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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


Some question arose early in the year as to the amount of United States' bounty to which the recruits (not veterans) of the Seventeenth Regiment and the Third Battery of Light Artillery were entitled. It was supposed, as stated in my last Annual Report (page 27), that a satisfactory decision had been made by the War Department upon this subject; and when the men were mustered into the service of the United States they were paid the first instalment of three hundred dollars bounty. Subsequently the decision made was reversed,as to all recruits who enlisted previous to December 24, 1864, and the Pay Department was ordered to stop, against the pay of each of these men, the excess of bounty paid them. This created considerable anxiety and disappointment on the part of the men, and the question received at once the attention of the Governor, and was the subject of much correspondence between him and the War Department. Eventually the efforts made were successful, and on the fourteenth of June, 1865, it was finally decided (Appendix B) that all recruits of these two organizations were entitled to three hundred dollars bounty, and payment was made accordingly.

Some delay has occurred in obtaining the bounty, to which the men, who enlisted from this State in the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Regiment (colored) were entitled. But the subject is receiving attention, and it is believed that there will be not serious difficulty in obtaining the bounty.

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