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11th Vermont Infantry (aka First Heavy Artillery, Vermont Volunteers)


General Resources

"Old Boy," correspondence

11th Infantry - AG62

11th Infantry - AG64

11th Regiment - AG63

11th Regiment - AG65

11th Regiment, 1920 Reunion

11th Vermont Reunion Society, 1907

1890 Roster of Survivors (A-C)

1890 Roster of Survivors (D-H)

1890 Roster of Survivors (I-P)

1890 Roster of Survivors (R-Y)

1921 Reunion, Brattleboro

Austin, Francis, military records

Battle Honors

Bedell, Henry E., Diary

Bemis Brothers, biography

Benedict, Chapter 25

Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)

Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)

Cedar Creek, battle of

Chamberlin, George E., obituary

Charles Collection

Corps Badges

Denno, Maxim, military records

Denno, Simeon, military records

Down, Thomas, obituary

Dunton, Andrew J., article

Eleventh Vermont, After Lee's Surrender

Emery, Martin, anecdote

Flag Collection


Gibson Collection

Glazier, Nelson N. correspondence in hospital

How A Man Feels in Battle

Hunsdon, Charles, military records

Identification Disks

Italo Collection

Jones Collection

Kellogg, Aaron, correspondence

Last Veterans

Marnock, Thomas, biography

Mather, Warren D., correspondence

Morgan, Henry H., correspondence

Mortality Report, 1862-1864

National Soldiers Homes

Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas

Petersburg, 1st Brigade Marker


Prisoners at Columbia, SC

Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond


Research Aids

Rogers, Nathaniel S., family information

Root, David, biography

Smith, Adin, biography

Smith, Charles H., court martial

Smith, Nathan, correspondence

Smith, Portus B., diary

Stebbins, Edwin A., biography

Stebbins, Edwin A., correspondence

Story, Herbert H., id disk


Van Ornum, Elbert; tintype photograph

Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Walker, Aldace F., correspondence

Walker, Aldace, military records

Warner, James M., Report on Cedar Creek

Warner, James M., Report on Winchester

Watts, Chandler, correspondence

White, George W., discharge

Whitney, Joshua, biography

Wickwire, Zoroaster, military records

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Abbott, James N.

Abbott, Marcus S.

Abbott, Martin

Abbott, Nathan A.

Adams, Edrick W. Jr.

Adams, James Henry

Adams, John Quincy

Adams, Leonard B.

Adams, Levi Blanchard

Ainsworth, Eugene D.

Ainsworth, George W.

Ainsworth, Lavake

Akeley, Lifus

Aldrich, Francis H.

Alford, William H.

Allen, George

Allen, George Charles

Allen, Henry James

Allen, James

Amadon, John Henry

Amsden, Rosander Marcellus

Andrus, Mark L.

Angell, Franklin D.

Anson, Charles Henry

Anson, Frank A.

Arnold, Lyndon Claude

Ash, Benjamin Jr.

Ashwell, Thomas

Atwater, Alonzo

Atwood, Lorenzo

Austin, Orlo Henry

Ayer, Don Carlos

Badger, Charles M.

Bagley, Hollis A.

Bailey, George A.

Bailey, Harry J.

Bailey, Hollis Hovey

Bailey, William W.

Baker, Alonzo F.

Balch, Samuel A.

Ballou, Charles E.

Barber, Lemuel Timothy

Barker, Rolla

Barker, Samuel

Barker, Thomas F.

Barr, Davidson Matthew

Barrett, Oliver

Bartlett, Harvey J.

Barton, John Henry Jr.

Bassett, Charles H.

Bassett, James Manning

Batchelder, Ira F.

Batchelder, John D.

Bates, George F.

Battist, John

Baxter, Henry Clay

Bean, Prentice

Bedell, Albert J.

Bedell, Henry Edson

Beede, Bliss Damon

Belknap, George F.

Bell, Norman O.

Bellows, Nelson

Belville, Lewis

Bemis, Martin V. B.

Bemis, Sidney F.

Bemis, Warren S.

Bemis, Willard M.

Benjamin, Thomas W.

Bennett, Lemuel A.

Benson, Allen J.

Benson, Alonzo P.

Benson, Charles J.

Benton, Reuben Clark

Bickford, Almeron C.

Bickford, Oliver

Bickford, Sylvester

Bigelow, John L.

Billings, Calvin

Bird, Daniel

Bisbee, James E.

Bishop, Samuel

Bishop, Stephen Chester

Bissette, Napoleon

Blair, Isaiah

Blaisdell, Edward

Blake, George S.

