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Aaron, Morris Miltimore
Abar, Joshua
Abare, Edmond
Abbey, Alanson L.
Abbey, Daniel
Abbey, Osmond
Abbey, Otis
Abbey, Rollin William
Abbott, Abial S.
Abbott, Abram S. Jr.
Abbott, Alba D.
Abbott, Albert C.
Abbott, Albert E.
Abbott, Alexander
Abbott, Allen C.
Abbott, Almond C.
Abbott, Amos W Jr.
Abbott, Austin C.
Abbott, Azro A.
Abbott, Calvin B.
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, Charles W.
Abbott, Collamer P.
Abbott, Cornelius
Abbott, Curtis
Abbott, Daniel
Abbott, Ephraim M. C.
Abbott, George A.
Abbott, George B.
Abbott, George T.
Abbott, George W.
Abbott, George Washington
Abbott, Henry C.
Abbott, Horace M.
Abbott, Ira Anson
Abbott, Ira S.
Abbott, Isaac Whacker
Abbott, James B.
Abbott, James H.
Abbott, James N.
Abbott, John Franklin
Abbott, John J.
Abbott, John P.
Abbott, Lemuel A.
Abbott, Leonard
Abbott, Marcus S.
Abbott, Martin
Abbott, Moses
Abbott, Nathan A.
Abbott, Nathaniel O.
Abbott, Nelson Edwin
Abbott, Ora S.
Abbott, Peter M.
Abbott, Royal Jr.
Abbott, Samuel Jr.
Abbott, Stearns Kendall
Abbott, Sylvester G.
Abbott, Thomas
Abbott, Timothy D.
Abbott, William N.
Abby, William
Abell, Charles Emmet
Abell, Durham O.
Abell, James H.
Abels, Eugene H.
Abernathy, Alexander A.
Abernathy, Robert
Abraham, George B.
Acker, Daniel
Ackerman, Abram C.
Ackerman, Edmund Truman
Ackerman, Francis J.
Ackerman, Silas Ranney
Ackerson, Daniel
Ackerson, George
Ackley, Jeptha H.
Ackley, Lewis Everett
Acome, Franklin
Actis, Charles
Adams, Abel
Adams, Adin
Adams, Albert B.
Adams, Albert J.
Adams, Albert M.
Adams, Albert Moses
Adams, Albert W.
Adams, Alfred Buck
Adams, Alvin W.
Adams, Amasa
Adams, Anson Jr.
Adams, Arba Nelson
Adams, Austin V.
Adams, Benjamin Henry
Adams, Benjamin P.
Adams, Benjamin W.
Adams, Caleb
Adams, Calvin Alphonso
Adams, Calvin S
Adams, Cephas Gardner
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles Abraham
Adams, Charles B.
Adams, Charles E.
Adams, Charles L.
Adams, Charles S.
Adams, Charles S.
Adams, Cyrus A.
Adams, Daniel
Adams, Daniel
Adams, Daniel C.
Adams, Daniel Orison
Adams, Daniel V.
Adams, Daniel W.
Adams, Delphus Masen
Adams, Edgar A.
Adams, Edgar Emery
Adams, Edrick W. Jr.
Adams, Edward C.
Adams, Edward R.
Adams, Edwin H.
Adams, Elias Daniel
Adams, Elliott
Adams, Elmer L.
Adams, Ephraim
Adams, Everett E.
Adams, Frank S.
Adams, Franklin F.
Adams, Franklin J.
Adams, George
Adams, George Henry
Adams, George S.
Adams, George Sherburne
Adams, George W.
Adams, George W.
Adams, George W.
Adams, George Washington
Adams, Harrison S.
Adams, Henry
Adams, Henry
Adams, Henry C.
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Henry J.
Adams, Henry M.
Adams, Horace B.
Adams, James
Adams, James C.
Adams, James Henry
Adams, James R.
Adams, Jarvis W.
Adams, Jesse
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John L.
Adams, John Q.
Adams, John S.
Adams, John Wesley
Adams, Jonas Franklin
Adams, Joseph
Adams, Josiah H.
Adams, Leonard B.
Adams, Levi Blanchard
Adams, Loren D.
Adams, Lucius C.
Adams, Lucius Ortho
Adams, Luther J.
Adams, Mark
Adams, Martin
Adams, Milo P.
Adams, Nelson D.
Adams, Newell H. H.
Adams, Norman F.
Adams, Norman Lewis
Adams, Oliver E.
Adams, Orange Scott
Adams, Orlando E.
Adams, Orrin J.
Adams, Orrin S.
Adams, Placide
Adams, Royal
Adams, Samuel Emery
Adams, Sidney C.
