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As of 1 April 2015, 359 soldiers have been identified as using aliases. Click on the highlighted name to get his record.

Abraham, George B.Abram, George B.2nd VT LARTY
Acome, FranklinLivingston, John9th VT INF
Adams, Albert J.Adams, James A.5th VT INF, 5th NH INF
Adams, George WashingtonHouston, George W.5th VT INF
Aiken, Eliza N. AthertonAtherton, Eliza N.Nurse, USV
Albee, Justin V.Spencer, H. A.5th VT INF
Alexander, Charles WesleyAvery, Charles1st VT LARTY, 1st VT CAV, VRC
Alfred, DanielAlford, Daniel17th VT INF
Allen, EdwinAllen, Florez R.14th VT INF
Allen, LucasAllen, Lucius B.91st NY INF
Allex, Dennis H.Alix, Dennis H.5th VT INF
Amsden, Rosander MarcellusAmsden, Marcellus R.11th VT INF, 15th VT INF
Andrews, Ezra B.Andrus, Ezra B.3rd MN INF
Angell, SylvesterAtwood, Sylvester7th VT INF
Annis, Salmon PulsiferAnnis, Solomon P.11th VT INF, VRC
Appel, ConradApple, Conrad10th VT INF
Ardagh, JohnHarmon, John; Goodrich, Isaac30th MA INF, 6th NH INF
Ardito, JohnRappallo, John2nd VT INF
Austin, Andrew WillisAustin, Willis24th US INF, 41st US INF
Austin, George A.Palmer, Henry A.3rd VT LARTY
Austin, Lewis A.Mareno, Lewis A.2nd VT LARTY
Austin, Richard HenryAustin, Henry R. in rosters13th VT INF
Avery, JohnHolman, George A.3rd NY LARTY, 24th NY LARTY
Bador, Victor A.Bador, Victor14th US INF, 20th US INF
Bagley, John SmithBrown, John S.1st RI CAV
Baird, Oran E.Baird, William O.9th VT INF, USA
Baker, Henry J.O'Hare, James; Not to be confused with Baker, Henry J., alias Baker, Jefferson, same Co., who died 19226th VT INF
Baker, Henry J.Baker, Jefferson H. (not to be confused with Baker, Henry J., same Co., who died in 1864)6th VT INF
Baker, SolomonBelanger, Solomon9th VT INF
Balch, John H.Saunders, James1st VT CAV, 57th NY INF
Baldwin, William H.Baldwin, Henry W.; Dunlap, William1st VT CAV
Ball, Louisa NottNott, JouisaNurse
Bancroft, Charles F.Fisher, Charles4th VT INF
Baraby, JosephKnight, Albert8th VT INF
Barber, W. AlansonBarber, Alonso; Barber, William A.2nd VT INF
Barbo, JohnBabo, Napoleon5th VT INF
Barbour, Milo AlonzoBarber, Milo A.15th VT INF
Barchet, Karl JuliusBarchet, Charles1st LA HARTY, 7th VT INF, 1st US CAV
Barkum, AlfredTanner, Charles4th VT INF, 3rd NY CAV, 1st NY MTD RFLS
Barnes, FranklinSon, FrankUSN
Barr, JamesBass, James4th VT INF
Barrera, SeveroGomez, Anestasio1st VT CAV
Barron, LewisParent, Louis1st NH CAV
Barrows, DustinBeaura, Dustin4th VT INF, 1st USSS
Barton, JohnCaron, Peter3rd VT INF
Bashaw, Lagro2nd VT LARTY
Bashaw, LewisBushaw, Lewis3rd VT INF
Baslow, AnthonyBassalow, Anthony5th VT INF
Batiest, NicolBatist, NicholRecruit
Baxter, CharlesPierce, Charles77th NY INF
Beaulieu, EugeneBoulier, Eugene; Boulio, Eugene8th VT INF
Beaupre, GeorgeBapry, George; Bopry, George3rd VT INF
Beauvais, CharlesBovatt, Charles5th VT INF
Beauvais, LewisBovat, Lewis5th VT INF
Bemis, Aaron B.Bemis, Aaron B.42nd IL INF
Bemis, George N.Blake, Charles Blake9th VT INF
Benway, LouisBelouis, Louis Sebastien9th VT INF
Bergen, JohnBajoin, John6th VT INF
Berkley, RoderickBerkley, Rodney13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY
Bienvenue, LuciusWelcome, Luk8th VT INF
Biette, EdwardBeyett, Edward5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Bigelow, Horace PhilemonBigelow, Hiram P.8th VT INF
Bingham, AramBing, Aram George7th VT INF
Bishop, Charles LevesqueLevesque, Charles11th VT INF
Bissell, Edward MosesTatro, Moses6th VT INF
Blair, IsaiahBalair, Isaac11th VT INF
Blaisdale, Frederick EmersonBlaisdell, Frederick Emerson3rd VT INF, 5th US CAV, 1st VT CAV
Blaisdell, William W.Laisdell, William W.; Luzelle, William H.3rd VT INF
Blanchard, IsraelWhite, George White5th VT INF
Blowers, William CharlesSmith, Charles William2nd VT INF
Boine, AlphonzoBouin, Alphonzo7th VT INF
Bonville, WilliamBonville, Joseph7th VT INF
Boore, John ThomasBohr, John T.14th VT INF
Bordeau, FrancisBordo, Francis7th VT INF, 8th VT INF
Bornheft, PeterBornhorft, Pedro2nd VT LARTY, 1st US ARTY
Bougee, PeterBougie, Peter; Bougis, Pierre3rd VT INF
Boutwell, Samuel EdsonBoutwell, Edson16th MA INF, VRC
Bovan, LewisGoodwin, Lewis; De Jodoin, Louis13th VT INF
Bovar, PeterBover, Peter10th VT INF
Bovat, PeterBovatt, Philip; Beauvais, Philip Peter Felix5th VT INF
Bovat, PeterBeauvais, Jean Pierre13th VT INF
Bowles, George W.Bolles, George11th VT INF
Bracken, ThomasBrackett, Thomas4th VT INF
Bradley, Charles D.Thompson, Charles D.9th VT INF, 12th IN CAV
Bradley, Mary L. SmithSmith, Mary L.Nurse, USV
Brainard, Harvey H.Brainerd, Harvey H.13th NY INF
Bresee, NiramBresco, Nirum37th WI INF
Brigham, Charles A.Corron, Marcus3rd MA CAV
Brittell, Joshua H.Sturdevant, Freeman D.2nd VT INF, 5th NY INF
Broner, FrankBruyea, Frank5th VT INF
