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14th Vermont Infantry
This page is in transition. The first section, General Resources, will contain articles related to the unit in general; the section section has "additional information" in the individual soldiers' records. While in transition, there may be references to individual soldiers in both sections.

General Resources

12th-16th Infantry Regiments - AG62
14th Infantry - AG62
2nd Brigade (12th-16th Regiments) - AG63
Abell, Charles E., biography
Allen, John H., biography
Archer, Lucian J., biography
Army Medical Museum Case Histories
Austin, Anthony, biography
Bailey, Eben, biography, id disk
Barber, Lawson E., id disk
Benedict, Chapter 26
Bishop, Harvey, biography
Brush, Cyrus, photo
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Charles Collection
Converse, John R., id disk
Dayton, Albion, photo
Doubleday, Abner, Report of Gettysburg Campaign - AG64
Dunton, Andrew J., article
Dunton, Walter C., biography
Dunton, Walter C., biography
Eddy, Eliphalet, photograph
Fisk, James M., biography
Fuller, Nathan J., biography
Gibson Collection
Griffin, William B., diary
Griffith, Gardner F., historical tidbit
Hawkins, Joseph C., biography
Hinckley, Aaron, biography
Hinckley, William, biography
How A Man Feels in Battle
Howard, Henry S., biography
Huntington, Henry, biography
Identification Disks
Jameson, Smith W. biography
Jones Collection
King, Royal D., biography
Kinsman, Henry Parker, biography
Life in Camp
Mason, Charles W., biography
McIntyre, Napoleon, biography
National Soldiers Homes
Nichols, William T., biography
Perkins, Gilman, biography
Perry, Hiram Riley, biography
Petty, Charles W., gravesite
Pierce, Charles Alexander, biography
Research Aids
Roberts, Gardner S., G.A.R. Membership
Ross, Chester, biography
Smith, Charles Carroll, biography
Snow, Carlos E., biography
Taylor, Jesse G., biography
The Road to Gettysburg
Vaughn, Henry H., Poem
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
Walker, Albert A., canteen
Wightman, William, biography
Williams, Harry O., biography
Wilson, William H., id disk
Wood, William H., biography
Woodward, Rogers Oliver, biography

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Abell, Charles Emmet
Ackley, Lewis Everett
Albro, Charles
Allen, Samuel Johnson
Archer, Lucian J.
Austin, Anthony
Bailey, Eben Jr.
Ball, Edward C.
Barber, Lawson E.
Barrows, Waldo E.
Bartlett, David
Barton, Jacob Varney
Bishop, Harvey
Brewster, Oliver E.
Brown, Daniel Bryant
Brown, Jerome A.
Brush, Cyrus
Burritt, Guy L.
Burt, Henry S.
Cady, William Lucien
Chellis, Brenton M.
Cheney, Spencer C.
Churchill, Charles Henry
Churchill, Wilson B.
Clark, Chauncey L.
Clark, Myron A.
Conlin, John
Converse, John Rollin
Crane, Byron W.
Crary, Edwin M.
Crawford, Isaac
Croff, Ezra
Day, Almon F.
Dickinson, Clay N.
Drum, Henry
Dunshee, Noble F.
Dunton, Walter Chipman
Dwyer, Philip
Eddy, Eliphalet
Farnham, Dexter
Fisk, James Monroe
Fontaine, Joseph Alphonse
Foster, George Wellington
Fuller, Lewis P.
Fuller, Nathan J.
Gleason, John L.
Gore, Ransom O.
Gregory, James
Griffith, Gardner Fayette
Haley, James
Hall, Eli F.
Hall, Nathaniel Blatchley
Hamilton, William Harrison
Hanley, Gilbert
Harwood, George H.
Hathaway, Edward Payson
Hawkins, Joseph C.
Hazelton, Wright
Higley, Orange
Hill, Alexander F.
Hinckley, Aaron
Hinckley, William W.
Hodge, Walter D.
Holcomb, Girard
Humphrey, Patrick
Huntington, Henry E.
Hurley, John
Ives, Morton A.
Johnson, Milo
Johnson, Nelson H.
Johnson, William R.
Kennedy, John
King, Royal Daniel
Kinsman, Henry Parker
Knapp, Moses J.
Ladd, Sidney A.
Lee, Benjamin E.
Leonard, John H.
Lewis, Tallmadge W.
Lucia, Joel Howard
McIntyre, Napoleon
Monger, John A.
Morgan, Arthur E.
Munn, William H.
Nichols, William Thomas
Norton, Albert A.
Patchin, Albert G.
Petty, Charles W.
Phillips, George Henry
Pierce, Edwin
Proctor, Oliver A.
Reed, Frederick L.
Roberts, Burns H.
Ross, Chester W.
Ross, Lucretius Dewey
Rudd, Dwight H.
Rudd, Merritt F.
Sheldon, Harley G.
Sherwin, Harlan P.
Smart, William S.
Smith, Charles Carroll
Stannard, George D.
Stickney, John Q.
Stratton, Henry C.
Taylor, Jesse G.
Vaughan, Henry H.
Walker, Albert A.
Whittier, John James
Wightman, William Jr.
Wilcox, Truman
Wilson, William H.
Winter, Wilson R.
Wood, Leman E.
Wood, William H.
Woodward, Rogers Oliver