Bliss, Sidney E.

Blodgett, Charles S.

Bodwell, Charles A.

Bolton, Henry Danforth

Bombard, Napoleon

Bond, Henry Asa

Bonett, Luther Clark

Bordeau, Leander

Boutwell, Albert P.

Bowles, George W.

Boyce, George Alden

Boyce, Robert P.

Boyden, Samuel B.

Brackett, Richardson E.

Braman, Benjamin F.

Bridge, George Allen

Brock, John N.

Brock, John N. Jr.

Brock, Samuel

Bronson, John

Brooks, Daniel G.

Brooks, Joseph

Brooks, Seymour J.

Brown, Albert

Brown, Ira Nelson

Brown, James W.

Brown, Joseph Booty

Brown, Rufus

Bruce, John H.

Bruce, Joseph T.

Bruce, Samuel B. O.

Brush, Charles H.

Buchanan, William

Buckminster, Henry

Bump, Christopher Columbus

Bundy, William G.

Burbank, Morgan A.

Burgess, Ambrose H.

Burke, Albert E.

Burke, Peter E.

Burnap, Charles H.

Burnap, Wyman R.

Burnham, Edwin

Burnham, Jonathan C.

Burns, Syndal A.

Burroughs, Daniel C.

Burroughs, William H.

Burrows, Hunt Wright

Burton, Anthony

Buxton, Charles

Buxton, Frank A.

Buxton, Harris Boyden

Buxton, Horace

Byrne, Patrick

Cady, Edward

Callaghan, Jeremiah

Campbell, Abner Thomas

Campbell, Abraham

Campbell, Edward Romanz

Capen, Nathan Sidney

Carlton, Alfred Lathrop

Carpenter, Charles

Carpenter, Henry Addison

Carpenter, John Draper

Carr, David G.

Carr, Edmund L.

Carr, Lemuel Brooks

Carr, Rial F.

Carter, Ellery H.

Carter, Stephen P.

Castle, Harvey Stevens

Castle, William Henry

Chaffee, Joel Washington

Chaffey, Russell J.

Chamberlin, Benjamin F.

Chamberlin, George Ephraim

Champeau, Alexander L.

Chandler, Daniel B.

Chandler, Harlan Willard

Chandler, Martin D.

Chase, Gardner W.

Chase, Henry M.

Chase, Henry Rufus

Chase, Oren Gould

Cheney, William J.

Christmas, George Henry

Church, Charles F.

Churchill, Charles L.

Clark, Charles Walter

Clark, Charles William

Clark, Herbert S.

Clark, Isaac

Clark, Sylvester

Clark, Warren D.

Clayton, Austin W.

Clifford, Joseph

Cobb, Carlos M.

Coburn, Anson P.

Coburn, Monroe Orlando

Coburn, Washington

Colby, Charles

Collette, Richard

Collins, Elisha

Collins, Thomas

Colliston, Erastus G.

Colton, George

Colvin, Stephen

Comaford, Christopher C.

Converse, Charles H.

Cook, Simeon E.

Copeland, John N.

Corbin, George C.

Corlew, Henry M.

Courser, George

Cowing, Ezra B.

Crane, William B.

Crowley, John

Cummings, Charles

Currier, Henry A.

Currier, Stephen

Curtis, Alfred

Cutting, Horace W.

Daggett, Samuel L.

Damon, John Griffen

Danforth, Francis E.

Darling, Henry R.

Davidson, Anthony Wayne

Davis, Emerson E.

Davis, Henry F.

Davis, Martin Bradford

Davis, Solon W.

Davis, William

Day, George

Deblois, Timothy

Decamp, Henry E.

DeLea, Robert L.

Demarse, Moses

Denno, Maxime C.

Desautels, Alfred

Dewey, Edwin Elliott

Dewey, George W.

Dickinson, John W.

Dickinson, William Orlando

Dickinson, Zera H.

Dicklow, Joseph

Dicklow, Paul

Diggins, Patrick

Dinsmore, Charles C.

Dix, John Franklin

Dodge, Chester Wright

Dodge, Oramel Samuel

Dolloff, Charles William

Donnelly, Peter

Donovan, John

Dorman, Julius S.

Doty, James Jonas

Douglas, Enos G. Jr.

Dow, Frank Eli

Downs, Thomas

Doying, Richard J.

Doyle, Timothy

Drake, George E.