Brooks, Henry D.Deputron, Henry3rd VT INF
Brothers, LewisLavigne, Louis; Brodeur, Lewis3rd VT LARTY
Brown, George W.Hewett, Ephraim M.1st VT CAV
Brown, George W.Hewett, Ephraim M.4th VT INF, 10th USCI
Brown, JohnLillie, John M.1st VT CAV
Brownson, Helen R. DickersonDickerson, Helen R.Nurse
Brunelle, GilbertBrunnel, Gilbert12th US INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Buckley, John M.Buckley, Henry W.; Buckley, James1st VT INF
Bugbee, Abel H.Bugbee, Albert H.6th NY INF, 14th NY ARTY
Buley, LouisBully, Louis3rd VT INF, VRC
Bullard, Edmund E.Howard, Charles11th VT INF
Bullett, JosephBoulet, Joseph; Boulett, Joseph3rd VT LARTY
Burbridge, Samuel L.Fitch, SamuelUSN
Burdick, Judson J.Burdick, Joseph T.96th NY INF
Burgess, SethWing, Seth9th VT INF
Burleson, Robert B.Benjamin, Robert B.10th VT INF
Burrows, George P.Burroughs, George P.8th VT INF
Butler, Eben P.Eben Butler2nd VT INF
Butler, HarmonButler, HermanUSN, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF
Butterfly, GeorgeDucharme, George; Du Shanne, George2nd VT INF, 176th NY INF
Byron, JosephHall, Joseph O.17th VT INF
Caldwell, Wallace R.Caldwell, William R.151st NY INF
Callaghen, PatrickColligan, Patrick; Calligan, Patrick1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Camel, FrankFriend, Frank4th VT INF
Cameron, Cynthia WorthWorth, CynthiaNurse, 18th IA INF
Campbell, James HenryCampbell, Henry J.5th VT INF
Carey, Henry F.Stiles, James H.USN
Carpenter, FrankYoung, Homer T.3rd VT INF
Carr, CharlesCarr, Michael1st VT CAV
Carroll, Charles MichaelCarroll, MIchael11th VT INF
Carter, Jacob A.Shirkey, Jacob2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Caton, JamesCayton, James6th VT INF
Celley, Don BirneyCilley, Don on most records9th VT INF, 13th VT INF, 1st ME INF
Center, SamuelDwinnells, Samuel C.3rd VT INF
Chafey, WilliamChaffee, William1st MN INF
Chalifaux, NarcisseChalyfoux, Narcisse3rd VT LARTY, 11th US INF
Chamberlain, George O.Chamberlin, George C.14th VT INF, 7th VT INF
Chambers, William J.Wills, William J.1st VT CAV, 47th NY INF, Les Enfants Perdu INF (NY)
Champaigne, JosephChampagny, Joseph2nd VT INF
Champeau, PeterShampeau, Peter; Shampo, Peter15th VT INF, 8th VT INF
Chase, George W.Hunt, Mitchell2nd USSS, 4th VT INF
Chase, Henry D.Jones, John19th ME INF
Chase, Raselus D.Chase, Erastus9th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HAC
Chehin, DanielShehan, Daniel9th VT INF
Cheisen, PeterTheison, Peter14th VT INF, 111th NY INF, 4th NY HARTY
Cheney, Carlos E.Cheney, Charles E.13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV
Clair, Anthony P.Clarke, Andrew P.; Clarke, Anthony P.1st VT CAV, USA
Clapp, EdwardClark, Edward D.42nd OH INF, 8th US INF, 3rd VT LARTY
Clapper, ClufusClapin, Cleophas9th VT INF
Clark, Loren WayneClark, Lauren2nd MI INF
Clark, Miles D.Wells, Charles11th MA INF
Claxton, WilliamClarkson, William14th VT INF
Clemens, Sylvester W.Clemans, Sylvester115th NY INF
Clemens, William S.Clemans, William S.115th NY INF
Clement, John B.Bruso, John B.7th VT INF
Clifford, George C.Clifford, Ira C.2nd MN INF
Clindinning, CharlesClendening, Charles2nd VT INF
Clury, ThomasCleury, Thomas2nd VT INF
Cocq, GustavusCoeq, Gustavus3rd VT INF
Colburn, Myron S.Colburn, Myron L.USN
Cole, Erskine A.Stickels, Charles10th VT INF, 54th NY INF
Collette, Gideon V.Collett, Jeddy12th VT INF
Collins, John A.Collins, Nicholas11th VT INF, 2nd NY INF
Coolbeth, Erastus W.Coolbeth, John5th NH INF
Corey, CharlesClark, Caleb Clark1st VT CAV, USA
Corivan, LouisCorriveau, Louis2nd VT LARTY
Cota, MichaelSide, Joseph M.22nd NY INF, 3rd RI CAV
Cotey, JohnCoty, John5th VT INF
Coty, IraCote, Ira1st VT CAV
Coughlin, JohnO'Leary, JohnUSN, 14th VT INF
Coughlin, RobertCoughlin, Reuben6th VT INF
Courser, Moses ElkinsElkins, Moses3rd NY HARTY
Couture, ZephirinSeymour, Zepheniah1st VT INF
Cowette, GeorgeHoward, Andrew11th VT INF
Crane, Vernon F.Crain, Francis V.13th VT INF, 2nd VT INF
Crooker, IsaacGardner, Amos10th VT INF
Cross, AddisonWilliams, Henry11th MA INF, 9th VT INF
Cross, JohnLacroix, John10th VT INF, VRC
Cross, Theodore L.Longfellow, Theodore L.; Cross, Bedore57th MA INF
Crothers, John C. W.Caruthers, John C. W.7th VT INF
Currier, Joseph E.Cayer, Joseph8th VT INF
Curtis, James DudleyCurtis, J. Dudley, Curtis, Dudley57th NY INF
Cutts, TildonCutts, Tilton4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Cyr, JeanSears, John6th NH INF
Dachno, AntoineDishnow, Antoine14th VT INF
Daire, JosephVere, Joseph; Viere, Joseph; Dair, Joseph; Daire, Joseph9th VT INF
Dana, Judah WinchesterClark, Judah D.3rd VT INF
Daniels, CharlesAdams, Charles1st VT CAV, 1st US Vet Corps
Daniels, FrankColomb, Francis9th VT INF
Dapo, HenryDay, Henry L.9th VT INF
Daprey, FrancisDapry, Francis8th VT INF
