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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix C

Official Reports


Office of Vermont Military Commissioner,
Washington, D., C., Sept. 25, 1865.

Peter T. Washburn,
Adjutant and Inspector General.

Sir:--I have the honor to submit the following report of the transactions of this office since my last annual report, dated September 15, 1864.

There has been upwards of 1500 Vermont soldiers transferred in various detachments during the year, to the general hospitals in the State, from different points, viz: Washington, Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, Point Lookout, Fortress Monroe, City Point, Philadelphia, York, Chester, Wilmington, Whitehall, Newark, New York City, &c.; and authority was obtained for their transfer, as soon as practicable after admitted to hospitals from the field per hospital cars, and in charge of medical officers and attendants. Arrangements were often made to have detachments paid on their transfer from Washington, on Regimental and Hospital Pay ROlls, when others were not paid for months after.

THe arrivals and changes at different hospitals have been promptly reported to your office, and to the Surgeon General of the State, and for our delegation in Congress. THe lists of "Prisoners of War," on parole at Annapolis, have been full and complete as possible, and information was carefully collected from them concerning those left in the hands of the enemy at Richmond, Petersburg, Danville, Andersonville, Florence, Millen, Salsbury, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Florida, &c., and lists of the dead, which were published for the information of friends, and in cases where men had been charged as "absent without leave," as "deserters," and "missing in action," and their pay stopped when they were prisoners, corrections have been made by the information thus obtained.

Assistance has been rendered in procuring furloughs, leaves of absence, discharges,and in mustering men out of service, in field and hospital, as occasions offered, as far as consistent with the interests and regulations of the service. A large number of soldiers' claims for ack pay, bounty, commutation of travel and subsistence, etc., have been collected for them, and assistance has been rendered them in getting their State pay, pensions, prize money, &c., and information has been furnished to friends of deceased soldiers, in the settlement of their accounts for arrears of pay and bounty. Attention has been given to the settlement of officers' accounts at the Ordnance and Quartermaster General's offices, when requested. Soldiers in hospital, &c., have been furnished with supplies of different kinds, by order of the U. S. Sanitary and Christian Commissions. Citizens from the State have been assisted in obtaining passes, to visit friends in the army, &c., with such facilities as could be furnished, according to the nature of their business.

The enterprize of bringing men from the southern hospitals to the State, has been a successful one, and in its results I believe, has proved generally satisfactory. About six thousand wounded and sick Vermont soldiers have been transferred to the hospitals in the State since they were established, and a considerable number from other States have been accommodated, and some ten to twelve thousand Vermont soldiers have been visited by the Commissioner personally, since appointed December 15, 1826, in over one hundred different hospitals, and reported to your office.

I take this opportunity to express my grateful thanks for the kindness and consideration shown me by the officers of the State and the people of Vermont, and the officers of different departments of Government.

I am, General, very respectfully, your obd't servant,

Colonel and Vermont Military Commissioner.