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Soldiers born in/credited to Walden, VT, and buried in Vermont

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There are pension record index cards for some of these soldiers (or their widows or minor children), and they often contain a date of death, but no location; for others, we have no dates or locations. Why? - aliases, mispelled names, changed names, or in the case of names like John Smith, it has been impossible to isolate the soldier.

Ainsworth, Charles F.4th VT INF(1842 - 1906)Fairview Cemetery, Calais, VT0
Amsden, Abel1st VT CAV(1823 - 1898)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Amsden, Burt B.1st VT CAV(1827 - 1902)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Amsden, Mark Alonzo10th VT INF(1817 - 1882)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Batten, George10th VT INF(1834 - 1863)Stannard Cemetery, Stannard, VT89523464
Bell, Charles James15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV(1845 - 1909)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT13136335
Bigelow, Rufus8th VT INF(1846 - 1928)Peacham Corner Cemetery, Peacham, VT0
Blodgett, Ephraim F.4th VT INF(1830 - 1884)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT14819395
Boody, John106th NY INF (1832 - 1912)Riverside Cemetery, Hannaw Falls, NY91922671
Bridge, Gifford M.15th VT INF, 17th VT INF(1849 - 1910)Grove Street Cemetery, Putnam, CT74173051
Bridge, Olin B.10th VT INF(1846 - 1936)North Brewer Cemetery, North Brewer, ME80253647
Burbank, NathanielUSN, 4th VT INF(1828 - 1913)Walden Heights Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Capron, FreemanUnknown(1811 - 1894)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Capron, Hiram W.4th VT INF(1845 - 1863)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT20768270
Carpenter, Beniah S.3rd VT INF(1841 - 1882)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Carrick, Andrew4th VT INF(1819 - 1887)Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT0
Cheever, Francis W.15th VT INF(1837 - 1919)Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT0
Cole, Alanson1st VT CAV(1823 - 1899)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Cole, George C.3rd VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS(1827 - 0)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Cole, John T.10th VT INF(1839 - 1895)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Cole, Joseph B.15th VT INF(1822 - 1907)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Cole, Orra C.10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY(1845 - 1899)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT20768275
Cross, Oliver W.2nd VT INF(1833 - 1905)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Cushing, Amos Louis4th VT INF(1834 - 1920)Saint Michaels Cemetery, Greensboro, VT0
Davis, George Alfred17th VT INF, 60th MA INF(1844 - 1923)Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT0
Davis, Mahlon E.4th SC INF, 7th NH INF, 21st USCI(1834 - 1885)Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, TX84121660
Davis, Solomon8th VT INF(1833 - 1913)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Dow, John Ceylon4th VT INF(1847 - 1915)Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT77887280
Downer, Ephraim4th VT INF(1825 - 1900)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Dutton, Andrew Jackson3rd VT INF(1828 - 1864)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Dutton, Ephraim D.4th VT INF(1834 - 1903)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Ellis, William Dutton4th VT INF, 15th VT INF(1843 - 1926)Greenwood Cemetery, Marion, MI58561951
Farrar, James M.33rd MA INF(1824 - 1863)Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN2979946
Farrington, Alonzo W.15th VT INF(1836 - 1918)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT14819291
Farrington, J. H.Unknown(0 - 1864)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Farrington, Sawyer G.3rd VT LARTY(1833 - 1922)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Flanders, Jonathan H.3rd VT INF(1835 - 1864)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Fort, James L.7th VT INF(1847 - 1865)Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA67270040
Fort, John T7th VT INF(1847 - 0)May be buried in ..., , Wisconsin0
Foster, Carlos BaxterRecruit(1846 - 1865)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT20768320
Foster, George Perkins4th VT INF(1835 - 1879)Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT0
Freeman, Kelsey P.4th VT INF(1845 - 1921)Cabot Village Cemetery, Cabot, VT0
Freeman, Otis Washington4th VT INF(1841 - 1912)Cabot Village Cemetery, Cabot, VT64732317
George, Lewis H.12th VT INF(1835 - 1886)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Gilcrease, Joseph3rd VT LARTY(1826 - 1904)Stevens Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Gilman, Joseph Osmore5th VT INF(1830 - 1909)Lyndon Center Cemetery, Lyndon, VT0