Darent, LouisDurent, Louis10th VT INF, VRC
Davis, Hymenius A.Davis, Alric H.8th VT INF
Davis, Orville F.Turner, George9th VT INF, 2nd NH INF
Dawson, John R.Connerty, John8th VT INF
Dean, Edward W.Day, Edward6th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Dearter, FrancisLapointe, Francis2nd VT INF
Deforge, AlfredDefarge, AlfredRecruit
Deigett, PaulDaggett, Paul2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Delany, WilliamDelano, William23rd NY LARTY
Deline, AlbertDeline, Bert2nd VT INF
Dellehan, JohnDullahan, John3rd VT INF, VRC
Demars, JosephDemars, Simeon J.5th VT INF
Demary, Silas MortimerDemary, Mortimer3rd VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Denike, Arlington C.Derrick, ArlingtonUSN
Dennis, Daniel D.Caraway, Daniel1st VT CAV
Denver, HenryDenvir, Henry; Danver, Henry; Denvier, Henry7th VT INF
Depatie, IsaieDapotha, Erai8th VT INF
Dett, MosesDeatte, Moses8th VT INF
Devergill, FranklinDevergil, Franklin1st MN INF
Dewey, Peter G.Desautels, Pierre13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV
Dibeaux, ThomasTabour, Thomas6th VT INF
Dockey, EdwardDougherty, Edward12th VT INF
Dodge, Charles W.Davenport, Charles W.USN
Donovan, Cornelius P.Donovan, PatrickUSN, 11th VT INF
Douglas, Jerome B.Douglass, Jerome B.3rd NH INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Doval, FrankWilliams, John6th NH INF
Dow, Daniel S.Wilton, Charles A.9th VT INF
Downing, Robert D.Downing, Robert D.1st VT CAV
Downs, Lovisa B. JenisonJennison, Lovisa B.Nurse
Drew, Robert N.Edmunds, Douglass5th CT INF, 1st VT CAV
Dubois, AurelJugo, Alexander12th VT INF, 56th NY INF
Ducharme, NelsonNelson, Henry1st VT CAV
Dufresne, DemasseAsh, Thomas9th VT INF
Dumas, Sarah J. SteadySteady, Sarah J.Nurse, USV
Dumoulin, StanislasMills, Dennis1st VT CAV
Dunlevy, James F.Carroll, James3rd VT INF
Dupuy, John A.Dupuis, Dupee1st VT CAV
Durgee, Orin A.Durgy, Orrin50th NY ENG
Durgin, Thaddeus S.Cheney, Joseph3rd VT INF
Duvall, PeterDuval, Peter; Deval, Peter7th VT INF
Duvarney, John B.Duvarie, John B.11th VT INF
Dwyer, PatrickKelley, James3rd US CAV, 12th US INF
Dyer, FrankBaron, France1st VT CAV
Early, Thomas H.Early, Thomas H.8th VT INF
Eldridge, George W.Jones, George W.; Danforth, Charles A.11th VT INF, 81st PA INF
Elliott, William C. W.Elliott, Warner C.6th VT INF, 8th VT INF
Emery, JeremiahHooper, Jacob3rd VT INF
Eno, FrankAnno, Franklin6th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Ensworth, Frederick A.None11th NH INF
Estes, EdwardEustus, Edward169th NY INF
Estus, George R.Estes, George R.8th VT INF
Etling, HenryEnderline, Henry; Enderlein, Heinrich2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Etz, David J.Sugmiller, Adam1st VT CAV
Evans, Ernest R.Huse, William9th VT INF
Falardo, Daniel D.Falardeau, Dieudonne7th VT INF
Farnum, George W.Farier, George11th VT INF
Faunce, Irvin J.Faunce, Erving; Faunce, Irving4th VT INF
Felch, Amanda M. Colburn FarnhamColburn, Amanda; Farnham, AmandaNurse, 3rd VT INF
Felch, Harlan E.Quimby, Henry H.2nd VT INF
Fernet, LouisBrault, Clement3rd VT INF
Ferrin, Levi EdwinFletcher, Lewis E.1st VT CAV, 1st MA CAV
Ferriter, LukeSmith, Charles L.3rd VT INF
Fifield, FreemanPhifield, Freeman9th VT INF
Finnegan, BarneyFinnegan, Bernard5th VT INF
Fletcher, Gideon E.Fisk, Charles6th VT INF, 9th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 1st NH LARTY
Flint, Jeremiah EliphaletFlint, Jerry E.4th WI CAV
Fontenau, DavidDumoulin, David; Dumolin, David1st VT INF
Forcier, FranklinFusha, Frank2nd VT LARTY
Foss, Heman E.Foss, Hymen G.; Foss, Herman G.1st VT INF, 142nd NY INF
Foster, Ira G.Brown, Harvey; Foster, Ira G.6th VT INF
Foy, Sarah Jane HathawayHathaway, Sarah JaneNurse, USV
Franklin, Daniel H.Foster, John; Hill, Henry2nd VT INF, 158th NY INF
Frapier, FrancisFrappier, Francis2nd VT INF, VRC
Frascoia, JamesFrascora, Frascoia8th VT INF
French, AlbertFrench, Alfred E.2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF
French, ThomasBangley, James3rd VT INF
Fulton, Asa CarlosFulton, Asa Carlos12th VT INF
Gagnon, Joseph FelixGaudrean, Felix1st VT CAV
Gallagher, PeterLedwith, Ed10th VT INF
Garard, AlfredGero, Alfred17th VT INF
Gard, FrankGiard, Frank; Guard, Frank; Girard, Frank8th NY HARTY, 10th NY INF
Gardner, HoraceGardiner, Horace13th VT INF
Garrey, HenryGarvey, GaubeMA INF
Garrow, DavidGarren, David153rd NY INF
Garry, FelixGarey, Felix; Gary, Felix4th US INF, 4th US ARTY, 118th NY INF
Garue, ZebulonGreen, Zebulon1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Gatchell, Franklin GailonGetchell, Franklin Gailon9th VT INF, 22nd NY INF, 93rd NY INF, 2nd US CAV
Gee, Edward M.McGee, Edward5th VT INF
Gee, Solomon AugustusGee, Augustus Solomon1st RI CAV, 1st NH CAV
Gellison, JohnJellison, John1st VT CAV
