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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Commmutation of State Pay

Under the provisions of the act of the legislature approved November 11, 1863, allowing enlisted men to commute their State pay of $7,00 per month and receive $125,00 at time of muster, in lieu thereof, 1,483 recruits and re-enlisted men have signified their election to avail themselves of the privilege allowed them, and have executed the certificates, required by General Order No. 4, dated November 17, 1863, and have been paid $125,00 each. Of this number 50 have already been reported as deserters, and 176 are not accounted for, and probably more than one half of them are deserters. This right to commute has been an important adjunct to the operations of "substitute brokers" within the State, and it is worthy of consideration, whether the advantages gained by the State, by offering this additional inducement to recruits to enlist, are sufficient to counterbalance the evils, to which it gives rise.

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