Drenan, James Franklin

Drenan, John Silas

Dudley, Andrew Jackson

Duhigg, Dennis

Dunbar, Henry

Dunbar, Lyman

Dunham, Edward John

Dunham, George A.

Dunham, Norman Waitz

Dunham, William G. H.

Dunton, Andrew J.

Duphiney, Joseph

Durkee, Joseph Chamberlin

Dutton, Horace S.

Dutton, Nathan Bigelow

Dwyer, Truman

Dyke, George W.

Eastman, Curtis O.

Eastman, Gibson H.

Eastman, Lewis H.

Eaton, Samuel C.

Eaton, Watson S.

Edgerton, Benjamin S.

Edwards, Ira V.

Eggleston, William Anson

Eldredge, James Edward

Eldredge, Joseph W.

Ellis, Lorenzo

Elmer, Walter

Emerson, George D.

Emery, George A.

Evans, Alfred Q.

Fadden, Oliver

Fair, Shubael B.

Fairbanks, William E.

Fairbrother, Dighton H.

Fairbrother, Stephen W.

Fanning, Michael F

Farnham, Curtis C.

Farnsworth, Ebenezer G.

Farnum, George W.

Fassett, Royal F.

Fellows, Daniel Darius

Fernette, William

Field, Daniel B

Field, Daniel G.

Field, Frederick M.

Fifield, Hiram M.

Fisher, Gustavus Philemon

Fisher, Henry John

Fisher, John

Fisk, Edson

Fisk, John Haslam

Flanagan, James B.

Flanders, Albert P.

Fleming, Charles King

Fleury, Allen Scott

Fleury, Alvin G.

Fleury, William D.

Foote, Henry S.

Foss, John M.

Foster, Calvin O.

Foster, Edward Lovel

Foster, Elisha

Foster, Sidney Herbert

Fowler, Samuel Phelps

Freeman, Alexander

Freeman, Henry James

French, George Oscar

French, Jason Olds

Frizzell, Lorenzo

Fuller, Samuel T.

Fuller, William

Gabaree, Joseph H.

Gage, William W.

Gale, Asa Jacob

Gardner, Henry W.

Gardner, John W.

Gartin, Sabin

Gaskill, Hubbard

Gates, Elisha E.

Gavegan, John

Gay, Russell A.

George, Harrison Bingham

George, Moses

Gero, Henry Joseph

Gibbs, Marquis Lafayette

Gile, Samuel

Gillett, Willis S.

Gilmore, Adner L.

Glazier, Nelson Newton

Gleason, Stephen E.

Gokey, Charles C.

Gonya, Frederick L.

Goodell, Dexter S.

Goodno, Martin

Goodrich, William

Goodwin, Horace

Gordon, Oliver

Goss, Charles W.

Goss, Norman D.

Gouzie, Joseph

Grant, Franklin Cutter

Grant, Ira Jr.

Grant, John Williams

Gray, Almon

Gray, Isaac K.

Gray, Joshua C.

Gray, Julius Calvin

Green, Walter

Greenwood, John F.

Griffin, William H.

Griswold, Edward Farwell

Griswold, Lucius W.

Grover, Henry Alonzo

Guernsey, George H.

Guernsey, Oscar W.

Guyettte, Albert

Hager, Enoch C.

Haines, Thomas B.

Hall, Albert U.

Hall, Daniel H. Jr.

Hall, William D.

Hammel, John

Hanscom, Willis

Harrington, George L.

Harrington, Joseph Lysander

Harrington, Sherman C.

Harris, Charles D.

Harris, Emerson G.

Harris, Rollin E.

Harris, Wentworth N.

Hart, Charles N.

Hart, Eli R.

Hartwell, Sumner

Harvey, George O.

Haskell, Londus W.

Hastings, Albert S.

Hatch, Elisha P.

Hathorn, Ransom E.

Hawkins, Abel W.

Hawkins, George A.

Hawkins, William C.

Hayes, John

Heald, John S.

Heath, Ira C.

Hemenway, David Jr.

Hewson, David

Hibbard, Sylvanus H.

Hicks, Merritt G.

Higgins, Daniel

Higgins, Edwin R.

Himes, Charles Herbert

Hinds, Abel Smith Jr.

Hinds, Alonzo

Hinds, Sylvanus W.

Hines, Levi

Hodgdon, Porter G.

Hodge, Sumner

Holbrook, Henry Harrison

Holbrook, Samuel Harrison

Holcomb, Charles W.

Holcomb, George Andrew

Holding, Frank H.

Holmes, Charles F.

Holmes, Clark J.