George, Eliza E. HamiltonHamilton, Eliza E.Nurse, USV
George, Jeremiah N.George, Jere N.10th VT INF
Gerener, JuliusSmith, Julius 14th NY HARTY
Geurtien, Hermini J.Gurther, Abner11th VT INF
Gibson, William J.Gilson, William3rd VT INF, 2nd NH INF
Gibson, William SCorser, CharlesUSN, 1st CT HARTY
Gilbar, William S.Gilbert, William S.7th VT INF
Gile, Joseph F.Gile, Joel7th VT INF
Giles, Lemuel A.Giles, Samuel A.5th NH INF
Gill, Thomas N.Allen, Robert Nathaniel31st MS INF
Gillman, AlmonGilmore, Alman92nd NY INF, 193rd NY INF
Gilman, Charles A.Abbott, Charles4th VT INF
Glover, LemuelGlover, Samuel2nd VT INF
Gonya, JosephGonia, Joseph11th VT INF
Goochie, JosephGochie, Joseph5th VT INF
Goodenough, Frank L.Goodnough, Frank L.5th VT INF
Goodnough, Wallace EugeneGoodnow, Wallace2nd RI CAV
Gore, William H.Jones, William H.2nd VT INF, 16th VA INF
Gorman, ThomasGaumond, Thomas2nd VT INF
Gosselin, ProsperGoodrich, Prosper9th VT INF, USA
Goulay, DavidGouley, David10th VT INF, VRC
Gould, George L.Reed, George L.6th MN INF, VRC
Gouzie, AlexanderGoosey, Alexander11th VT INF
Gouzie, AmbroiseGoosey, Ambrose11th VT INF
Gouzie, DavidGoosey, David11th VT INF
Gouzie, JosephGoosey, Joseph11th VT INF
Goyette, EdwardGilbert, Edward11th VT INF, VRC
Greenwood, FrankGreenwood, Frank 3rd VT INF
Greenwood, Joseph A.Lane, Joesph; Clifton, Joseph2nd VT INF, 59th NY INF, 38th MA INF
Groungy, JosephGranger, Joseph6th VT INF
Grow, HenryGrow, James H.1st CT LARTY
Guptil, Cornelius C.Clayton, Frank H.34th IA INF, 38th IA INF
Guyott, AlbertGoyette, Albert; Guyette, Albert11th VT INF
Hadley, Warner WilliamHadley, William Warner12th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Haley, JohnLynch, John8th VT INF
Haley, MichaelHailey, Michael1st VT CAV
Hall, John F.Warren, Almon8th VT INF
Hall, Peter A.Conley, William142nd NY INF
Hambley, PatrickHensley, Patrick21st IA INF
Hamblin, Raleigh W WWells, Walter3rd ME INF, 17th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY, 97th NY INF
Hamilton, George W.Plumley, GeorgeUSN
Hamner, Theron A.Hamner, Theron A.8th VT INF
Hancock, Erwin E.Wilder, George E.4th VT INF
Haney, CharlesHaney, Charles5th VT INF
Harper, ZebHarper, Eusebius; Harper, Usel9th VT INF, 2nd US INF
Harrington, Hiram M.Harris, Henry2nd VT INF, 3rd MD CAV, 11th PA CAV
Harrison, Emily C. TuckerTucker, Emily C.Nurse, USV
Hart, DominickHart, John1st VT INF, USA
Hartwell, GeorgeHeartwell, GeoregeUSN
Haseltine, John WagnerHaseltine, John Wagner1st VT CAV, 153rd NY INF
Hastings, David HenryHastings, Henry4th IL CAV
Hastings, FrankCameron, William A.4th VT INF
Hathaway, Paulina HoadleyHoadley, PaulinaNurse, USV
Hayes, CharlesHard, Henry S.; Jayes, Charles12th VT INF
Haynes, Benjamin N.Haynes, Manson B.3rd VT INF
Hayward, Arial K.Haywood, Arial K.7th VT INF, 9th VRC
Hazen, Fanny H. TitusTitus, Fanny H.Nurse, USV
Hazlet, JohnHaslett, John1st VT CAV, VRC
Hazleton, Abraham HarveyHeselton, Abram H.7th VT INF
Heald, SewallHale, Sewell3rd VT INF
Hearren, JamesHerron, James9th VT INF
Heath, George W.Hall, George11th VT INF
Hebert, OliverAbar, Oliver8th MA INF
Herman, MosesHeerman, Moses4th MN INF
Heslin, DominickQuinn, DominickUSN
Hewey, David AlexanderHuey, David A.16th VT INF
Hewitt, HenryAllen, John8th VT INF
Hickey, SamuelHickey, Samuel4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Higby, Edward I.Higby, Edwin; Higbee, Edward5th TX CAV, GA Militia
Hill, Franklin J.Hill, Julien T.2nd USSS, VRC
Hodgeman, JohnHodgman, JohnUSN
Holden, Orin A.Watts, William (death certificate)2nd VT INF, VRC
Holding, Frank H.Holding, Frank11th VT INF
Holland, Freeman T.Clark, William79th NY INF
Holloway, John E.Halloway, John E.6th VT INF, VRC
Holmes, Harriet M. HinksonHinkson, Harriet M.Nurse, 11th VT INF
Holoogan, StephenHalligan, Stephen28th MA INF
Hosford, Nancy J. MatthewsMatthews, Nancy J.Nurse, 4th VT INF
Hough, Henry H.Huff, Henry H.1st USSS
Houghtalin, John W.Houghtaling, John14th VT INF
Houghton, SilasHorton, Samuel8th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY
Howard, William C.Ashley, William B.10th VT INF
Howard, William E.Barnes, William E.8th VT INF
Howe, DensmoreDensmore, Albert16th VT INF
Hoyt, FrankHowe, Frank6th VT INF
Hubbard, Horace C.Hubbert, Horace161st NY INF
Hubbard, William H.Labare, WilliamUSN, 9th VT INF
Huet, WileyHewitt, Wiley8th VT INF
Hulburd, William MillerMiller, William H.4th US ARTY
Humphries, John H.Humphrey, John H.; Humphreys, John H.9th NH INF, 24th VRC
Hungford, SamuelHungerford, Samuel50th NY ENGRS
Hunt, JohnRichardson, Sylvester3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF
Huntly, Amos P.Hartley, Amos P.106th NY INF
Hurigan, SydneyHerrigan, Sydney134th NY INF
Hurlburt, Louis A.Hurlburt, Lewis E.2nd VT INF