Adams, Simeon Jr.
Adams, Stephen
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Thomas Jefferson
Adams, Thomas S.
Adams, Walter F.
Adams, Wayland L.
Adams, William C. B.
Adams, William Henry
Adams, William Henry
Adams, Willis Croyden
Adgate, Eleazer B.
Adle, Cornelius
Adrian, George W.
Agan, Michael
Agen, James Herman
Aggus, Thomas
Agin, Peter
Agin, Thomas
Ahistrom, Alexander F. E.
Aikee, Francis
Aiken, Alonzo
Aiken, Benjamin O.
Aiken, Charles E.
Aiken, Eliza N. Atherton
Aiken, Enoch
Aiken, Hector Hunter
Aiken, Hiram
Aiken, James H.
Aiken, John B.
Aiken, John E.
Aiken, John J.
Aiken, Walter A.
Aiken, William
Aiken, William A.
Aiken, William Appleton
Aiken, William D.
Aiken, William H.
Aiken, William S.
Aikens, Charles C.
Aikens, Cyrus H.
Aikens, George
Aikens, George C.
Aikens, Joseph P.
Aikins, Henry D.
Ailes, Edward M.
Ailes, Sylvanus F.
Ainley, William
Ainsworth, Alanson D.
Ainsworth, Albert
Ainsworth, Alfred
Ainsworth, Charles
Ainsworth, Charles F.
Ainsworth, Eugene D.
Ainsworth, George Julius
Ainsworth, George Prentiss
Ainsworth, George W.
Ainsworth, Harrison E.
Ainsworth, Henry A.
Ainsworth, Ira McCloud
Ainsworth, Ira Washington
Ainsworth, James S.
Ainsworth, Jefferson F.
Ainsworth, Judah Troop
Ainsworth, Lavake
Ainsworth, Llewellyn Ebenezer
Ainsworth, Llewellyn M.
Ainsworth, Luther
Ainsworth, Marcus
Ainsworth, Martin V. B.
Ainsworth, William
Ainsworth, William W.
Aitkin, Andrew
Akeley, Clark Barney
Akeley, Healey Cady
Akeley, John A.
Akeley, Jotham E.
Akeley, Lifus
Akeley, Willard H.
Akey, Peter
Albee, Calvin S.
Albee, Charles H.
Albee, Davis
Albee, Elijah J.
Albee, Francis L.
Albee, George K.
Albee, John H.
Albee, Justin V.
Albee, Merrill Austin
Albee, Silas
Albee, Stephen C.
Albee, William A.
Albert, Peter
Albia, John
Albro, Charles
Alcott, John W.
Alden, Edward
Alden, Harry H.
Alden, James Everett
Alden, Sylvester O.
Alden, William
Alden, William Seymour
Aldous, John H.
Aldrich, Alfred
Aldrich, Almon
Aldrich, Alonzo
Aldrich, Amasa
Aldrich, Ambrose D.
Aldrich, Anson L.
Aldrich, Arthur R.
Aldrich, Caleb A.
Aldrich, Charles Emerson
Aldrich, Charles H.
Aldrich, Charles W.
Aldrich, Chester T.
Aldrich, Dan Young
Aldrich, Edgar Dow
Aldrich, Elisha
Aldrich, Ezra E.
Aldrich, Francis H.
Aldrich, George F.
Aldrich, George S.
Aldrich, Harlan P.
Aldrich, Harrison
Aldrich, Harvey B.
Aldrich, Henry
Aldrich, Henry
Aldrich, Henry
Aldrich, Henry B.
Aldrich, Henry H.
Aldrich, Henry H.
Aldrich, Hosea
Aldrich, Ira Franklin
Aldrich, Isabel
Aldrich, James D.
Aldrich, Joel
Aldrich, John B.
Aldrich, John Greaves
Aldrich, John H.
Aldrich, John L.
Aldrich, Joseph C.
Aldrich, Joseph Inverness
Aldrich, Joshua
Aldrich, Lanson E.
Aldrich, Leonard Frost
Aldrich, Leonard J.
Aldrich, Levi H.
Aldrich, Liberty
Aldrich, Lucien C.
Aldrich, Lyman
Aldrich, Lyman C.
Aldrich, Milo David
Aldrich, Morey S.
Aldrich, Orange C.
Aldrich, Ozro L.
Aldrich, Ransom
Aldrich, Robert P.
Aldrich, Roswell O.
Aldrich, Rufus B.
Aldrich, S. Frederick
Aldrich, Samuel R.
Aldrich, Simeon C.
Aldrich, Timothy C.
Aldrich, Timothy Rose
Aldrich, William A.
Aldrich, William T.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.

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