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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix A



Adjutant and Inspector General's Office.
Woodstock, December 13, 1864.

Special Order No. 10.

1. So much of General Order No. 1 of The Governor of Vermont, dated November 29, 1864, as assigned one company of militia to the towns of Danby and Tinmouth, and one company to the towns of Wallingford and Mount Tabor, in the Eleventh Military District, as designated by said Order, is hereby revoked.

2. Companies are to be raised from said towns, as follows:

From the towns of Wallingford and Tinmouth, -- one company.
From the towns of Danby and Mount Tabor,--one company.

By Order of the Governor, PETER T. WASHBURN Adjutant and Inspector General