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State Officers


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A&IG Report, 1863

A&IG Report, 1864

AIG Reports for 1862-1865

Baxter, H. Henry, biography

Baxter, H. Henry, obituary (AdjGen)

Baxter, Portus, biography

Bell, Charles J., obituary

Cedar Creek, Self Guided Tour (USAMHI)

Chittenden, Lucius Eugene, biography

Collamer, Jacob, biography

Davis, George F., biography (QMGen)

Edmunds, George Franklin, biography

Fairbanks, Erastus, biography

Farnham, Roswell, obituary

Foot, Solomon, biography

Grout, William W., biography

Harris, Broughton Davis, biography

Holbrook, Frederick, obituary (Vt. GOV)

Howe, John Jr., State Commissioner

Laws enacted in 1861

Massive Painting, Modest Museum

Morrill, Justin Smith, biography

Poland, Joseph, Allotment Commissioner

Pownal, Towslee (Morgan Memorial) Cemetery

Royce, Homer E., biography

Sheridan's Ride (a painting)

Smith, John Gregory, biography

State Officials

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, Biography

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, Memorial Service

Thayer, Samuel w., Surgeon General, Obituary

Trull, Daniel N., recruiting officer

Vermont Libraries Online

Vermont National Guard Museum

Vermont State Agents

Walton, Eliakim P., biography

Woodbridge, Frederick E., biography