Holmes, Harriet M. Hinkson

Hopkins, Edward Wright

Horner, George Washington

Hoskins, Martin

Hosmer, William O.

Howard, Albert W.

Howard, Charles

Howard, Patrick

Howe, Elwin A.

Howe, George Gameliel

Howe, Omar M.

Howe, Zeno Dennis

Howison, William H.

Hubbard, Charles E.

Hubbard, Daniel W.

Hubbard, George Henry

Hubbard, George W.

Hubbard, Lorenzo W.

Hubbard, Richard W.

Hudson, William

Hulburd, Nathan C.

Hunsdon, Charles

Hunt, George

Hunt, Henry Harry

Hunt, John

Hunt, John P.

Hunt, Lyman

Hunt, Orrin S.

Hunter, Isaac H.

Huse, John A.

Hutchins, Robert H.

Hutchins, Solon W.

Hutchinson, Joseph W.

Hyde, James Theodore

Ingalls, Charles H.

Ingalls, Merritt

Irish, William C.

Jackson, Harlow D.

Jackson, Orra W.

Jackson, Reuben

Jacobs, Alfred

Jenks, Benjamin Harvey

Jenks, Marcellus S.

Jennings, Ira E.

Jillson, Horace T.

Jodoin, Theophilus Jr.

Johnson, Charles S.

Johnson, Darwin

Johnson, David

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, John B.

Johnson, Russell Thayer

Johnson, William R.

Jones, Daniel

Jones, Jason Clark

Jones, Walter Stockwell

Joslin, James W.

Joslyn, Frederick A.

Joyall, Alvin

Keach, Roman F.

Keich, John W.

Keith, Clinton

Kelley, George Paul

Kelley, William A.

Kelly, Michael

Kendall, Amos Gould

Kendall, Fletcher R.

Kendall, Peleg Redford

Kendall, Zelotes

Kenfield, Benjamin

Kennedy, Orlando Eurastos

Kennison, David F.

Kenyon, Corroli V.

Ketchum, Henry C.

Keyes, John W.

Kidder, Charles W. B.

Kidder, Harvey

Kidder, Nelson

Kilborn, Frank

Kilborn, James

Kilmer, George A.

King, Chester

King, Elmer Miller

Kinsley, Michael

Knight, Herbert J.

Knight, Philo J.

Knowlton, Herman Lewis

Kusick, John B.

L'Heureux, Flavien

Labardie, George

Labardie, Nelson

Labounty, George W.

Lackey, Edgar

Lackie, Henry

Ladam, Ambrose

Ladeau, Frank

Ladeau, John Baptiste

Ladeau, John Burton

Ladeau, Joseph

Ladoo, Marshall

Lafountain, Joseph

Laird, Haskell

Lake, Perry Jr.

Lamb, William

Lampher, Burton

Lamphere, Timothy W.

Landon, Proctor

Laplant, Abraham

Laplant, Charles

Lapoint, Henry

Lapoint, Henry Clayton

Larose, Henry

Lathe, Moses

Lee, David F., Jr.

Lee, Edward Payson

Lee, Oscar R.

Leet, David A.

Leonard, Joseph W.

Lescarbo, Joseph

Lewis, Charles Jay

Lewis, Henry C. H.

Lewis, Judson A.

Lillie, Matthew S.

Lincoln, William N.

Little, Arthur

Locklin, John A.

Locklin, Myron A.

Lockwood, Ambrose

Lorette, Peter

Lounge, Joseph

Loveland, Andrew S.

Lovelette, Moses

Lovely, Charles

Luce, Aurin

Lucie, Alexander

Lucier, Gilbert C.

Lull, Ralph

Lumbra, Peter

Lynde, Elbridge F.

Lynde, Francis Jarvis

Mackey, Samuel

Macomber, John Harrison

Macomber, Wyman C.

Madigan, John

Magiveny, William

Magoon, Wilder

Malley, Austin Gill

Mandigo, William L.

Manley, Leonard K.

Manney, James J.

Manosh, John Jr.

Mansfield, Joseph C.

Mansfield, William Henry

Marckres, Herschel H.

Marks, Frederick H.

Marnock, Thomas

Marsh, Frank E.

Marsh, George W.

Marsh, Zelora

Marshall, Benjamin G. W.

Martin, John W.

Martin, Joseph

Martin, Nathan Kingsley

Martin, Silas B.

Martin, Walter Wallace

Mason, Henry L.

Mason, John S.

Mather, Asa Ferdinand

Matthews, Asa D.