Harrington, Lewis4th VT INF(1827 - 1890)Stevens Cemetery, Walden, VT21582114
Hastings, Albert S.11th VT INF(1845 - 1864)Riverside Cemetery, Killington, VT0
Haynes, Daniel P.1st VT CAV(1841 - 1903)May be buried in ..., , Oregon0
Hodgdon, Harvey M.15th VT INF(1841 - 1882)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Houston, Joseph A.4th VT INF(1842 - 1862)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Hunt, Nelson10th VT INF(1845 - 1908)Danville Green Cemetery, Danville, VT0
Jenne, Alpheus D.11th VT INF(1819 - 1885)Berkshire Cemetery, Berkshire, VT20275510
Jenne, Harvey A.1st VT CAV(1845 - 1891)North Burial Ground, Providence, RI125603803
Kittredge, Carlisle D.15th VT INF(1815 - 1863)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Kittredge, Charles A.4th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY(1836 - 1907)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Laird, Lemuel4th VT INF(1842 - 1902)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Livingston, Josiah O.9th VT INF(1837 - 1917)Robinson Cemetery, Calais, VT7891660
Lowell, George1st VT CAV(1833 - 1862)Fairview Cemetery, Calais, VT0
Mann, Edward C.7th VT INF(1829 - 1912)Fairmount Cemetery, Wolcott, VT0
Mann, Isaac P.4th VT INF(1833 - 1919)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
McDonald, Anson S.USN, 4th VT INF(1835 - 1916)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Parker, Abraham C.11th VT INF, VRC(1832 - 1908)Stevens Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Perkins, Brainard F.4th VT INF(1843 - 1915)City Cemetery, Winnsboro, TX73856511
Perkins, Eben S.13th VT INF, 1st VT CAV, 8th ME INF(1832 - 1909)Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery, Orting, WA5551492
Perkins, George15th VT INF(1835 - 1884)Walden Heights Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Perkins, Hiram4th VT INF(1842 - 1908)Berlin Corner Cemetery, Berlin, VT0
Robinson, John Walter13th VT INF(1836 - 1921)Pleasant View Cemetery, Barnet, VT0
Rodgers, James7th VT INF(1844 - 0)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Rogers, Caleb Noyes15th VT INF(1843 - 0)May be buried in ..., , Nebraska0
Rogers, John B.15th VT INF(1838 - 1904)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Rollins, Charles2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO(1845 - 1899)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Rollins, Robert106th NY INF (1832 - 1899)Fairview Cemetery, Dickinson, NY0
Sawyer, Moses W.10th VT INF, 43rd USCI(1831 - 1902)Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, OK70009128
Scott, Amos A.3rd VT LARTY(1841 - 1920)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Scott, Cornelius16th VT INF(1830 - 1894)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Shanty, Frederick6th VT INF(1838 - 0)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Shaw, Lemuel6th VT INF(1825 - 1865)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Shurtleff, Abial A.Unknown(1834 - 1885)Stevens Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Shurtleff, Samuel Smith3rd VT INF, VRC(1838 - 1887)Blackwater Cemetery, Contoocook, NH81549419
Smith, Dan S.11th VT INF(1818 - 1878)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Smith, John N.1st VT CAV(1845 - 1861)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Smith, William A.4th VT INF(0 - 1864)May be buried in ..., , Georgia0
Snow, James J.3rd VT INF, 4th VT INF(1837 - 0)Pleasant View Cemetery, Ludlow, VT0
Steele, James4th VT INF(1847 - 1928)Noyesville Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Stevens, David W.4th VT INF, 1st VT CAV(1839 - 1924)Sanborn Cemetery, Hardwick, VT0
Strong, Lewis M.3rd VT INF(1843 - 1916)South Woodbury Cemetery, Woodbury, VT0
Taylor, Benjamin F.4th VT INF(1834 - 1912)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Thomas, John B.8th VT INF(1829 - 1901)Walden Heights Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Utley, William J.10th VT INF(1836 - 1865)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Walcott, Elisha7th VT INF(1828 - 0)Brookside Cemetery, Mazon, IL0
Walcott, William K.92nd NY INF(1832 - 1890)South Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT47234952
Weed, Edson3rd VT INF, VRC(1843 - 1906)Lyndon Center Cemetery, Lyndon, VT0
Weeks, Lyman39th NY INF (1820 - 1900)Lopez Union Cemetery, Lopez, WA23773144
Whitcher, D. G.9th VT INF(1822 - 0)Walden Heights Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Willey, Henry S.4th VT INF, 15th VT INF(1839 - 1918)Veterans Home Cemetery, Bennington, VT43541428
Willey, William H. H.USN, 15th VT INF(1843 - 1922)City Cemetery, Sacramento, CA13940029
Williams, Alonzo15th VT INF(1842 - 1865)North Walden Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Williams, Franklin D.15th VT INF(1839 - 1885)Vernon Township Cemetery, Vernon, IA96597856
Winslow, JosiahUnknown(1803 - 1874)Houston Hill Cemetery, Walden, VT0
Winslow, Josiah H. Jr.15th VT INF(1843 - 1927)Riverside Cemetery, Lunenburg, VT0

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