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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports
1862 Report

Appendix B


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, August 30, 1862.

General Order No. 21

Whereas report has been made to the Commander-in-Chief by Brig. Gen. ALONZO JACKSON, commanding the first Brigade of the Uniform Volunteer Militia of the State, in respect to the several companies of the Uniform Volunteer Militia hereinafter named, that the officers of several of said companies failed to appear, when ordered to a Brigade Officers' drill, and that the companies did not appear, when ordered to a Brigade Muster, and that their doubtful existence rendered a court martial in their case apparently unnecessary, -- and that the returns from several of said companies render it evident, that their numbers would not legally warrant their continuance as militia companies, and that it appears by the Brigade Roster that many of said companies have been heretofore formally disbanded, and that all of said companies were in fact disbanded, and had ceased to exist, as efficient organizations previous to the issuing of General Order No. 12, leaving it to said companies, if they shall choose to do so, to re-organize under the provisions of the Compiled Statutes.

Now, then, it is hereby declared, that the said companies had ceased to exist as companies in fact, previous to the 12th day of August, A. D. 1862, and they are hereby declared disbanded, and the entry, that they are disbanded, is to be made upon the General and Brigade Roster of the Uniform Militia.

The following are the companies affected by this order:

FIRST REGIMENT Middlebury Light Guard.
SECOND REGIMENT Green Mountain Rangers, at Rochester, Cavendish Light Infantry, Green Mountain Guards, at Rockingham
THIRD REGIMENT Green Mountain Rangers, at Lowell, Green Mountain Boys, at Danville, Frontier Guards, at Coventry, Charlestown Rifle Rangers, or Co. D, at Charlestown, Frontier Cadets, at Derby Line
FOURTH REGIMENT Green Mountain Guards, at Swanton, Green Mountain Rifle Rangers, at Fletcher

By order of the Governor,


Adjutant and Inspector General