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Vermont's Pre-WWII military burials

According to Wikipedia, The Works Progress Administration (WPA; renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration) was an American New Deal agency, employing millions of people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects.

One of those was a Graves Registration project in Vermont, a survey of military burials in Vermont prior to World War II, completed sometime in the late 1930s. The results of this survey are hundreds of 3x5 index cards in a filing cabinet in the main reading room at the Vermont Historical Society's Library in Barre. The cards are backed up by eight boxes of material that detail the projects with details of sources used, sometimes maps of cemeteries, etc., and a backup set of the index cards.

The following contain examples of cards in the index that we used when records show the gravesites were not marked, or when we were unable to further identify a final resting place.

Allen, Charles

Austin, Franklin L.

Avery, Seymour Landon

Bagley, Moses O.

Baker, Albert N.

Balch, Leonard

Balch, William D.

Bartlett, George W.

Barton, Austin

Bashaw, Lewis

Batchelder, Byron A.

Batchelder, John D.

Bates, Peter N.

Battles, Luther

Beckwith, Orrin L.

Bell, Alonzo H.

Bellows, Franklin

Bennett, Alexander

Bennett, Amos N.

Bennett, Willard K.

Benson, William Harrison

Billings, Charles D.

Bingham, Peter

Bixby, Orville

Blodgett, Charles O.

Bordo, Julius Jr.

Bridge, Sereno

Brown, Josiah Jr.

Brown, Moses F.

Brunell, George

Bugbee, Charles

Bullock, Thaddeus S.

Burke, John

Burke, Walter

Burnham, Henry P.

Burroughs, William H.

Burt, Arunah

Bush, Peter

Cain, John

Cook, Madison

Davis, Thomas

Dennis, Hiram

Donahue, James

Dunbar, Henry E.

Eaton, Solon

Emery, Simeon Jr.

Finnessy, Terry

Green, Thomas C.

Gregory, James

Haley, Timothy

Hawley, H. A.

Heath, William

Holt, Lovell S.

Hopkins, Hiland E.

Jodoin, Theophilus Jr.

Kelley, James W.

Laplant, Joseph

Lonergan, Thomas Francis

Mason, Marvin M.

McCann, John

McGrath, Michael

Mitchell, Zeb.

Murray, Edward

O'Neal, Michael

Ormsby, Anson S.

Pillsbury, Ezra S.

Pitkin, Levi C.

Prouty, Elias Spencer

Richardson, George W.

Riley, Michael

Rock, Lewis

Shields, James

Shuttleworth, George L.

Sibley, Charles S.

Taylor, Henry

Temple, Orvin C.

Warner, Milton

Welch, Thomas

Whitcomb, Cyrus S.

Willey, Horace S.

Wood, William Wells

Woods, Oliver H.

Young, Hosea Ballou

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