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4th Vermont Infantry

This page is in transition. The first section, General Resources, will contain articles related to the unit in general; the section section has "additional information" in the individual soldiers' records. While in transition, there may be references to individual soldiers in both sections.

General Resources

2nd-6th Regiments - AG65
4th Infantry - AG62
4th Regiment - AG63
Atherton papers
Atherton, Henry B., correspondence
Battle of Savage's Station
Benedict, Chapter 8
Berry, Stephen, discharge
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Carpenter, Joel V., correspondence
Casualties At Weldon Railroad
Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)
Charles Collection
Co. A, 4th Vermont Infantry, 18 Apr 1862
Coffey, Robert J., correspondence
Coffey, Robert J., post-war correspondence )
Corps Badges
Fourth Regiment Band
Fourth Vermont Officers, 1862
Gibson Collection
Hardy, Hiram E., Andersonville Remembrance
Heath, William W., correspondence
Houghton Photographs
How A Man Feels in Battle
ID Disks
Identification Disks
Italo Photo Collection
Jones Collection
Joseph Stahl Collection
Morey, Mills M., proof of service
National Soldiers Homes
Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas
Petersburg, 1st Brigade Marker
Pickett, William G., photo
Prisoners at Columbia, SC
Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond
Ransom, An Original Play With Music
Record of a Quaker Conscience
Recruiting Poster, 4th Vermont
Research Aids
Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor
Sheridan, Philip, Army of the Shenandoah, Report of Campaign
Smith, Adin, biography
Spaulding, George P., biography
Stoughton, Charles B., 4th Regimet, Report of 16 Dec 1862 - AG63
Stoughton, Edwin H., 4th Regiment, Report of 10 Jul 62 - AG64
Stoughton, Edwin H., 4th Regiment, Report of 17 Apr 62 - AG64
Strong, Augustus B., correspondence
The Wilderness - Vermont's Bloodiest Day!
Troops in the Field - AG64
Tucker, George, obituary
Valentinetti Photo Collection
Vermont Flags
Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
Wilderness, 1st Brigade Monument
Zouave Company

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Abbott, Albert E.
Abbott, George T.
Ackley, Lewis Everett
Adams, Amasa
Adams, Austin V.
Adams, Charles
Adams, Edgar A.
Adams, Elias Daniel
Adams, Mark
Adams, Simeon Jr.
Aiken, William S.
Aikens, Joseph P.
Ainsworth, Charles F.
Ainsworth, George Prentiss
Ainsworth, Ira McCloud
Aldrich, John B.
Allard, Albert A.
Allard, Henry J.
Allen, Isaac K.
Amadon, Henry Austin
Amidon, George H.
Arms, Edwin Herbert
Armstrong, William
Atherton, Henry Brydge
Atwood, Henry L.
Atwood, Martin S.
Atwood, Samuel Adams
Austin, Royal Melvin
Badger, Charles F.
Bahan, George Welch
Baker, Nahum C.
Bancroft, Charles F.
Barnard, Silas
Barnett, George W.
Bartlett, Clark
Bartlett, John W.
Bartlett, Marston H.
Batchelder, Frank L.
Bates, George L.
Beach, Edgar A.
Berry, Stephen
Bickford, George W.
Bicknell, William
Bigelow, Alonzo
Bixby, Armentus B.
Blake, Arthur Parker
Blake, Charles N.
Blodgett, Stephen Blaney
Blood, Zaccheus
Bolles, David
Bourdon, Louis
Boutin, Charles W.
Bradley, Samuel Jr.
Britton, George F.
Bronson, Martin V. B.
Brooks, James Byron
Brown, Addison Jr.
Brown, George W.
Brown, Nathan L.
Bullock, Byron
Bullock, David M.
Burbank, Nathaniel
Burgess, Edwin D.
Burnham, Albert
Burnham, Edwin
Burton, Gideon H.
Bush, Henry J.
Cady, Wilbur F.
Camp, Henry G.
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Hiram W.
Carleton, Charles H.
Carpenter, Amasa W.
Carpenter, Helon M.
Carpenter, Joseph W. D.
Carpenter, Nathan B.
Carr, Carlos Wellington
Carter, Edward W.
Castle, Samuel B.
Chamberlain, Russell Tyron
Chamberlin, James A.
Chamberlin, William A.
Chandler, Frank Hilton
Chapin, Howard Church
Chapman, Myron C.
Chase, George
Chase, George W.
Cheney, George A.
Child, Myron
Child, Willard Augustus
Church, Erastus
Church, Julius H.
Clapp, Marshall N.
Clark, Carlos E.
Clark, James Binney
Clogston, Charles S.
Clough, Charles E.
Coffey, Robert John
Colby, John F.
Colby, Marcellus L.
Cole, Charles G.
Cole, Felix G.
Conant, Freeman C.
Cooper, Edward S.
Cooper, Henry A.
Corse, Rodney V.
