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Soldiers born in Stockbridge, VT

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Please note: the number listed as born in this town is significantly lower than reality, because our study has focused on veterans' death/burial; in other words, we did not go looking for place of birth, but recorded it as a result of other queries. Also, vital records were not required in Vermont until 1857, which means the chances are good the records do not exist.

Abbott, Albert E., 1841-1914, 4th VT INF
Abbott, Azro A., 1834-1921, 4th VT INF
Abbott, Calvin B., 1825-0, 8th VT INF
Abbott, James H., 1848-1889, 16th VT INF
Abbott, Leonard, 1831-1864, Unknown
Abbott, Nelson Edwin, 1827-1863, Unknown
Allen, Nye J., 1844-1925, 7th VT INF, 14th VT INF
Angell, Rufus M., 1835-1892, 9th VT INF
Bailey, James E., 1828-1883, USN
Barnes, Lucian, 1841-1909, 6th VT INF, VRC
Barnes, Selden, 1844-1862, 7th VT INF
Barr, Davidson Matthew, 1835-1917, 11th VT INF
Betterly, Alfred A., 1832-1927, 8th VT INF
Blake, Edgar R., 1843-0, USN
Blake, Edgar R., 1843-1877, 8th VT INF
Blanchard, Amos A., 1843-1912, 6th VT INF
Blanchard, Harvey B., 1849-1918, 21st MA INF
Blanchard, Henry K., 1827-1890, 2nd USSS, VRC
Blanchard, Levi H., 1834-1904, 16th VT INF
Blanchard, Willard W., 1843-1863, 16th VT INF
Blanchard, William Riley, 1835-1914, 11th VT INF, VRC
Boutwell, Elisha P., 1837-1917, 16th VT INF
Boutwell, Frank A., 1840-1902, 3rd VT INF
Brown, Arunah Allen, 1840-1878, 1st VT CAV
Bryant, Monroe Hiram, 1841-1927, 16th VT INF
Burnham, Ezra S., 1844-1901, 3rd VT LARTY
Burnham, John, 1836-1864, 6th VT INF
Caryl, John C., 0-1903, 16th NH INF, 1st NH CAV
Chamberlain, Converse P., 1826-1864, 6th VT INF
Chamberlin, Charles N., 1847-1916, 17th VT INF
Chamberlin, Charles P., 1841-1864, 3rd VT INF, 6th NY INF
Chamberlin, William A., 1838-1886, 4th VT INF, 16th VT INF
Collins, Henry Wallace, 1834-1911, 6th VT INF, VRC
Cunningham, Julius, 0-1864, 1st VT CAV
Cunningham, Thomas R., 1836-1866, 4th VT INF
Deering, Benjamin F., 1843-1934, 3rd VT INF
Durkee, Harris, 1825-1893, 9th IL CAV
Durkee, Nelson, 0-1862, 7th VT INF
Furber, James Harvey, 1845-1926, 16th VT INF
Goddard, Levi B., 1840-1904, 6th VT INF
Greeley, James K., 1845-1922, 14th NH INF
Harrington, Orwell N., 1840-1913, 3rd VT LARTY
Harrington, Sherman C., 1836-1915, 11th VT INF
Harrington, Stephen, 1829-1902, 5th VT INF, 15th MA INF, VRC
Holden, Dexter S., 1835-1916, 146th IL INF
Jones, Elias S., 1838-1863, 113th IL INF
Kimball, Elbert B., 1839-1913, 1st VT INF
Kimball, Fernando Willard, 1835-1877, USN
Kimball, George H., 1848-1863, 6th VT INF
Kimball, Henry H., 1841-1905, 6th VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY
Knowlton, John T., 1840-1903, 3rd VT LARTY
Lamb, Zenal Chauncey, 1834-1863, 16th VT INF
Lovejoy, Albert Joseph, 1844-1926, 9th VT INF, 29th MI INF
Lovejoy, Daniel W., 1847-1864, 9th VT INF
Marsh, George Edgar, 1839-1908, 4th VT INF
McCollom, Ira, 1833-1865, 1st VT CAV
Newton, Julius C., 1838-1915, 3rd VT INF
Nott, Simon M., 1834-1889, 68th IL INF
Packard, Cyrenus Hudson, 1822-1863, 32nd IA INF
Paige, Merrick G., 0-1864, 3rd VT INF
Perkins, Edward H., 1840-1916, 6th VT INF
Phillips, Charles F., 1843-1864, 8th VT INF
Phillips, Hiram O., 1840-1864, 8th VT INF
Rice, Azro A., 1829-0, 16th VT INF
Rogers, Benjamin Jr., 1844-1902, 1st VT CAV
Rogers, Hiram A., 1845-1925, 4th VT INF
Russell, John Jr., 1819-1883, 11th VT INF
Sabin, Elroy F., 1844-1910, 140th NY INF
Sawyer, Franklin Sewell, 1843-0, 5th VT INF
Sawyer, Isaac, 1842-1897, 5th VT INF
Sawyer, Levi P., 0-1868, 13th NH INF
Smith, Orlando C., 1830-1905, 1st VT INF, 12th VT INF
Strong, George, 1833-1909, 7th VT INF
Strong, George Crockett, 1832-1863, USA, USV
Taggart, Joseph M., 1840-1909, 16th VT INF
Tewksbury, Eugene Paschal, 0-1910, 7th SQDRN RI CAV
Thayer, Rodney R., 1838-1862, 6th VT INF
Twitchell, Zeb, 0-1908, 1st NH HARTY
Tyler, Franklin James Coon, 1841-1913, 13th VT INF
Waller, Charles C., 1839-1862, 6th VT INF
Waller, Joel D., 1843-1912, 6th VT INF
Wedgewood, George E., 1841-1863, 8th VT INF
Whitcom, Paul, 1821-1864, 14th NY ARTY
Whitcomb, Cyrus K., 1823-1862, 7th VT INF
Whitcomb, Erwin T., 1845-1894, 8th VT INF
Wilbur, James J., 1830-1896, 12th VT INF
Wilcox, Amos B., 1839-1864, 11th US INF
Wilcox, Frederick William, 1836-1908, 5th VT INF
Wilson, George B., 1843-1864, 17th VT INF
Wood, William Chauncey, 1831-1909, 42nd IL INF
Wyman, Arza, 1833-1912, 5th VT INF
Wyman, Harvey V., 1843-1919, USN

(See also: Born in the town -- Credited to the town, -- Buried in Vermont, -- Buried in other states -- Not located located since.)

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