Hurlbut, DeWitt C.Hebert, D. S.8th VT INF
Hyde, Joshua M.Hyde, John M.1st VT INF, 7th VT INF, USA
Ica, AlexanderIkey, Alexander14th VT INF
Ingram, Ira OrenIngraham, Ira1st WI CAV
Jabbard, GeorgeJabbert, George12th NY CAV
Jabonzie, CharlesJabouric, Charles; Stone, Louis2nd VT INF
Jabott, SamuelLord, Samuel31st ME INF, 32nd ME INF, 16th US INF
Jackson, Frederick K.Burnham, Charles L.3rd VT INF
Jackson, Henry JunkinsJunkins, Henry6th NH INF, 17th VT INF
Jackson, LorenzoJohnson, EdwardUSN
Jangle, WilliamGingras, William5th VT INF
Jenson, William AlfredJamison, William Alfred45th USCI
Jerd, PeterGiard, Pierre2nd VT INF
Jerue, Godfrey5th IA INF, 5th IA CAV
Jerusha, NelsonNelson, Jerusha6th VT INF
Jillson, JosephGillson, Joseph6th VT INF
Jocelyn, Benjamin F.Jocelyn, Frank B.1st VT CAV
Jodoin, FabienJudaway, Faba2nd VT INF
Johnson, JamesLeahy, James12th VT INF
Johnson, Joshua W.Johnson, Webster10th VT INF, Recruit
Johnston, Valancourt CadyJohnson, George C.2nd NH INF, 4th MA CAV
Jones, Francis M.Jones, Frank5th VT INF
Jones, George W.Danforth, Charles A.; Jones, George W.11th VT INF, 81st PA INF
Jordan, FrancisDesjardin, Francois1st VT CAV
Jordan, Frank A.Smith, Richard3rd VT INF
Joslyn, Frederick A.Joslin, Frederick A.2nd VT LARTY, 11th VT INF
Jubert, AndrewJoubert, Andrew21st NY CAV, 30th NY INF
Kane, Francis J.Kane, Frank; Kane, John C.3rd VT INF
Kearns, MatthewRegan, Martin3rd VT INF
Keenan, JohnKaanan, John4th VT INF, 1st USSS
Kelley, PatrickKelly, Patrick2nd VT LARTY
Kellogg, Theodore PrestonKellogg, William H.13th IL INF, 56th IL INF
Kennally, MichaelKanelion, Michael14th NH INF
Kennedy, EdwardMcKenzie, Edson7th VT INF
Kennedy, William H.Canada, William H.17th VT INF
Kidder, George W.Shiney, Lewis10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY
Kimball, Benjamin FranklinKimball, Franklin1st VT CAV
King, Nelson PhilipGregory, Philip10th VT INF
Kinney, Alfred J.Kenney, Alfred J.8th VT INF
Klink, FrederickKline, Frederick1st US VET CORPS
Knapp, Adin H.Knapp, Adam H; Knapp, Adan H; Knapp, Aden H4th VT INF
Knapp, Charles H.Belknap, Lewis4th VT INF
Knights, John Q. A.Lee, John J.2nd NY VET CAV
La Claire, FrankLeclaire, SulpiceHatchs BTLN, MN CAV
La Fontaine, JosephLaFountain, Joseph1st VT CAV
La Plant, RoswellPlant, Roswell8th IL CAV
LaBonta, AlfredLabonty, Labonte8th VT INF
Labonte, WilliamLabounty, William2nd VT INF, 1st VT CAV, VRC
Lacaille, AbramLacaille, Hubert11th VT INF
Ladieux, Charles L.Ladue, Charles13th VT INF
Ladue, LouisLaClair, Louis11th MA INF
Lahas, NorbitLahaye, Norbert8th VT INF
LaJoy, ThomasLazna, Thomas; Lasua, Thomas17th VT INF
Lamper, JamesYoung, James M.10th VT INF
Lamphere, LegrandLamphear, Legrand; Landphear, Legrand23rd MI INF, Recruit (Vermont), 192nd NY INF
Landry, CharlesLondre, Charles12th VT INF
Landry, EliLandra, Eli14th VT INF, 22nd NY INF, 9th USV
Langevin, AdolphisLongevin, Adolphus20th ME INF, 1st ME SS
Langley, LewisLanglois, Lewis7th VT INF
Lapelle, FrankLahah, Frank11th VT INF, 93rd NY INF
Lapierre, CyprienStone, Cyprien2nd VT INF, VRC
Lapierre, NelsonLapine, Nelson1st VT INF, 2nd VT INF
Lapine, JosephLupien, Joseph; Lapierre, Joseph2nd VT INF
Laporte, AntoineLear, Frank 11th VT INF, 4th MA CAV
Larabee, PeterLongdo, Peter1st VT CAV
Laraway, JamesLara, James (real name)17th VT INF
Lassard, HenryLassor, Henry5th VT INF
Lassor, ZebulonLassor, Zabby; Lassor, Zebby5th VT INF, 7th VT INF, VRC
Laundry, CharlesLondre, Charles1st VT LARTY
Lawrence, AnthonyLoraine, Antwine (birth name)2nd VT INF
Lawrence, Joseph PhillipLoraine, Joseph P.11th VT INF
Layth, Isaac C.Laythe, Isaac; Lathe, Isaac2nd VT INF
Leahy, Thomas F.Leachy, ThomasRecruit
Leatherland, Edwin W.Leatherland, Edwin W.2nd VT INF
LeBarron, George W.Lebaron15th CT INF
Lemoine, George E.Lemwin, George E.13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV
Lemwin, RockLemoine, Rock (obituary/pension)13th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Leonard, HibbardLarnard, Hibbard15th VT INF
Lescarbo, JosephCarbo, Joseph8th VT INF, 11th VT INF
Lester, Clark T.Lister, Charles11th VT INF
Lindsey, WilliamLindsay, William92nd NY INF
Little, EugenePetit, Ludger E.14th VT INF
Little, Horace M.Lillie, Horace M.8th NY CAV
Lombard, EliLumbard, Eli11th VT INF
Longevine, IsaacLongavin, Isaac; Loungeverns, Isaac5th NH INF, 8th VT INF
Longeway, ClementLangevin, Clement17th VT INF
Lovell, CharlesLamb, Charles P.49th NY INF
Lowe, WilliamSmith, William L.10th VT INF
Lushman, JamesLeshman, James; Leeshman, James3rd VT INF
Lyman, JohnRandolph, John L.1st VT CAV
Lynds, Levi D.Lyons, Levi B.3rd VT INF
Madison, MarcellusMattison, Marsellus5th VT INF, 10th VT INF
MaGaffey, George H.McGaffey, Henry17th MA INF
Mahar, JosephAmahar, Joseph11th VT INF
Maille, AnsonBosley, Peter; Maille, Ancil3rd VT INF, 187th NY INF
