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Sara Read Corey's Letter on the Death of Lincoln

                                   Sunday April 23, 1865

Dear Mother and Father

What an awfully wicked thing that was the assassination
of our President.  It was the boldest, most cold blooded
murder, that was ever heard of.  Oh! I do hope they will
catch the wretched villain ... Isn't it a blessed thing that
General Grant was not at the theater as expected.  It is
a dreadful thing and a great loss to our country, but
people about here, think it is all for a good purpose --
that President Lincoln, from his natural kindness of heart,
would have been to lienent with the Rebels and in
consequence the spirit of the Rebellion would not be entirely
crushed for years -- perhaps never.  If he had died a natural
death it would not have been so aggravating but we don't know
what is best for us.  It was the most terrible news I ever heard...
the President's death is a great affliction to the whole world.

Today is Ephraim's liberation day and I know it is the happiest
one of his life.  I have anxiously awaited news from him, since
the last Battles, but have received not a word.  God grant that
dear boy may safely return -- after his long and severe term of
service expires.

Well I must make my bread and then get supper.

                                        Good bye --
                                        write soon

Sara Read Corey, wife of Captain Waterman F. Corey, 3rd. Vermont Infantry, Co., H and sister of Sgt. Ephraim Smith Read (Reed), 3rd Vermont Infantry, Co. B, wrote the above letter from her Bridport, Vt. home to her Fairfield, Vt. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Read.

Letter submitted in memory of Norma Read St. Peter, grand-daughter of Ephriam S. Read; submitted by Ken St. Germain.

(Webmaster's note: Waterman F. Corey served with the 3rd Vermont 6/3/1861 to 12/25/1862, when he resigned. Ephraim Reed enlisted as a Private in the 1st Vermont Infantry, 5/2/1861 and mustered out 8/15/1861. He re-enlisted in the 3rd Vermont Infantry 4/12/1862, was promoted to Sergeant 11/1/1864, and mustered out 5/22/1865, the day before his "liberation day." He was born in 1839, died in 1917, and is buried in Fairfield.)