Cox, Amariah
Crocker, Chauncey Brewer
Cummings, Henry O.
Cunningham, Michael
Cunningham, Thomas R.
Currier, Henry M.
Currier, Israel I.
Currier, John Wesley
Currier, Selden B.
Curtis, Edward Malcolm
Cushman, Henry Theodore
Cutler, Cornelius W.
Cutter, William H.
Cutting, William J.
Dakin, Peter
Dam, Charles A.
Davis, Leander D.
Dickerman, Aldrich L.
Dickey, John H.
Dow, Augustus
Dow, Samuel H.
Downer, David E.
Downer, Ephraim
Drury, James John
Drury, Joseph Freeman
Dunn, Albert
Dutton, Edwin P.
Dutton, Ephraim D.
Dwyer, Osmond
Eames, Luther
Eastman, Daniel
Eaton, George Warren
Eaton, Orville M.
Edgerton, Hiram R.
Ellis, William Dutton
Emerson, George H.
Ensworth, Thomas Jr.
Esdon, John
Estey, Samuel Ward
Evans, John H.
Farnsworth, Cyrus F.
Farr, Dennie W.
Felch, Marshall P.
Fifield, Jonathan
Fish, Walter W. Jr.
Fisher, Abial Walstein
Fisher, Lewis W.
Fisher, Roscoe
Flinn, Thomas
Flint, Frank William
Ford, Arba A.
Foster, George Perkins
Freeman, Kelsey P.
Freeman, Otis Washington
French, Albert
French, George Blood
Fulton, George E.
Gale, Lyman C.
Gibson, Caros Ozro
Gibson, George W.
Giddings, Silas
Glazier, Frank
Godfrey, Frederick
Gorham, Hiram J.
Gould, Ashbell K.
Gould, Dwight C.
Graves, Albert A.
Graves, Willard R.
Gray, Jacob G.
Gray, Wells C.
Green, Carlton
Gregory, Joseph
Griffin, James O.
Griffin, Thomas W.
Grout, Ira F.
Grow, George W.
Haley, John Jr.
Hall, James
Hall, Merrill K.
Hall, Theodore H.
Harrington, Joseph Lysander
Harris, Elliot
Harris, John P.
Harris, Lorenzo
Harris, Luther Burnham
Hartson, Chauncey Frost
Hatch, Charles Pinckney Jr.
Hatch, Clarence Augustine
Hatch, Marshall Taylor
Hawkins, George A.
Haynes, Caleb
Hayward, Rufus G.
Headle, Alphonzo E.
Headle, Levi P.
Heath, Abel A.
Heath, William W.
Herrick, George S.
Hicks, Samuel B.
Higgins, Ira S.
Hill, George W.
Hill, Moses Barnes
Hobart, Charles P.
Hodges, Sylvester E.
Holbrook, William Cune
Holden, Hebbard George
Holt, Samuel B.
Holton, John H.
Hooker, George White
Horton, Edwin
Hosford, John Levi
Hosmer, Francis J.
Houghton, James M.
Howe, Alonzo
Huber, Maximilian Henry
Hunt, Morris F.
Hunt, Orange Smith
Hyde, Thomas
Ives, John R.
Jackson, Edward F.
Jewett, Allen P.
Johnson, Charles Dubois
Johnson, Estelle Serena
Johnson, Marcellus B.
Johnson, Newton R.
Jones, Dexter
Jones, Edward Threadway
Jones, Jared L.
Jones, William R.
Joslyn, Treffly
Keating, John
Kelley, Joseph B.
Kendall, Luke W.
Kendall, Wallace William
Kenney, Andrew J.
Keyes, John W.
Kimball, Benjamin
Kinsman, Albert A.
Kinsman, Charles Carroll
Kittredge, Alanson
Klinger, Ferdinand
Knapp, Charles H.
Knapp, Luther
Knowles, John H.
Ladd, Seneca
Ladeau, Joseph
Laird, Robert W.
Lane, Noah L.
Larabee, Jerome B. H.
Larkin, Patrick
Lawrence, Charles F.
Lewis, Henry E.
Lillie, Daniel
Lillie, Robert Burns
Lincoln, David E.
Littlejohn, Otis
Loveland, James
Luce, Jabez
Lynde, Frederick Marcy
Lynde, Lewis H.
Mack, Asa B.
Mackin, Joseph
Macomber, Lindley M.
Magoon, Orville J.
Manley, Charles H.
Mann, David W.
Mann, Isaac P.
Mann, Nathan
Marsh, Daniel H.
Marsh, George Edgar
Marsh, James Jr.
Martin, Charles S.
Martin, George Harrison
Martin, Michael
Martin, Wesley P.
Martin, William Henry
Mayott, Leonard M.
McAllister, William H. H.
McLellan, Lewis
Merrill, Solomon Fellows
Miles, William H.
Miller, Henry W.
