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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports
1862 Report

Appendix B


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, September 1, 1862.

General Order No. 19

It appearing to the Commander-in-Chief that the people of the State of Vermont are earnestly anxious, that the number of men, required from this State to serve for nine months under the recent call of the President of the United States, should be furnished without an actual draft, and that every possible exertion to accomplish this result has been used throughout the States since the call, and sufficient number of men having already been accepted in companies, and enlisted and offered by the Selectmen of the towns to indicate, that in all probability the quota of the State will be completed by enlistment in a very few days, if time be allowed, and reposing entire confidence, that such extended time will be energetically employed by the towns of the State in completing their quotas and uniting them in companies for acceptance, it is hereby ordered, as follows:--

  1. The draft, ordered by General Order No. 17, dated August 21, 1862, to be made on the THIRD day of September, 1862, shall be made on the TENTH day of September, 1862.

  2. The Selectmen of the several towns in this State are directed to make such draft from the enrolled militia, unless the number of men required from their respective towns shall be furnished, in some of the modes heretofore indicated in General Orders from these Head Quarters, on the TENTH of September, A. D. 1862, at the time of day and in the manner required by General Order No. 17, in every particular, except as to the day on which the same shall be made.

  3. The Selectmen of the several towns in this State, whose quotas have not already been furnished and accepted, are allowed, and are earnestly invited, to unite into companies, by arrangement among themselves, the quotas of their several towns, and to furnish the completed rolls of such companies to the Adjutant and Inspector General, at Brattleboro. And the time for presenting rolls of companies, enlisted in the form required by General Order No. 13, to the number of one hundred and one for each company, with the consents for the enlistments of such as are minors, is hereby extended to the EIGHTH day of September, 1862, at twelve o'clock noon.

  4. The ORIGINAL contracts of such companies, and not copies thereof, must be sent to the Adjutant and Inspector General, at Brattleboro, by the time stated in paragraph three of this order; and the name of every person, under the age of twenty-one years, will be struck from such rolls, unless written consents, by the parents, masters or guardians of such minors are sent with such rolls.

By order of his Excellency,


Governor and Commander-in-Chief.


Adjutant and Inspector General