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16th Vermont Infantry


(Sixteenth Regiment)

THE SECOND REUNION of this Regiment was held at Ludlow, Vermont, August 29th, 1888. It was held in connection with the Windsor County Veterans' Association upon invitation of that organization. It was a very large assemblage of the veterans of the war, and there were present about two hundred of the Sixteenth Regiment. There was a great outpouring of the people in Ludlow and surrounding towns, by estimate over five thousand, to receive and honor these gray-bearded patriots. After a bountiful dinner provided for the old soldiers and others, by the citizens of Ludlow, and an oration by Col. Albert Clarke, of Rutland, followed by speeches by distinguished invited guests, Col. W. G. Veazey of the 3d and 16th Regiments presiding, the members of this Regiment held a meeting, and the official record of the proceedings was as follows:--

Ludlow, Vt., August 29, 1888,

The meeting of the 16th Regt. Vt. Vols. in Hammond Hall, was called to order by Adjt. H. O. Peabody, who asked for nominations for Chairman of the meeting, and Col. W. G. Veazey was duly elected for that position. Capt. Knapp, of Co. I, was elected Secretary of the meeting.

On motion of Comrade Bush, of Co. I, the convention proceeded to effect a permanent organization, and a committee of three was appointed by the Chair to nominate permanent officers, the committee consisting of Major Rounds, Adjt. Peabody, and Lieut. Henry.

Move by Comrade Bush that we have annual reunions, and the motion being amended, that we have a reunion next year, the motion was unanimously carried.

The committee on permanent organization reported, and the Association, adopting the report, elected the following as the officers for the year ensuing:--

PresidentMajor Wm. Rounds.
Vice-Presidents Capt. Robert B. Arms, Co. B,
Capt. E. D. Keyes, Co. H,
Sergeant W. H. H. Slack, Co. E.
Secretary, Adjt. H. O. Peabody.
Executive committee,Lieut. Hugh Henry, Co. I,
Comrade C. M. Russell, Co. F,
Capt. A. G. Foster, Co. C.

A committee of three, consisting of Sergeant Lockwood, Co. K, Capt. Keyes, Co. H, Capt. Knapp, Co. I, was appointed by the Chair to have full charge of the matter of a monument on the field of Gettysburg.

Voted that the Executive committee be directed to draft a constitution, and to add to their number such comrades as they shall desire in furtherance of the reunion next to be held when the time and place shall be determined.

Voted that the thanks of the regiment be extended to Col. V. G. Veazey for his services in preparing for this reunion, and during the reunion to-day, and in connection with the selection of the place to located the monument upon the battlefield of Gettysburg. Voted that the 16th Vt. Regt. give expression of their gratitude to the citizens of Ludlow by three cheers; which were given with a will.



Although the time which we were together was short, all agreed that the reunion was most satisfactory and enjoyable, and that we must have another next year, which will probably be held at Brattleboro in the month of July or August.

A very pleasant feature of this reunion was the reception of Col. Veazey, whose portrait, as he now looks, is in this pamphlet.

The regiment was formed in hollow square at the railroad station, under the command of Capt. R. D. Armes, and on the arrival of the train Col. Veazey was met by Adjt. Peabody and taken into the center of the square, and the men quickly tossed him on to a horse provided for the occasion, and then gave nine cheers and a tiger for their old commander. Then followed the cordial greetings between commander and comrades, not unmingled with tears as they clasped hands, in many instances for the first time since they charged the flank of Pickett and Wilcox in the final struggle of the third day of the great pivotal battle of Gettysburg.

The regiment then joined in the procession, marching to the music of a part of its famous old drum corps, the Colonel riding at the head, and occasionally ringing out some of the familiar old commands.

Below is a roster of the members of the regiment so far as known. Comrades are requested to aid in making it complete by sending names and addresses of those not here reported, to

Adjt. H. O. PEABODY,

Londonderry, Vermont.


Field and Staff Officers.
Col. W. G. Veazey, Rutland, Vt.Surg. C. B. Parks, Des Moines, Iowa.
Maj. Wm. Rounds, Chester, Vt.Ass't Surg. Geo. Spoffard, Cavendish, Vt.
Adjt. H. O. Peabody, Londonderry, Vt.

Company A.

E. P. Boutwell, Stockbridge, Vt.C. A. Niff, Pittsfield, Vt.
O. J. Richardson, Gaysville, Vt.

Company B.
Capt. Robert B. Arms, Burlington, Vt.

John H. Baker, Bernardston, Mass.

A. P. Ranney, Westminster West, Vt.D. B. Stedman, Brattleboro, Vt.
O. F. Buxton, Westminster West, Vt.John L. Newman, Brattleboro, Vt.
C. R. Briggs, Brattleboro, Vt.S. A. Smith, Drummer, Guilford, Vt.