Makinsten, George E.Garfield, George E.; Makinster, George E.14th VT INF
Maponi, AntoineMason, Antoine8th VT INF
Marcott, DavidMartin, David9th VT INF
Maredith, Mark W.Page, Henry1st VT CAV
Marsh, John H.Quimby, J C2nd USSS
Marshall, Frank W.Williams, William F.1st VT INF, 4th VT INF, 11th VT INF
Marshall, MarcellusMarshall, George W.2nd CA INF, 7th CA INF
Martin, NoahMartelle, Noah2nd VT INF
Mason, Gilman M.Stannard, Gilman M.7th IL INF
Maxham, William RansomMaxim, William Ransom9th LA INF
May, PeterMay, Patrick2nd VT LARTY
Mayhew, AlfredMaheu, Alfred1st VT CAV
Mayhew, JohnMayhew, SIlfroy14th VT INF
Mayville, PeterBarton, Peter9th VT INF
McCarthy, JohnBrown, John17th VT INF
McCarthy, John J.McCarthy, Thomas56th MA INF
McCarty, MichaelCarty, Michael8th VT INF, 10th VT INF
McCaughey, PatrickGould, HenryUSN, 28th MA INF
McCollum, JosephMcCallum, Joseph1st VT INF
McDermott, PeterMcNorton, Peter1st VT CAV
McDuffee, Horace G.McDuffy, Horace G.169th NY INF
McGee, AmosGee, Amos11th VT INF
McGee, JosephMayo, Joseph7th NY HARTY
McInerny, Asa C.McFee, Asa C.4th VT INF, 5th ME HARTY
McIntire, West R.McIntire, William R.30th ME INF
McLaughlin, JamesCoyle, James2nd MA CAV
McMeeker, JamesMcMicken, James; McMeekin, James6th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS
McNichols, John W.Nicholas, John W.5th VT INF
McNillis, EdwardMcNellis, Edward2nd VT INF, 13th VT INF
Meacham, LewisShattuck, Lewis M.186th NY INF, 79th NY INF
Mead, FranklinMead, Frank1st VT CAV, 5th NY HARTY
Mercy, GeorgeMercy, Augustus2nd NY VET CAV, 10th VT INF, 16th WV INF
Merrick, William AugustusMorits, Luther C.8th VT INF
Mervin, George H.Marvin, George H.96th NY INF
Messenger, Benjamin F.Messenger, Frank16th VT INF
Messier, George JosephMessier, George Joseph1st VT CAV
Metcalf, WallaceClough, Monroe9th VT INF, 5th NH INF
Micha, AlexanderMoquin6th VT INF
Mignot, PaulPare, Auguste11th CT INF
Miles, Hiram B.Swazey, Hiram14th US INF
Miller, Alanson KilburnMiller, Kilburn A.123rd NY INF
Miller, HiramWilliams, Henry5th VT INF
Miller, JohnMiller, Adolphus8th VT INF
Miner, JohnYoung, Jake2nd MA CAV
Miner, LewisMoison, LewisRI 2nd INF
Minor, Charles H.Miner, Charles H.1st VT CAV
Miot, Henry J.Myott, Henry J.6th VT INF
Moison, Francois X.Mizer, Francis; Mayson; Moyson8th VT INF
Monroe, FranklinMunroe, Franklin11th RI INF
Monroe, John H.Munroe, John H.RI 3rd HARTY
Monty, Laben LeroyMonty, William H.118th NY INF, 1st VT CAV, 5th US ARTY
Moody, John R.Moodie, John R.6th VT INF, VRC
Moore, Justus GardnerMower, Justus Gardner1st VT INF, 12th VT INF
Moran, Edward H.Wells, James6th WI INF
Morgan, Peter A.Morgan, Andrew; Morgan John11th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Moritz, Luther C.Merrick, William A.; Morits, Luther C.1st VT INF, 17th MA INF
Morris, John E.Kitts, James132nd NY INF
Morrison, Anders P.Pedersen, Anders5th VT INF
Morse, George L.Labelle, Joseph8th VT INF
Morsini, ErnestMorisini, Ernest8th VT INF
Moss, IsaacKaveney, Thomas5th VT INF
Mott, LangdonMott, Bradley9th VT INF, USA
Moulton, Reuben C.Merriam, Riley C.10th VT INF, 33rd IL INF, 72nd IL INF
Mullings, FrancisSmith, Frank H.11th VT INF
Murray, BemanDame, Benjamin6th NY HARTY
Muzzy, Abel W.Massey, Abel W.3rd VT INF
Nailor, JosephNaylor, Joseph65th NY INF
Nailor, JosephNaylor, Joseph10th VT INF
Narvey, Winslow R.Havor, Francis; Narvey, Winslow R.USN
Nash, James P.Nash, Philander J.12th VT INF
Newton, Wallace RussellMcGinnis, James (birth name)5th VT INF
Newton, William H. H.Newton, Henry H.8th VT INF, VRC
Nicholas, Eleanor F D BishopBishop, Eleanor F. D.Nurse
Nichols, ChesterNichols, Charles A.7th VT INF
Niles, AugustusYes, widow Helen M.13th MI INF
Noyes, Willam WesleyHurd, Willam Wesley28th MA INF
O'Brien, ThomasO'Brion, Thomas6th VT INF
O'Clair, FrankAuclair, Frank1st VT CAV
O'Donnell, CorneliusO'Donnell, Nicholas11th VT INF
O'Hagan, FrancisHagan, Francis8th VT INF
Odbert, Julia A. RobertsRoberts, Julia A.Nurse
Odom, Charles C.Odom, Louis14th US INF
Olsen, MathiasStone, Jack N.; Stone, John N.5th VT INF
Oney, Addison A.Olney, Addison A.1st VT CAV
Osmer, Franklin C.Hosmer, Frank C.6th VT INF, 13th VRC
Otis, Charles WesleyOtis, Wesley C.3rd MN INF
Page, JohnPaya, John; Paille, Jean Baptiste (real name)8th VT INF
Page, Sumner W.Page, Samuel W.15th VT INF, 11th VT INF
Palmer, John NelsonPalmer, Nelson9th NH INF
Paquin, HonorePaquiin, Henry7th VT INF
Pareau, AndrewMartin, Andrew8th VT INF
Partlow, SethJohnson, Henry G.5th VT INF, 146th NY INF
Patno, FrankPasno, Frank14th VT INF
Patno, FrankPattin, Frank1st VT CAV
Patnode, ThomasPatno, Damas17th VT INF, 14th VT INF
Patriquen, NealPatriquin, Neal3rd VT INF
Patten, MatthewBrown, William11th VT INF, 35th NJ INF
Paye, Henry N.Meredith, Mark W.
