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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


The present standing of the State, under the call of December 19, 1864, is as follows:

Number of men required
Quota, as assessed December 31, 1864,1196.
Number of men furnished.
Enlistments, from December 31, 1864, to September 30, 1865.1566
Surplus credits of towns, December 31, 1864, in excess of quota of such towns under call of December 19, 1864, 327

Total furnished1893
Surplus credit of the State over all calls from April 1861, to Sept. 30, 1865,697
The results for the year ending September 30, 1865, are as follows:__
For one year 989 For Army 1223
For two years 28 For Navy 423
For three years 617
For four years 12
------- -------
1646 1646
For enrolled men 175 For Army 96
For drafted men 11 For Navy 90
------- -------
186 186
Drafted men held to personal service 13
Total Volunteers furnished 1646
Total Substitutes furnished 186
Total Drafted men held to service 13
Total furnished during the year 1845

The 1223 Volunteers enlisted for the army, as above mentioned, were distributed as follows:

First Regiment Cavalry Vermont Vols. 48
Second " Infantry " " 32
Third " " " " 32
Fourth " " " " 21
Fifth " " " " 54
Sixth " " " " 54
Seventh " " " " 214
Eighth " " " " 217
Tenth " " " " 44
Eleventh " 1st Reg. Heavy Art. " 5
Seventeenth Infantry " 66
Second Battery Light Artillery " 1
Third " " " " 12
First and Second Co's. Frontier Cav. " 206
Fifty-fourth Reg. Inf. Mass. Vols. (Colored) 10
First Army Corps (Hancock's) 136
U. S. Regular Army 40
Veteran Reserve Corps 9
Unassigned 4
Total 1223

On the thirty-first of December, 1864, the War Department announced that the wants of the service did not then require, except in special cases to be designated, the enlistment of recruits for Heavy Artillery, Light Artillery, or Cavalry, and Provost Marshals were instructed to enlist recruits only for the Infantry service. In consequence of this order, no recruits were enlisted, subsequent to that date, for the Second and Third Batteries Light Artillery, the Eleventh Regiment (First Regiment Heavy Artillery), or the first Regiment of Cavalry from this State.

The whole number of men furnished during the war is as follows:__

Periods of ServiceNo. of Men
For three months782
For nine months4833
For one year2747
For two years29
For three years22,352
For four years12
Total number of Volunteers30,755
One regiment infantry, three months782
Five regiments infantry, nine months4833
Ten regiments infantry, three years17,308
One regiment cavalry, three years2552
One regiment heavy art., three years2403
Three batteries light art., three years903
Three co's. sharp shooters, three years624
One Brigade Band21
Two companies frontier cavalry, one year206
Aggregate number for Vt. organizations29,632
U. S. Regular Army101
U. S. Navy and Marine Corps570
First Army Corps (Hancock's)136
U.S. Colored troops (various regts.)133
54th Regt. Mass. Vols. (colored)73
First Bat. Veteran Reserve Corps85
Unassigned (general service)25
Aggregate No. for other than Vt. organizations1123
Total number of Volunteers30,755
II. Drafted Men and Substitutes
Drafted and held to service under draft of 1863,2825
Drafted and held to service in deficient sub-districts from Jan. 1, 1864, to Sept. 30, 1865159
Substitutes for enrolled men liable to draft,816
Total drafted men and substitutes.3800
Total number of volunteers furnished.30,755
Total number of drafted men and substitutes furnished3,800
Total number of men furnished34,555
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