Mattocks, William

Maxham, Jabez R.

Mayo, Emerson

McAllister, James M.

McCarty, Henry

McCarty, John

McClure, Gilbert

McClure, Gilbert D.

McCole, Robert

McCollom, Archibald

McDonald, Harry M.

McGuigan, John

McKnight, Carroll A.

McLoud, Henry H.

McMahan, Michael

McNulty, John

McWain, Edwin J.

Mead, Egbert H.

Medor, Edward

Mee, Cornelius

Meigs, John J.

Merrill, Samuel

Miles, Linus P.

Milo, John

Milo, John Jr.

Miner, Joseph L.

Monger, Nathan Anson

Monroe, Joseph H.

Monroe, Richard

Moody, Alson Scott

Moody, Clement G.

Moody, Horace W.

Moore, George Porter

Moore, Hardin G.

Morey, Charles

Morgan, Henry H.

Morgan, Peter A.

Morrill, Edwin J.

Morrill, Hollis D.

Morrill, Isaac A.

Morrill, Julius Abbott

Morris, Walstein L.

Morris, William

Morse, Amherst

Morse, David L.

Morse, John F.

Morse, Nixon

Mosher, Richard Lewis

Mower, Marcus M.

Mumblo, Augustus Jr.

Munger, William T.

Muzzy, Joseph

Newcomb, Israel Augustus

Newcomb, Thomas Bethuel

Newman, Edward

Newton, Edward E.

Newton, Henry H.

Newton, William E.

Nichols, Cushing

Nichols, Henry James

Nicholson, Henry

Noe, Charles

Norris, Edward Henry

Norris, James A.

Norton, Alanson

O'Neil, William

Ober, Patten B.

Ordway, Edwin N.

Ordway, Myron L.

Ormsbee, De Witt C.

Osley, Joseph S.

Osman, Jacob Francis

Page, Enoch S.

Paige, John A.

Palmer, Frank E.

Palmer, Henry C.

Park, Castanus Blake Jr.

Parker, Abner R.

Parker, Edward Bates

Parsons, Edwin M.

Parsons, George W.

Parsons, William

Partlow, George W.

Partlow, Joel H.

Patch, Albert

Patterson, Charles

Patterson, Lester S.

Pearson, William M.

Peck, Medad

Pelkey, David

Pelkey, Lewis

Pelkey, Samuel

Pellett, John C.

Perry, Albert W.

Perry, Amasa R.

Perry, Joseph N.

Persons, Joseph Jr.

Persons, Leonard

Pettengill, Henry H.

Phelps, Barna Nathan

Phelps, Herbert

Phinney, Edgar M.

Phinney, Patrick

Pike, Paphro D.

Plue, Freeman

Porter, Charles

Porter, Edward Octavius

Porter, Luther Jr.

Potter, Edwin C.

Potter, John M.

Potter, Loyal A.

Potter, Page G.

Potter, William H.

Powers, Charles F.

Powers, Harrison R.

Pratt, Henry S.

Preston, Henry

Preston, Sedgwick

Preston, Solon H.

Pringle, Alexander Bullions

Pringle, Julia A. Laughlin

Prouty, Oric

Randall, James H.

Ransom, James

Ravlin, Jason P.

Ray, Francis Elmore

Reed, Alfred L.

Reed, Jabez P.

Regner, Joseph D.

Remington, Orange

Rhodes, Lyman Dexter

Rice, James

Rice, Julius

Rich, Sumner W.

Richards, Lester S.

Richardson, George N.

Richmond, Kendrick

Rider, Benjamin

Ring, Barney

Ripley, James W.

Robbins, William P.

Roberts, Abel W.

Roberts, John C.

Robinson, Benjamin Franklin

Robinson, Thomas J.

Rogers, Nathaniel Sewall

Root, David

Ross, Charles

Ross, Harlan P.

Rowe, Thomas G.

Rowell, Charles S.

Rowen, Patrick

Rowley, Calvin J.

Royce, Henry T. J.

Rudd, William E.

Russell, Hiram L.

Russell, Julius P.

Russell, Lauren O.

Russell, Willard

Rust, Orrin B.

Safford, Darius John

Safford, John M.

Sager, Charles Walter

Sampson, Horace E.

Sanborn, Charles H.

Sargent, Alonzo B.

Sargent, Joseph E.

Sargent, Moses George

Sargent, Truman H.

Savage, Michael

Savage, Miron E.

Savery, Aaron A.

