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(Editor's Note: The only record we have of John B. Rogers' service is with the 15th Infantry Regiment, and he mustered out 5 Aug 1863. Our contributor, Llew Goodfield, indicates the date on the letter is clear, and the context seems to fit the date as well. Until we can figure out why John Rogers ended up at City Point, MD, nearly two years after his mustering out, I'm going to leave the letter here with the 15th Infantry homepage, as I have nowhere else to put it at this time.)

Letter from Lt. Rogers to his Cousin,
Mary Jane Rogers,
In Walden, VT

City Point, VA
April 5, 1865

Cousin Mary

I have learned by the way of Sade that you are disposed to slight the line that you rec'd from your humble Servent, some time since and refuse to write till you get a long letter

I admire your pluck but don't like the principle. You know I would have written more if I had anything to write just then, and from your not answering that I came to the conclusion that you had better use for your time than writing letters. Even now I am at a loss to know what to write that will be new to you for Put. Has doubtless told you more than I can write in a week and what little he has'nt communicated to your personal self, he has told to Geo. Messeme. Geo Messeme has told it to Dora. Dora has told you. You have told it to your mother and she has told it to the Judge and his wife and perhaps to Sally In view of these facts you will excuse me if I don't fill the sheet

Sade writes me that Messeme has created a great sensation in Walden You and Dora both afflicted with rich curly hair on the Brain. Yours is a desperate case indeed. With Dora for a rival Don't see any help for you Why don't you go out West for a Schoolmarm or come to City Point and join the Christian Commission Your age would be the only objection to the last arrangement and that you could fix by knocking out a few front teeth and put on a scowl. (no great trouble to you) You would pass for thirty five nicely, Women are so scarce here that I have been obliged to buy a pr. Of gaiter boots and a second hand bonnet. And put them on my tent to cheat myself into the delusion that there is one round some where.

Saw Mrs. Grant and Lincoln the other day. They were rather rough specimens of female beauty.

Secretary, Sewards daughter and several other young ladies from Washington have been staying round here for the past few days, followed by half the officers at the Point I shouldn't dare to approach such heavy property. They tell me that Put arrived home sick abed. And has been in the care of Dr. Woodward ( Em) Ever since I would recommend Homeopathy and a Ham diet, with plenty of exercise in the open air

Understand that Ell Farrington is going to be married sure. Send me a yd. Of black crape to put round my hat It is no mark of a lady for her to get married and not give me an invitation to the wedding. When is Belden going to take Kimball? Merrill tells me that she is visiting in Walden and that Pudlam is there too. That is carrying the joke a little too far to make it pleasant for Merrill. If I were in his place I would send him home (if I could). Does Kimball keep any better company than she used to do last summer. Do you know who is going to teach the school the coming season. Hope they will get a good looking one.

Expect everything in Noyesville is moving at the usual pace. Julia they tell me has gone down country to spend a season in the City. Merill is playing for falls SC. What of John K. Batchelder. Nobody thinks to write about him Does he still stop in the City. Wish I could be at home through sugaring. Have you been to any sugar parties yet ? Do you remember what a rich time we had going over to Brain Flink last Spring. Shall never forget about how Lucy Moses fell into the mud. Montgomery said they kept her a soak for a week afterward

Have asked all the questions that I can think of. And all you will care to answer. Of course I could tell you no news about the recent battles Rebel prisoners are as plenty here as flies They dont seem to feel very bad about the turn affairs have taken. One of their bands played last night in front of Gen. Patricks Quarters. Among other tunes they played The Star Spangled Banner It is reported that Gen Lee has surrendered his whole army. Some of the boys are gone out to Richmond and Petersburg today. It is quite difficult to get a pass just now. I shall go as soon as possible Shall have to stop scribbling for want of space

My regards to all. Especially to Hannah

Answer soon as convenient and accept this from - Yours Muchley J. Rogers

Direct in care Capt. W. J. Dunton(upside down)