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Reunion (1887)


The annual reunion of the Lamoille Valley veteran soldiers will be held at “Camp Gen. George J. Stannard” at the Morrisville fair grounds, August 24 & 25. Comrade George W. Doty of Morrisville will have command, and the staff officers will be: Comrade D.J. Safford, Morrisville, adjutant general; Comrades H.B. George, Morrisville, Chandler Watts, Stowe, Frank Olmstead, Hardwick, J.T. Stevens, Eden, C.R. Andrus, Wolcott, C.O. Davidson, Greensboro Bend, B.J. Austin, Albany, D.G. Holmes, Johnson, J.O. French, Cambridge, E.S. Simons, Craftsbury, Moses McFarland, Waterville, H.W. Warren, Stowe, Albert Burnham, Cabot, F.B. Morse, Worcester, J.B. Ayers, Waterbury Center, Hartwell Moody, Waterbury. assistant adjutants, Comrade Austin Wilkins, Cadys Falls, quarter general; Comrades Frank Kenfield, Morrisville, M.J. Leach, Wolcott, officers of the day, Comrade O.A. Gates, Morrisville, provost marshall. The program will be as follows:


Going into camp, 12 noon, opening salute from battery at 12:30, beans and coffee, the afternoon will be given to general visiting, and drilling by the different G.A.R. Posts; 5 p.m. dress parade, supper, sunset salute. At early candlelight the Posts will fall in, headed by the staff on horseback, Craftsbury band, 17 pieces, Morrisville band and drum corps with an escort with all old cavalry boys, mounted, also the battery forming a grand torchlight procession to the village of Morrisville. Returning to camp the "campfire" will be re-kindled, 11 p.m. lights out.


Salute at sunrise, breakfast, policing the grounds, general visiting; 9:30 a.m. Co.E. 3d Reg. reunion, other companies using same hour, 10:30 annual election of society officers, Gov. E.J. Ormsbee will arrive on the noon train from Burlington, and will be received by a delegation at the Morrisville depot, and escorted to dinner at 1 p.m. the mounted men and bands will march to Morrisville, and escort his excellency, the governor, P.D. Blodgett, Commander of the G.A.R., State of Vermont, Hon. H. Henry Powers, Hon. C.S. Page, Hon. G.W. Hendee, Hon. P.K. Gleed, and other distinguished guests to the camp. Upon arrival they will be received by the G.A.R. in line and a salute from the battery, and escorted to the grand stand, where they will receive the old soldiers. A poem entitled "The Old Brigade" will be delivered by Comrade H.A. Thomas of Waterville, followed by addresses from the distinguished guests. After the speeches there will be a competitive drill by the different Posts of the society for a purse of $ 40, $20 to first, $12 to second, and $8 to third. Each post to be composed of at least 12 men and an officer, armed with guns. General soldierly appearance and conduct while at the encampment to be taken into consideration, and to be decided by a disinterested board of judges, the whole to conclude with a grand dress parade and break camp.

Burlington Free Press, August 5, 1887
Courtesy of Deanna French