Sawyer, Henry Porter

Scott, Charles Winfield

Scott, Henry A.

Seagar, Charles W.

Sears, John C.

Sears, John Robert

Severance, Philo S.

Shaffner, Lorenzo

Shanks, William

Shattuck, George W.

Shaw, Amander A.

Shaw, Francis R.

Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte

Shaw, William S.

Sheldon, Cornelius P.

Sheldon, George W.

Shepard, William H.

Sheridan, John D.

Sherman, Edwin Miles

Sherman, George C.

Sherman, Merritt Hoag

Sherman, Myron B.

Shields, James

Shippee, James Henry

Sibley, Isaac H.

Silsby, Harvey

Silsby, Wendell

Sisco, Charles Marcellus

Skinner, Aaron Jr.

Skinner, Joseph B.

Smith, Alexander

Smith, Alphonzo F.

Smith, Charles H.

Smith, Edward F.

Smith, Edwin B.

Smith, George W.

Smith, Hiram Jr.

Snow, Alroy A.

Soper, Lafayette R.

Sowles, George David

Spaulding, Stephen W.

Spenard, Benjamin

Spooner, Alexander

Spooner, Oliver J.

Stanford, George W.

Stanley, George B.

Stearns, Henry Gould

Stearns, Samuel F.

Stebbins, Edwin A.

Stevens, Curtis S.

Stevens, Foster G.

Stevens, Oliver B.

Stiles, Milo B.

Stilson, Julius

Stocker, Samuel E.

Stockwell, John H.

Stoddard, Henry

Stone, David H.

Stone, James A.

Stoodley, George W.

Story, Edward

Story, Herbert H.

Stowell, Allen

Strong, Lewis M.

Sturgeon, Richard

Sulham, Horace

Sulham, Lemuel H.

Sullivan, Timothy

Supprise, Augustus

Sweet, Allen

Swinton, Robert W.

Tallman, William Charles

Tanner, Frederick H.

Tatro, Frank

Taylor, Levi

Taylor, Whipple B.

Teachout, Alva M.

Templeton, Robinson

Tewksbury, Charles C.

Thomas, Cyrus

Thompson, Carlos W.

Thompson, Isaiah C.

Thresher, Horace W.

Tilden, George Galen

Tillotson, Orlando M.

Tillotson, Theophilus P.

Tisdale, George H.

Tobias, Charles

Tobin, William

Todd, Edward A.

Tompkins, Ira H.

Towle, Davis

Tubbs, Emery L.

Tubbs, Roger A.

Tucker, Harvey Durkee

Turner, Ezra A.

Turner, James H.

Twitchell, Joseph

Ufford, Page

Underwood, William R.

Upham, Charles H.

Van Ornum, Elbert

Villemaire, Joseph

Wadleigh, John R.

Wakefield, William Wallace

Walbridge, Dustin S.

Walker, Aldace Freeman

Walker, Horace P.

Ward, Samuel

Ware, Henry C.

Ware, Jonas F.

Warner, Calvin

Warner, Harlan L.

Warner, James Meech

Warren, Henry W.

Warren, Russell D.

Washburn, Henry D.

Watson, Riley

Watts, Chandler

Watts, Isaac Newton

Way, Horace

Webster, Albert A.

Webster, Benjamin F.

Webster, Ellery H.

Weller, George W.

Weller, Wesley C.

Wells, Hollis

Wells, Ransom Abner

Wheeler, Austin J.

Wheeler, David H.

Wheeler, Hiram

Wheeler, Martin E.

Wheeler, Simon

Wheeler, William Constant

Wheeler, Zimri B.

Whipple, Morrillo M.

White, George W.

White, William W.

Whitney, Daniel Dustin

Whitney, Joshua

Whitney, Martin M.

Wilder, Horace Judson

Wilkins, Birney J.

Wilkins, Merrick J.

Willard, Franklin O.

Willard, Henry

Willard, Hial B.

Willard, Moses

Willard, William E.

Willey, Chester Swain

Williams, Charles S.

Williams, Edwin A.

Williams, Thomas

Williams, William W.

Wilson, George J.

Wilson, James S.

Wilson, Luther W.

Wilson, Stephen R.

Wing, Charles

Wood, Mason John

Wood, Newell E.

Woodard, Samuel P.

Woodbury, Urban Andrain

Woodbury, William W.

Woods, Benjamin T.

Woods, Luther

Woodward, John

Works, Barton

Wright, Orrin Winfield

Wright, Ranceler

Yates, Wellington

Young, Moses

Young, Peter