Pearson, Charles F.Smith, John3rd VT INF
Peckman, Julia A. RobinsonRobinson, Julia A.Nurse
Pecue, EdwardPecree, Edward14th VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAV
Peno, Francis XavierPeno, Dio6th VT INF
Percival, Elwood MortimerPercival, Elwood Edward14th VT INF
Percy, LewisPiche, Lewis2nd ME CAV
Peterson, JohnJohnson, Peter; Peterson, Hans A.9th VT INF
Petit, GodfreyLittle, Godfrey30th Unass. MA INF
Petrie, WilliamHamilton, Edward8th VT INF
Pettingill, Carmel W.Wells, Charles C.55th IL INF
Pickor, JosephPecor, Joseph17th US INF
Pike, AlphonzoPike, Donald Alphonso2nd VT LARTY
Pike, William W.Drown, Wallace4th VT INF
Pine, Orange SteadmanPine, Steadman5th NY INF, 84th NY INF
Platt, Alender B.Platt, Alex; Platt, Alexander1st MO SS, 66th IL INF, 19th WI INF
Platt, Daniel S.Underwood, Thomas G.10th VT INF, USA, 22nd NY INF, 2nd NY VET CAV, USMC
Plumb, Hiland A.Clark, George E.6th VT INF, 7th NY ARTY
Plumtree, FrederickPrunier, Hypolite7th VT INF
Pollard, Jerome B.Pollard, John B.USN
Poro, ChigPoro, George12th VT INF
Poro, MaximLashway, John5th VT INF
Porter, Charles H.Geary, Charles2nd NY HARTY
Porter, JeffGillespie, Jefferson45th USCI
Potter, John C.Curtis, John9th VT INF, 27th MI INF
Potwin, JosephPorter, Joseph13th VT INF
Pratt, AlbertReynolds, Albert11th VT INF
Pratt, DavidWheeler, George11th VT INF, 21st MA INF, 4th US ARTY
Premo, JohnKemp, John3rd VT INF, 17th PA CAV, 2nd PA PROV CAV
Pridlien, FrancisPredlien, Predlieu11th US INF
Pringle, Julia A. LaughlinLaughlin, Julia A.Nurse
Putnam, Henry B.Williams, Wellington H.95th IL INF
Putnam, Nathan D.Putnam, Nahum10th MN INF
Quimby, John C.Marsh, John H.2nd USSS, VRC
Racine, CyprienRoot, George S.1st VT LARTY
Racine, Isaac C.Root, Isaac7th VT INF
Racine, PhilibertRoot, Philip1st VT LARTY
Ramsay, William H.Fordham, William; Ramsey, William H.10th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Raymo, IsaiahRameau, Isaiah6th VT INF
Raymond, CharlesBrady, Charles W.1st NJ INF, 17th VT INF
Raymond, Louis C.Remo, Louis16th NY INF
Recor, WilliamHowe, William3rd WI INF
Reed, David C.Reed, Daniel142nd NY INF
Reirden, JamesReardon, James98th NY INF
Rhoades, Warren HaildBush, Orin2nd NH INF
Riccard, Charles S.Riccard, John11th VT INF
Rice, Philip JohnJohnson, Philip John5th VT INF
Riley, Frederick ParkerRiley, Patrick4th VT INF
Ringler, George W.Rogers, James W.;Ringler, J.W.1st NH INF, 5th NH INF
Rivers, Burton A.Laraway, Gilbert17th VT INF
Roach, JohnRiley, MatthewRecruit
Robash, LouisRuby, Luis1st VT CAV
Roberts, Burton N.Roberts, Charles B.2nd VT INF
Roberts, FrankKing, Frank5th VT INF
Robertson, Curtis B.Robinson, Curtis B.15th NH INF, 3rd MA INF, 18th NH INF, 3rd US ARTY
Robinson, Henry R.Enslow, John H.16th NY INF
Rock, LewisLaRock, Lewis3rd VT INF, 11th VT INF
Rodrigues, AntonioRoderick, AntonioUSN
Rogers, CharlesWilliams, John8th NH INF, 12th US ARTY, Les Enfants Perdu INF (NY)
Rogers, HenryRagge, Robert A.118th NY INF
Rogers, Joseph E.Rodgers, Joseph E.1st VT INF, 5th VT INF, 6th VT INF
Roiley, William J.Riley, James17th VT INF
Roleau, John B.Rolean, John B.1st VT BGD Band
Rolland, EdwardRawley, Edward1st VT CAV
Ronald, John StanleyReynolds, John Stanley83rd NY INF, 97th NY INF
Rondeau, FrancisRondo, Frank2nd VT LARTY
Rose, WilliamDesrosiers, William2nd VT INF
Rowen, PatrickRuin, Patrick11th VT INF, VRC
Rowland, AlexanderRoland, AlexanderUSN, 14th IL INF
Russell, LutherGreenwood, Lewis7th VT INF, 8th ME INF
Ryan, JamesDavis, Charles W.1st VT CAV
Ryan, JohnSmith, John2nd VT INF
Ryan, Norman H.Ryon, Norman H.2nd VT INF
Saber, JohnSabbeville, John; Barney, John9th VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAV
Saint John, DominiqueSt. Jean, Dominick17th VT INF
Saint Peter, PeterJackson, John1st VT CAV
Salger, JohnSalcer, John; Salzer, John10th VT INF
Salm Salm, Elizabeth JoyJoy, ElizabethNurse, 68th NY INF
Sanborn, Charles B.Childs, Frederick E.; Sanborn, Frederick8th VT INF, 5th NH INF
Sancry, Frank W.Suncroax, Frank4th VT INF
Sanders, JosephBirth name St. Esprit?; sometimes noted as Sanderspree13th VT INF
Sanville, FredSandiel, Alfred6th NH INF
Sargent, MartinTrask, Martin12th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Saunders, JamesBalch, John H.1st VT CAV, 57th NY INF
Sawyer, Aaron L.Morse, John L.21st NY CAV
Sawyer, Francis OliverSawyer, Frank9th VT INF, USV
Sawyer, Franklin SewellSawyer, Sewell F.5th VT INF
Scahill, MarkSchill, MarkUSN
Scarbo, FabianLescarbeau, Fabian10th VT INF
Searles, HomerWise, Homer11th VT INF
Searls, John C.Scales, John C.USN
Sharkey, CharlesChartier, Charles19th MA INF, 4th US ARTY
Sharrow, John B.Sharron, John9th VT INF, USA
Shatner, MosesGuertin, Moses2nd VT INF, VRC
Shaw, Napoleon B.Johnson, Charles11th VT INF, 16th ME INF, 20th ME INF
Shepard, Denison B.Shepherd, Denison7th VT INF
Sherman, Edgar E.Hopkins, Edgar E.4th VT INF
Shiatt, PeterBreault, Pierre13th VT INF
Shonnio, George A.Shonio, George A.6th VT INF, 2nd VRC
Shono, JohnChagnon, Jean Baptiste9th VT INF
