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"Lamoille," correspondence

17th in camp near Fredericksburg, 12 May 1864

17th Regiment - AG65

17th Regiment, Casualties at the Wilderness

17th Regiment, Casualties, 30 July 1864

Army Medical Museum Case Histories

Battle Honors

Benedict, Chapter 27

Carter, Frank, diary

Charles Collection

Converse, John R., id disk

Doane, Henry M., gravesite

Eastman, George F., discharge certificate

Flag Collection

Friendly Fire

Gibson Collection

Hilton, Edson C., biography

How A Man Feels in Battle

Identification Disks

Jones Collection

Kenfield, Frank, report of prisoners at Danville

Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864

National Soldiers Homes

Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas

Prisoners at Columbia, SC

Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond


Research Aids

Seventeenth Infantry - AG64

Stannard, George J., Report of 18 Apr 65

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Wilson, William H., id disk

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Amsden, Alzaman Decator

Andrews, George Martin

Andrews, Salmon F.

Atherton, George F.

Austin, George E.

Axtell, Richmond

Aylward, James

Bacon, George W.

Bagley, Henry J.

Ballard, Eugene A.

Barber, Horace Elijah

Barker, John C.

Bell, Orville M.

Benway, Charles

Bessett, Antoine

Bessey, Rodman

Bickford, Ira E.

Bicknell, Dennis H.

Bicknell, George C.

Bicknell, William E.

Bingham, Lucian Harvey

Bond, George J.

Brackett, Clarence A.

Bradley, Henry H.

Brainerd, Charles Deming

Bray, Henry Michael

Bray, Thomas Edward

Brown, Stephen Flavius

Bugbee, Carlos

Burbank, William B.

Burnett, Abram

Burroughs, William

Buxton, Anson

Carley, Moses

Carlton, Charles F.

Carter, Edward D.

Carter, Franklin Temple

Cave, James B.

Chamberlin, Charles N.

Chaplin, Joseph Morris

Chase, Amos C.

Clark, Samuel B.

Clough, Daniel Moulton

Coffey, Patrick

Collins, Levi Ward

Converse, John Rollin

Conway, Daniel

Corbitt, Edward

Corey, Charles W.

Crane, Azariah Snow

Culver, Eliphalet

Cummings, Charles

Cusack, James

Dale, John J.

Danforth, Alonzo H.

Davenport, Henry D.

Dempsey, Michael Jr.

Derby, Buell J.

Dodge, Richard S.

Downer, Rockwell Curtis

Dudley, Henry M.

Dwinnell, Ralph Ellinwood

Dyer, Douglass H.

Eastman, George M.

Eaton, Henry Augustus

Edson, Ptolemy O'Meara

Ellsworth, Cassius Wirth

Emerson, Sargent R.

Fairman, Erastus Philo

Fanton, Royal B.

Farrand, Thaddeus S.

Fay, Arnold C.

Fisher, Thomas

Fortier, Joseph

Foss, George Washington

Gates, Amasa Oscar

Gemme, Frederick

George, Henry M.

Gerry, Orlando F.

Getchell, Andrew J.

Gibson, Gardner W.

Gibson, John C.

Giddings, Benjamin F.

Gilbert, Eli

Gilbert, George A.

Gill, George G.

Gillespie, William M.

Gilmore, Henry

Glines, Albert N.

Glines, James

Gobar, Albert

Godfrey, Timothy C.

Goodspeed, Wallace

Greene, Luther Annenius

Griswold, Hugh H.

Griswold, Wilber Fiske

Guyer, Guy H.

Hall, John Hiram

Harlow, George W.

Harlow, Henry C.

Harriman, John L.

Harrington, Garrison

Harris, Asa H.

Harris, George W.

Hartshorn, Eldin John

Hawkins, James Carlton

Hawley, H. A.

Hazelton, Wright

Henry, Franklin Sylvester

Henry, James Edwin

Henry, Wilbur E.

Hibbard, Edward L.

Hicks, George

Holmes, Alba Lawrence

Howard, William E.

Hoyt, Franklin

Hunt, George W.

Huntington, Benjamin F.

Ingalls, Lucius

Inman, Almeron C.

Isham, Jackson

Jacobs, Elias R.

Johnson, Albert M.

Jones, Albert H.

Jones, Ezra N.

Jordan, Henry D.

Keith, Frank

Kellogg, Henry E.

Kenney, George M.

Kenney, George W. Jr.

Kingsbury, George Washington

Labossier, Francis

Lamay, Charles H.

Lane, Daniel H.

Langdon, Seth W.

LaPage, Charles

Lapointe, Scipio

Larock, John

Lathrop, Charles D.

Lathrop, Noah

Lemwin, Rock

Little, Henry

Lord, John H.

Lord, Stephen Downs

Luce, Aurin F.

Luce, Henry A.

Lucia, George Henry

Lucia, Joel Howard

Lyons, Zeba S.

Marshall, Frederick

Martin, Franklin

Martin, William E.

Mason, Freeman

Mason, John

Maxwell, Thomas S.

May, Dennis E.

May, Horace S.

McClintock, William G.

McGrath, Michael

Mercy, William B.

Merritt, Daniel H.

Miner, Francis

Miner, Henry A.

Moore, John

Morgan, Peter A.

Morton, Frank

Nash, Joseph E.

Needham, Henry B.

Norton, William H.

Noyes, Amos H.

Ordway, George Henry

Ormsbee, William H.

Owen, Charles

Parkhurst, Austin S.

Patnode, Thomas

Peck, James Stevens

Pecor, Lewis

Penniman, Robert L.

Perry, Edwin R.

Pierce, Worthington W.

Ploof, George H.

Pollard, James

Powers, William

Quimby, George Washington

Randall, Charles W.

Randall, Francis Voltaire

Randall, Francis Voltaire Jr.

Raymond, Albert Camp

Raymond, Henry T.

Raymore, Harrison Washington

Reed, Marcena

Reed, Marcus L. (Marquis de Lafayette)

Richardson, Burton Clark

Robear, Francis Joseph

Root, Charles K.

Rowell, George H.

Rutherford, Joseph Chase

Sanborn, Seth C.

Schoolcraft, Philip

Seymour, John

Shannon, John

Shattuck, George

Shedrick, Isaac

Slayton, Mark B.

Smith, George M.

Stannard, George D.

Stearns, Franklin

Stewart, Alexander

Strong, Wayland A.

Sweeney, James

Taylor, Franklin J.

Taylor, George F.

Thomas, John C.

Tobin, George W.

Townson, Joseph W.

Turner, Matthew J.

Value, Nelson

Varney, George W.

Wakefield, Freeman

Wakefield, William H. H.

Wallace, Charles M.

Warren, Leonard S.

Watson, Charles A.

Wells, Felix L.

White, Henry Herbert

Whitehill, Moses

Whitfield, George E.

Wilder, Artemas W.

Wilson, William H.

Woodward, Adrian Theodore

Wrisley, Warner

Yale, John Lyman

York, George W.

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