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Leavenworth National Disabled Veterans Home, Kansas


Ames, Albert D., 2nd WI INF
Babcock, Lyman A., 10th WI INF
Bachelder, John, 12th IL CAV
Baldwin, Lewis E., 46th IL INF
Ballou, Adin, 9th VT INF
Bennett, John W., 9th VT INF
Birge, Alpheus W., 7th MO INF, 11th MO INF
Blake, Albert A., 1st MN HARTY
Briggs, Alvin, 10th KS INF
Brown, George L., 1st VT CAV
Brown, Marvin J., 2nd NY CAV
Carpenter, Amasa W., 4th VT INF
Carpenter, Ralph W., 11th VT INF
Carter, Fernando J., 14th MO CAV
Clark, Augustus M., 2nd RI INF
Connell, Patrick, 5th VT INF
Connor, Frederick, 14th VT INF
Cook, Alonzo, 16th WI INF
Cook, Samuel B., 10th MA INF
Crouch, Darius, 51st MO INF
Darling, Thomas J., 6th KS CAV
Degaugh, Joseph, 17th PA CAV
Gale, Allen A., 3rd VT INF
Gilson, George E., 1st NEV INF
Glover, Christopher B., 29th MI INF
Gochey, David, 10th VT INF
Hardy, Carloss M., 14th WI INF
Higley, William Merrick, 8th VT INF
Hoag, Charles R., 10th VT INF
Howard, Oliver, 47th IL INF, 77th IL INF, 130th IL INF
Howlin, James J., USMC
Hurd, Eben C., 1st MI LARTY
Hyde, Benjamin F., 4th IL CAV, 70th USCI
Irish, Homer C., 1st VT CAV
Johnston, William B., 3rd VT INF
Kent, William, 4th MN INF
King, Frank, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Knapp, Jefferson W., 14th IA INF
Lamson, Rolla C. B., 11th MA INF
Lavoie, Joseph, 9th VT INF
Lincoln, Henry A., 63rd IN INF
Lockwood, Orrin J., 6th VT INF
Longley, Justin, 13th US INF
Lovering, William H., 1st RI CAV
Makins, George Borzoom, USN
Mansfield, John B., US INF
Martin, Dennis, 6th VT INF
Martin, John W., 1st MA CAV
McCray, Cole, 2nd KS INF
Millington, Irving L., 138th IL INF
Morey, Sidney S., 13th VT INF
Morris, Francis, 1st VT INF
Nason, Adam C., 39th IL INF
Nason, Freeman D., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Nye, Ephraim, 2nd KS CAV
Perham, Harrison, 167th OH INF
Pierce, Alfred, 9th VT INF
Sargent, George, 6th IA CAV
Sawyer, Russell H., 23rd IL INF
Shaw, Charles B., 32nd IA INF
Shepardson, Zeno, 2nd VT INF
Smith, Chauncy W., 35th WI INF
Smith, Elliot W., 4th VT INF
Smith, George F., 11th PA CAV
Soper, Rice Douglas, 52nd NY INF
Taylor, Edward P., 19th IA INF
Tower, Silas B., 146th IL INF
Ward, Edward Clark, 4th VT INF
Weeks, Lewis C., 58th PA INF
Whitney, George W., 15th IL INF
Wilson, Edgar C., 26th MO
Wright, William H., 95th IL INF
Inmates there, but buried elsewhere:
Atwood, Martin S., 4th VT INF, VRC
Babcock, George W., 8th IA INF
Bartlett, Horace, 123rd NY INF
Bellville, Joseph, 8th VT INF, VRC
Billings, John A., 193rd NY INF
Boyd, Albert H., 8th IL CAV, 117th VRC
Branch, Elias, 4th MN INF
Brannon, Michael, 4th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 17th US INF
Brown, Charles J., 11th VT INF, 2nd USCI
Bushey, Henry H., 2nd VT INF
Carpenter, Henry, 1st NJ CAV
Carr, Charles S., 33rd WI INF
Clark, Henry T., 1st IA CAV
Conant, Henry A., 1st OH INF
Cook, Charles A., 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Corey, Benjamin C., 23rd IA INF, 29th IA INF
Danforth, Charles A., 43rd WI INF
Dougherty, John, 9th IL CAV
Eaton, Orville M., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Graves, Charles E., 1st WI INF
Green, William F., 1st VT CAV
Hall, John M., 2nd VT INF
Hamblin, Alson, 2nd KS INF, 40th MO INF
Hathorn, Samuel A., 7th VT INF, 26th NY CAV, 91st USCI
Jewett, Pliny, 27th WI INF
Kirby, Henry A., USN
Lambert, Elijah, 1st MN HARTY
Mason, Nelson, 8th IL INF
May, William, 38th MA INF
Minor, Albert, USN
Morse, Joshua C., 8th VT INF
Murray, John H., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Myers, Harvey C., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Niles, Carlos M., 4th WI INF
Paige, John, 1st NH HARTY
Parrish, Solon B., 1st MI LARTY
Perham, Salmon Ezekiel, 10th VT INF
Perry, Jerome B., 105th IL INF, 23rd IL INF
Plumb, Charles Rollin, 3rd VT INF
Powell, William W., 21st IA INF
Preston, Sedgwick, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Samson, Arby Nelson, 2nd VT INF
Smith, John F., 38th WI INF
Smith, Merritt C., 3rd IA INF, 6th IA CAV
Smith, William Merriam, 86th IL INF
Stearns, John O., 37th IL INF
Swan, Albert H., 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY
Tillotson, George, 13th US INF
Voodry, Josephus W., 3rd VT INF, VRC
Washburn, Harvey D., 8th VT INF
Webber, George B., 1st VT CAV
White, Thomas W., 1st MO ENGNRS
Williams, William H., USN
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