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3rd Vermont Infantry

Regimental Band

Adams, Cyrus A.
Adams, Nelson D.
Ansell, George
Barton, Rufus F.
Bayley, Henry Ward
Brooks, John Henry
Bryant, Cyrus
Bryant, George E.
Buckman, Gilbert D.
Carpenter, Frederick E.
Herrick, William H.
Hurlbut, Nelson C.
Kittredge, Alanson
Lawrence, Andrew J.
McCarter, William G.
Miller, James D.
Morgan, David T.
Paddock, Charles L.
Parkhurst, John G.
Ripley, William B.
Roleau, Dorr A.
Thomas, Joel B.
Whitcomb, Alexander. McKay
Wood, Carroll Van
Worthen, Arthur Enoch
Young, Lucy A. Newton
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