E. H. Putnam, Brattleboro, Vt.F. H. King, Millers Falls, Mass.
Joel Flagg, Jr., Guilford, Vt. J. S. Blanchard, East Putney, Vt.
H. H. Miller, Brattleboro, Vt. L. B. Wood, Putney, Vt.
J. H. Clark, Westminster West, Vt. Wm. H. Tyler, Guilford, Vt.
H. H. Burnett, Guilford, Vt. Frederick T. Stewart, Brattleboro, Vt.
Eugene Clark, Brattleboro, Vt. Austin A. Hill, Halifax, Vt.
Samuel Boyden, Guilford, Vt. John Davis, Brattleboro, Vt.
Chas. A. Clark, Brattleboro, Vt. Rodney B. Sargent, Springfield, Vt.
Henry W. Jacobs, Guilford, Vt. G. A. Walker, Dummerston, Vt.
Orman Prescott, Brattleboro, Vt. S. S. Hunt, Brattleboro, Vt.

Company C.
Capt. Asa G. Foster, Weston, Windsor Co., Vt. Lieut. Henry A. Fletcher, Proctorsville, Windsor Co. Vt.

M. V. B. Clark, Keene, N. H. L. G. Coolidge, Reading, Vt.

A. M. Snell, Somerville, Mass. W. D. Ball, Ludlow, Vt.
H. C. Shattuck, Cambridgeport, Mass. Frederick A. Wait, Chester, Vt.

W. E. Knight, Mt. Holly, Vt. Hazen Fletcher, Ludlow, Vt.
Marlow L. Bingham, Cavendish, Vt. John Langworthy, Cavendish, Vt.
Frederick G. Barnard, Ludlow, Vt. Alfred T. Moore, Plymouth, Vt.
Chester Langworthy, Proctorsville, Vt. B. F. Pettigrew, Ludlow, Vt.
John W. Pierce, Plymouth, Vt. Daniel Johnson, Ludlow, Vt.
Alfred W. Bolster, East Wallingford, Vt. D. R. Sargent, Ludlow, Vt.
E. M. Ward, North Wallingford, Vt. James Beamis, Chester, Vt.
Lysander Whitney, Chester, Vt. Clark W. Pease, Weston, Vt.
Melvin Chapman, Springfield, Vt. Warren Bailey, Proctorsville, Vt.
C. C. Hall, Plymouth, Vt. W. S. Foster, Weston, Vt.
Mathew Stewart, Proctorsville, Vt. L. D. Miner, Plymouth, Vt.
Levi B. Moore, Plymouth Union, Vt. O. S. Osburn, Drummer, Weston, Vt.
Alfred Childs, Landgrove, Vt. Ryland R. Parker, Mt. Holly, Vt.
Abram Rowell, Andover, Vt. Wm. H. Ellis, Rockingham, Vt.
Abner P. Archer, Proctorsville, Vt. George C. Hazelton, Rockingham, Vt.

Company D.
Capt. David Ball, Warwick, Mass.  

Sem. Pierce, South Londonderry, Vt. M. D. Whitman, Putney, Vt.

Daniel Lyon, 31 8th Avenue, New York E. P. Coates, Brattleboro, Vt.
J. O. Follett, Townshend, Vt.A. F. Wilbur, Brattleboro, Vt.
L. S. Howe, Lyndonville, Vt.E. C. Tenney, Grafton, Vt.

E. F. Rugg, South Londonderry, Vt. Daniel W. Davis, Chester, Vt.
Levi W. Derby, Cambridgeport, Vt. E. H. Reed, Keene, N. H.
Levi C. Tenney, Cambridgeport, Vt.L. P. Bailey, Putney, Vt.
E. L. Mack, Ludlow, Vt. M. T. Pratt, Newfane, Vt.
J. D. Holbrook, Athol, Mass. S. A. Whipple, Saxtons River, Vt.
Geo. Howard, Londonderry, Vt. C. W. Castle, Keene, N. H.
A. W. Parks, Claremont, N. H. C. W. Stewart, Drummer, Brattleboro, Vt.
Adelbert J. Stearns, Windham, Vt. J. T. Zewill, Grafton, Vt.
J. E. Butters, Grafton, Vt.  

Company E.
Capt. Alvin C. Mann, Chicago, Ill. 

James O. Smith, Chester Depot, Vt.  

John P. Knights, Amsden, Vt. 

