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2nd Brigade (12th-16th Regiments) - AG63
Aldrich, Lucius C., biography
Ayer, James M., biography
Bell, Charles J., obituary
Benedict, Chapter 26
Bickford, Charles B., biography
Bickford, Oscar C., discharge
Brown, Ellery E., biography
Brown, Oliver A., photographs
Browne, Oliver A., diary
Bullard, Gates B., biography
Bush, George, biography
Carlton, Charles F., biography
Clarke, Cyrus B., personal effects
Conant, Joseph, biography
Damon, Holman W., biography
Dix, Samuel N., biography
Drew, William S., id disk
Duhigg, Dennis, biography
Foss, George W., biography
Frost, Carlton P., biography
Gibson Collection
Gleason, Joseph T., biography
Grout, William W., biography
Guild, Horace E., biography
Hall, Edwin C., biography
Hartshorn, Eldin J., biography
Hendry, John C., biography
Humphrey, George, biography
Ide, George Henry, biography
Identification Disks
Kittredge, Carlisle D., biography
Little, Charles, biography
McLam, James, id disk
Mooney, Curtis G., biography
Morse, William, id disk
Moulton, George S., biography
National Soldiers Homes
Proctor, "Old Charley"
Proctor, Redfield, biography
Research Aids
Roberts, Horatio, biography
Rogers, John B., correspondence
Rogers, Nathaniel S., biography
Sibley, Charles H., biography
Spaulding, Charles F., biography
The Road to Gettysburg
Turner, William H., biography
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
Walker, K., biography
Whitney, David, biography
Willey, Henry S., biography
Williams, Peter, biography
Williams, Peter, id disk
Wormwood, Daniel, biography
Wright, Riley E., biography