we can.

We just recently added monuments or historical markers for Hinesburg, Sheffield, Danby, Bellows Falls, Albany, Montgomery and Wilmington and have promises of photos for Franklin. Based on a 20 year old study, Newfane, Rockingham, Bennington and Middlesex are also believed to have monuments, and we're hoping to add them soon as well.

The 1993-1994 study, part of a nation-wide project by Save Outdoor Scuplture!, and sponsored in Vermont by the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance, apparently only surveyed monuments with scupltures attached. It only identified 32 Civil War monuments in Vermont.

It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:
Sec. 1. At any town meeting, in the warning for which a suitable article for that purpose shall be inserted, any town may instruct its selectmen to erect a monument or monuments to the memory of citizens of such town, dying in the service of the country, during the present war, and may appropriate a sum of money sufficient to defray the expense of such erection.

Approved, October 30, 1863.

Source: Laws of Vermont, 1863, p 6.

Vermont Monuments

Albany, Monument

Barnet, Monument

Barre, Monument

Bellows Falls, Monument

Belvidere, G.W. Henderson Roadside Marker

Bennington, Monument

Bradford, Monument

Brandon, Douglas Monument

Brandon, Monument

Brattleboro, Camps and Hospital

Brattleboro, Monument

Brighton, Town Monument

Bristol, Monument and Cannon

Burlington, General William Wells Monument

Burlington, Monument

Cabot, Monument

Cambridge, Monument

Canaan, Monument

Castleton, Monument

Cavendish, Monument

Chester, Monument

Chittenden, Monument

Cornwall, Monument

Coventry, Monument

Craftsbury, Monument

Danby, Monument

Danville, Monument

Derby Line, Monument

Derby, Monument

Fair Haven, Cannon

Fayston, Monument

Franklin Monument

Georgia, Stannard Monument

Goshen, Civil War Monument

Greensboro, Monument

Groton, Sleeping Sentinel Marker

Hardwick, Memorial Building

Hartland, Soldiers' Monument

Highgate, Monument

Hinesburg, Historical Marker

Hyde Park, Cannon

Hyde Park, Monument

Jericho, Monument

Johnson, Monument

Lunenburg, Monument

Manchester, Memorial

Middlebury, Monument

Middletown Springs, Monument

Milton, Monument

Montgomery, Monument

Moretown, Monument

Morrisville Monument

Newfane, Monument

Newport, Monument

Northfield, Monument

Norwich, Monument

Orange, Monument

Peacham, Monument

Poultney, Monument

Reading, Monument

Rochester, Monument

Rutland, Monument

Second Vermont Infantry, Historical Marker

Sharon, Monument

Sheffield, Monument

South Royalton, Monument

Springfield Civil War Cannon Donated For Scrap

St. Albans, Monument

St. Johnsbury, Monument

Stowe, 1906 Photo of Vets

Stowe, Memorial Building and Cannon

Swanton, Monument

Tunbridge, Monument

Underhill, Monument

Vernon, Monument

Waitsfield, Monument

Washington, Monument

Waterbury, Monument

Weathersfield, Monument

Westford, Monument

Weston, Monument

Wheelock, Monument

Williamstown, Monument

Wilmington, Monument

Wolcott, Monument

Woodstock, Monument and Parrott Rifle

Battlefield Monuments

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