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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix C

Official Reports


Head Quarters Vermont Brigade,
2d Division, 6th Corps, June 24, 1865.

Officers and Soldiers of the Vermont Brigade:

Our battles are over, victory is ours, and Peace smiles upon our fair land. The principles of Republicanism are established. The rights of man are vindicated, and the power of the Federal Government is settled, it is hoped, for all time. Your patriotism, your severe toils, your patient endurance of hardships, and your gallant heroism have contributed largely to these glorious results. You are soon to visit the homes you have protected and the friends who have anxiously watched your career, and our official and social relations in the field are to cease. HAving been connected with the brigade from its organization, and in command for more than two years, I cannot leave without a parting word.

Soldiers! For your good conduct, your noble bearing, your obedience to orders, and your unsurpassed gallantry in action, I thank you. The thanks of your State and a grateful nation are yours. Your record is a proud one. HIstory records no braver deeds. Yet it is a record of blood, and many a well fought field is stained with the life blood of brave comrades. We mourn their loss, and while we cherish their memories, let us emulate their virtues.

Having successfully fought for the preservation of our common country, let us become good citizens, perpetuate its free and liberal institutions, and strive in all the arts of peace to make it, under the blessing of God, truly the wonder and admiration of the world.

Brevet Major-General U. S. A.