Minott, Joseph
Mooney, Patrick
Morey, Mills M. C.
Morey, Willard F.
Morgan, William Henry Harrison
Morrill, Hollis D.
Morse, Harvey K.
Morse, Ira Elisha
Mosher, Henry E.
Muckler, Henry S.
Mudgett, John
Needham, Joseph Bruce
Nelson, Orin
Nelson, Stephen R.
Nesbitt, William M.
Newell, Luther B.
Newman, Silas
Newton, Charles Henry
Nichols, Alfred K.
Niles, Alonzo C.
Niles, Henry
Noble, Thomas O.
Nunn, William H.
O'Connor, John
Osgood, John S.
Owens, John W.
Paige, Charles A.
Parker, Alvin J.
Parker, George H.
Parsons, Abel K.
Perkins, Hiram
Perry, Edwin R.
Perry, James A.
Perry, Willard M.
Petrie, William H.
Phelps, Edward Elisha
Phillips, Edwin
Pierce, William Ward
Pike, Ahaz P.
Pike, Albert L.
Pike, Andrew J.
Pike, Norman T.
Pike, Otis Howard
Piper, Collins Leonard
Plimpton, Salem M.
Pratt, John Edward
Prentiss, Fred Leroy
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey
Quaid, Charles
Quimby, George Washington
Quinlan, John
Rahue, William Henry
Randall, George H.
Rice, Elmer David
Rice, Philander Willis
Rich, Carlos H.
Richardson, George W.
Richardson, John N.
Richardson, Lafayette
Rickard, Benjamin Rollin
Roberts, Horace E.
Roberts, John Lord
Rogers, Frederick C.
Rogers, Robert
Rollins, Ledrue M.
Rollins, Samuel W.
Rood, Franklin
Ross, Charles Jarvis Elijah
Rowe, Harry
Rowe, Horace E.
Russell, Charles H.
Ryder, James F.
Ryther, D. Jewett
Sanborn, John Henry
Sanders, Charles A.
Sargent, Charles A.
Savage, Alvan Augustus
Savage, Edward M.
Savage, Joseph F.
Scott, Luther B.
Shedd, Abel Burbank
Shepard, Austin E.
Sherwin, Ransom
Sherwood, Alphon Corsander
Shipman, Hiland H.
Shuttleworth, George L.
Silloway, Charles Payne
Simpson, Isaac Powers
Skinner, Daniel F.
Skinner, Ezekiel
Sleeper, Martin V. B.
Sly, William J.
Smith, Adin D.
Smith, Ceylon P.
Smith, Henry Christopher
Smith, Hiland H.
Smith, Lyman J.
Smith, Nathan Abner
Smith, William H.
Spafford, Henry W.
Sparrow, Bradford Polk
Spaulding, Melville C.
Spencer, Ira Day
Sprague, Henry
Squier, Willard Harwood
Squire, Daniel Webster
Stafford, Benjamin F.
Stay, Charles
Stevens, Charles D.
Stevens, William Byrd
Stockwell, Arthur E.
Stockwell, Franklin
Stoddard, Phineas W.
Stoddard, William F.
Stone, Charles
Stone, George E.
Stone, George H.
Stone, Silas Hubbard
Stoughton, Charles Bradley
Stoughton, Edwin Henry
Stowe, Israel Jr.
Stowe, Titus
Straight, Abram B.
Streeter, Joel
Strong, Augustus B.
Strong, Lycurgus
Sulham, Albert F.
Sulham, Walter S.
Sumner, Hoyt
Sumner, Willard S.
Swift, George Hawkins
Tambling, George H.
Taplin, Mansfield J.
Tarbell, Abner Whipple
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Herbert Edward
Tierney, Michael C.
Tilson, William Francis
Titus, Morris P.
Tower, George Rilely
Towle, Ransom Winfield
Tracy, John Jay
Tracy, William Carter
Travers, John
Trudo, Augustus
Tuliper, Henry B.
Tupper, Charles
Twitchell, Marshall Harvey
Tyler, John Curtis
Underwood, Lodwick D.
Waite, Henry Orlando
Walbridge, Rodney W.
Walbridge, Warren S.
Ward, Albert H.
Warren, Ausemus J.
Washburn, Andrew J.
Washburn, William L.
Webster, Nathan L.
Webster, William A.
Wheeler, Daniel Davis
Wheeler, Henry Herbert
Whitcomb, John A.
White, Charles A.
White, George P.
Whitman, John Norton
Whitney, George Henry
Whitney, Increase B.
Whitney, Martin Dunster
Whitney, Robert B.
Wilcox, Edwin A.
Wiley, David L.
Willard, James Dwight
Willard, James R.
Willey, Henry S.
Wilson, Byron B.
Wilson, Milo J.
Winslow, Josiah
Wood, Lydia A. Johnson
Woodworth, Henry N.
Worthen, Harry Niles
Wyman, Harvey C.
Young, William P.