H. D. Spafford, Springfield, Vt. Win. E. Thompson, Claremont, N. H.
W. S. Hemenway, Grafton, Vt. Foster E. Taylor, Ludlow, Vt.
P. O. Harris, Greencastle, Ind. Joseph S. Olney, Chester, Vt.
Orrin Rice, 2d, Springfield, Vt. Artemus A. Blood, South Windham, Vt.
B. E. White, Springfield, Vt. W. L. Ware, Chester, Vt.
Wm. H. H. Slack, Springfield, Vt. B. A. Walker, Westminster West, Vt.
Eben S. Haskell, Lebanon, N. H. Oliver Ellis, Chester, Vt.
C. H. Russell, Boston, Mass. Chas. J. Tarbell, Springfield, Mass.
Geo. G. Gregg, Ascutneyville, Vt. J. A. Gould, Bellows Falls, Vt.
Thomas Carmody, Springfield, Vt. Harlan W. Chandler, Chester, Vt.
Azro White, Drummer, Felchville, Vt. W. W. Walker, Brattleboro, Vt.
Clark Hill, Amsden, Vt. Henry G. Davis, Rockport, Mass.
Simon N. Bronson, Weathersfield, Vt.  

Company F.
Lieut. Geo. H. Burns, Brattleboro, Vt.

S. H. Lazell, East Dover, Vt.  

F. T. Miner, West Halifax, Vt. Henry S. Goodnow, Whitingham, Vt.
H. W. Griffin, West Halifax, Vt.

Company G.

William H. Adams, Keene, N. H.  

Stephen Hewitt, North Pomfret, Vt.  

B. F. French, Unity, N. H. G. A. Willey, Sharon, Vt.
E. F. Sanderson, Plymouth Union, Vt.Charles Pierce, West Lebanon, N. H.
P. F. Vose, Rutland, Vt. A. C. Ray, Hartford, Vt.
J. E. Wetherbee, Tyson, Vt. L. Q. Woods, Quechee, Vt.
H. W. Colburn, Pomfret, Vt. L. D. Leavitt, East Barnard, Vt.
Chas. L. Clifford, West Hartford, Vt. J. E. Howland, Pomfret, Vt.

Company H.
Capt. E. D. Keyes, Rutland, Vt. Lieut. Warren C. Williams, Chester, Vt.

W. W. Keyes, Reading, Vt. F. F. Hawkins, South Acworth, N. H.

H. J. Parker, Andover, Vt. W. W. Dodge, Claremont, N. H.

Adelbert Allen, Springfield, Vt. James E. Riddall, South Royalton, Vt.
Warren Beard, Chester, Vt. H. E. Meacham, Windsor, Vt.
T. A. Edwards, Chester, Vt. L. J. M. Marcy, Fayetteville.

Company I.
Capt. Lyman E. Knapp, Middlebury, Vt. Lieut. Hugh Henry, Chester, Vt.

M. H. Bush, 333 Dorchester St., Boston 

Argalus R. Rugg, South Londonderry, Vt. John Blanchard, Marlboro, Vt.
Geo. H. Bond, Brattleboro, Vt. Fred G. Sweat, Troy, N. Y.
D. A. Fay, West Brattleboro, Vt.  

Company K.
Lieut. Geo. O. Hawkins, Chicago, Ill.  

F. A. Lockwood, 250 Lexington St., E. Boston H. A. Gould, Chester, Vt.

David F. Spafford, 91 Palmer St., E. Boston

D. W. Parkhurst, Springfield, Vt. G. E. Lee, Chester, Vt.
L. E. Hewey, Springfield, Vt.John H. Allen, Rockingham, Vt.
G. S. Derby, Springfield, Vt. Charles L. Swasy, Norwich, Vt.
Geo. H. Dean, 185 Cambridge St., Boston Wm. H. Hutchinson, Norwich, Vt.
Morton H. Graves, Rutland, Vt. Russell S. Herrick, Springfield, Vt.
John M. Wright, Ascutneyville, Vt. A. E. Pond, Chester, Vt.
Charles H. Boyde, Hartland, Vt. A. D. L. Herrick, Chester, Vt.
D. B. Lockwood, Springfield, Vt. Henry M. Clark, Grafton, Vt.
Geo. W. Billings, Ludlow, Vt. R. M. Wood, West Hartford, Vt.
James B. Fuller, Chester, Vt. C. G. Herrick, Springfield, Vt.
J. J. Miner, Chester, Vt.Henry Hardy, Londonderry, Vt.

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Source: Sixteenth Regiment Vermont Volunteers. Reunions and Rosters 1878 and 1888. Montpelier, Vt.: Argus and Patriot Book and Job Printing House, 1889.

Contributed by: Mike Ellis, Rochester, MI, great-grandson of Private George A. Ellis, Dummerston, Co. I, 16th Vermont Volunteer Infantry.