Sillcox, GeorgeHalstead, Isaac S.8th VT INF, 7th NJ INF, 1st NY INF
Simonds, Calvin WymanWyman, Calvin Wyman8th VT INF
Simonds, John G.Yes, 4th & 5th4th NH INF, 5th NH INF
Slason, James LoganLogan, James9th VT INF
Sleeper, John H.Ladd, John H.2nd VT INF
Smith, IsaacParlin, IsaacUSN
Smith, JohnMcEvilly, Hubert10th VT INF
Smith, NormanMcAuley, Kenneth17th VT INF
Snell, Amos MasonSnell, Amos M.16th VT INF
Snyder, GeorgeSchneider, George2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Somers, ClaudeSommers, Claude15th VT INF
Soules, Van Buren M.Sowle, Buren5th VT INF, 1st BGD Band, Recruit, VRC
Souwar, JosephSounar, Joseph11th MA INF
Sower, PeterSour, Peter10th VT INF
Spinner, TelisSpinner, Felix11th VT INF
Sproul, JohnSproll, John9th VT INF
Squires, Edwin D.Squier, Edward P.6th VT INF, 1st VRC
Stackpole, Edwin F.Ball, Edwin6th VT INF, VRC
Stanclift, Sanford E.Stanley, Sanford E.4th VT INF
Stanlew, GeorgePierson, George9th VT INF
Stay, John B.Story, John B.26th NY CAV
Stebbins, Eunice HitchcockHitchcock, EuniceNurse, Civilian
Stebbins, Horatio N.3rd VT INF, VRC
Steddom, William C.Price, Charles5th VT INF
Stephens, Henry W.Waterman, Henry S.1st VT CAV
Stevens, Edwin N.Stanley, Charles N.2nd USSS, 31st MA INF
Stevens, Elisabeth HarveyHarvey, ElisabethNurse
Stewart, Benjamin F.Stuart, Benjamin F.2nd VT INF
Stiles, Myron F.Styles, Myron3rd VT INF
Stinehour, Clark W.Steno, Clark W.192nd NY INF
Stoddard, DanielJoslyn, Daniel6th VT INF
Stone, Henry J.Guyon, Henry J.1st USSS, VRC
Story, DolphStory, George D.Recruit
Stowe, HoratioStone, Horatio2nd VT INF
Straw, Ralph W.Merrill, Ralph W.1st VT CAV, 4th NH INF
Stringham, MyronStringham, Amariah96th NY INF
Stuart, GeorgeStewart, George6th VT INF
Stygles, MinardWebber, Daniel M. (name change)9th VT INF
Sweeney, EliFournier, Eli9th VT INF
Sweeney, John N.Sweeney, Nicholas3rd NY INF, 12th NY INF, 1st US ARTY
Sweet, AbijahSweat, Abijah3rd VT INF
Tabele, ThomasTable, ThomasUSN
Tallman, OrsonTolman, Orson106th NY INF
Talmon, William H.Tolman, William H.5th VT INF
Teel, Benjamin H.Steele, B H4th VT INF
Thayer, Edwin FrancisWait, Edward14th NH INF, 14th USC INF
Thiem, CarlThiem, Charles9th VT INF
Thomas, John KoyeKoye, John T. (from pension)109th USCI
Thompson, FrankLafrenier, Napolean17th VT INF
Tifft, Samuel Westley49th MA INF, 61st MA INF
Tilden, B. H.Tilden, B. N.USN
Tiller, Perry H.Sillman, perry45th USCI
Tisdale, Joseph MasonMason, Joseph3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF
Tondreau, PeterTondro, Peter3rd VT INF
Tracy, RobertTancy, Tancey6th VT INF
Tranor, LawrenceDowns, John2nd VT INF, USN, VRC
Trudeau, JohnTrudo, John6th VT INF
Tully, Michael MarkWhite, Michael4th RI INF
Tully, Terence JosephFox, James13th VT INF, US NAVY
Ubear, JosephJohnson, John6th VT INF, 1st DE INF
Valdew, AndrewVayo, Andrew2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO
Valle, LeonValley, Leon15th VT INF
Van Lew, LewisLeVan, Louis8th VT INF
Von Strantz, BennoStrantz, Benno; Strautz, Benno1st LA HARTY, 2nd VT LARTY
Wadsworth, JohnHart, Onell; Hart, Abel1st VT CAV
Walker, Wyman S.Walker, Freeman S.6th VT INF
Wallace, Hiram JosephWallis, Hiram Joseph6th VT INF
Walsh, William W.Welch, William; Welsh, William3rd VT INF
Walters, George H.Wallace, George H.55th MA INF
Watkins, Francis R.Reed, William2nd USSS, 1st CT CAV
Watrous, Daniel E.Waters, Daniel1st VT CAV
Weatherbee, Albert K.Bagley, Robert K.USN
Webber, Furnal H.Spokesfield, Francis H.1st VT CAV
Webber, George H.Stygles, Norman4th VT INF
Webster, Edson H.Webster, EdwinUSMC, 9th NH INF
Weeks, Jonathan O.Eaton, William H.4th VT INF, 7th CT INF
Welch, DavidMcYerr, Peter6th VT INF
Wheeler, JohnHamlin, John; Hammon, John1st VT INF, 6th VT INF, 3rd NY LARTY
Wheeler, John C.Wheeler, Jonathan C. (birth name)22nd MA INF, Corps D'Afrique
Wheeler, Luther D.Brown, Charles1st VT CAV, 1st NH INF
Whipple, George H.Whipple, George A.USN
Whittaker, Paschal D.Whitaker, Paschal4th VT INF
Wideawake, Joseph HubertLavey, Hubert J.; Lavey, Herbert J.1st VT CAV, 11th VT INF
Willey, George A.Young, John A.11th VT INF, 20th ME INF
Willey, George W.Porter, John1st VT CAV
Willey, Horace S.Willey, Hollis S.7th VT INF
Williams, Reuben H.Williams, Henry R.2nd VT INF
Wilson, Eunice Tiffany BlodgettBlodgett, Eunice TiffanyNurse, USV
Winch, Ransom C.Winch, Robert C.12th IA INF
Wood, Lydia A. JohnsonJohnson Lydia A.Nurse, 4th VT INF
Woodard, Charles A.Woodward, Chester A.4th VT INF
Woods, William E.Woods, William W.13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Woodward, CarlosJohnson, James17th ME INF, 1st ME HARTY
Woodward, Edward S.Woodard, Edward6th VT INF
Woodward, Sidney H.Woodard, Sidney10th VT INF
Yarter, EdwardYerter, Edward11th VT INF
Yartoo, EdwardYartoo, Edward; Yartou, Edward10th VT INF, VRC
Yates, EdmundYates, Charles E1st VT CAV
Young, AlexanderPoro, Alexander2nd VT LARTY
Young, Antoine GeorgeYoung, William George7th VT INF
Young, Lucy A. NewtonNewton, Lucy A.Nurse, 3rd VT INF
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