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16th Vermont Infantry

Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Adams, Elliott
Albee, John Henry
Arms, Robert Bruce
Austin, George E.
Ball, David
Ball, William D.
Bemis, William Whiting
Blood, Zaccheus
Bridgman, Jabez Delano
Brooks, Nathaniel Grout
Bruce, Harvey N.
Burns, George Harvey
Cargill, Charles Guy
Chamberlin, Harrison H.
Chamberlin, Joseph E.
Clark, Francis Gray
Clark, George Merrill
Clough, Daniel Moulton
Cox, Gardner
Cummings, Charles
Cummings, Henry O.
Dale, John J.
Dana, Cyrenius Woodward
Danforth, William C.
Davis, Daniel Worcester
Derby, Granville Sherman
Dix, Henry Franklin
Dutton, Benjamin C.
Eaton, Henry Augustus
Edwards, Horace B.
Ellis, George Abbott
Foster, Asa Gilbert
Freeman, Jason E.
Fuller, Samuel G.
Furber, James Harvey
Gillett, Henry Oliver
Goodhue, Charles E.
Graham, David Lewis
Green, George E.
Haskins, Kittredge
Hathaway, Forrest Henry
Henry, Hugh
Hewey, David Alexander
Holland, Henry H.
Holt, Sidney Leroy
Howland, Seneca B.
Hutchinson, Samuel H.
Johnson, Robert H.
Keyes, Elmer D.
Kidder, Francis R.
Kingsbury, George Washington
Knapp, Lyman Enos
Lawton, Cyren B.
Lockwood, Hoyt Benjamin
Long, Francis
Marr, Patrick Jr.
Mason, Alvin C.
Miller, Crosby Park
Moore, Luther Franklin
Morris, George Sylvester
Norcross, Charles A.
Park, Castanus Blake Jr.
Peabody, Harland Orlando
Perkins, Frank
Ranney, Alfred Patterson
Ranney, Walter Warren
Reed, Charles H.
Rounds, William
Sawyer, Leroy Winslow
Sherwin, Oscar W.
Slack, William H. H.
Smith, Sanford Alvah
Spafford, George H.
Spafford, Joseph
Thompson, Albin Laroy
Tufts, Owen B.
Veazey, Wheelock Graves
Waldo, Joseph Warren
Watson, Austin H. R.
Webster, Alonzo
Whitney, William L. G.
Williams, Warren C.