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5th Vermont Infantry


1861/07/30Lieutenant Henry A. Smalley, 2nd U.S. Artillery, was commissioned colonel. (Benedict)
1861/09/14The 5th Regiment was in camp a mile north of the village of St. Albans on land belonging to Henry Seymour, Esq. (Benedict)
1861/09/15Colonel Henry A. Smalley assumes command of the 5th Regiment (Peck)
1861/09/16Fifth Regiment Inf.: 'Mustered into the United States service for three years at St. Albans, Vt. ... and in a few days went to Washington.' (Peck)
1861/09/25The 5th Regiment arrived in Washington in the evening (Benedict)
1861/09/25"Arrival and Departure of the Fifth Vt. Regiment" -- This regiment which has been encamped for some time past at St. Albans, Vt., broke camp on Saturday and started for the seat of war. The men did not land in this City, but proceeded direct to Jersey City where cars were taken for Washington. They are a fine, hardy-looking set of men and appear well calculated to sustain the honor of the Green Mountain State." (Date: 23 Sept., 1861). -- "The Fifth Regiment of Vt. arrived at Jersey City yesterday by the steamer Elm City, on its way to the seat of war. It numbers 1,070 men, inclusive of officers and is thoroughly armed and equipped. Colonel H. A. Smalley, the commandant of the regiment, was educated at West Point and was formerly an officer in the Second United States Artillery. (New York Times) (5th Infantry)
1862/01/20Sgt Charles E. Abell, Co. H, 5th VVI, was discharged for disability; six months later, he would be commissioned Capt., Co. D, 14th VVI (5th Infantry)
1862/05/24Rev. Charles S. Hale of Brandon, a young Episcopal clergyman, was appointed chaplain, in place of Chaplain Simons who had resigned in March. (Benedict)
1862/06/295th Vt. Inf., 'at Savage's Station, June 29, 1862, suffered the greatest loss, in killed and wounded, of any Vt. regiment in any one engagement. It this battle, with not over four hundred muskets, it lost 188 officers and men in half an hour--company E losing 44 men killed and wounded out of fifty-nine, 25 of whom were killed or mortally wounded. It was here that five Cummings brothers, and one cousin, of company E, were all killed or wounded, only one of the six recovering from his wounds.' (Peck)
1862/09/10Colonel Smalley's leave of absence from the regular army was revoked, and he resigned from the regiment, replaced by now Colonel Lewis A. Grant. (Benedict)
1863/01/08REDUCED IN NUMBER - Of the 98 enlisted men that originally composed Co. I [5th Regiment], ... there are now present with the company but three non-commissioned officers and 18 privates. The loss of this company by battle has not been so great as that of two or three other companies in the same regiment, but the diseases incident to military life have thinned its ranks considerably. It will be remembered that this company lost twelve of its original members, killed, wounded and missing, at Savage Station, and six at the late battle of Fredericksburg. (Rutland Herald, January 8, 1863)
1863/05/045th Regiment was engaged or present at Salem Heights, Va. (Battles)
1863/06/055th Regiment was engaged or present at Fredericksburg, Va. (Battles)
1863/11/075th Regiment was engaged or present at Rappahannock Station, Va. (Battles)
1864/01/01'The 5th Vt. Regiment, which is the first New England regiment that has re-enlisted for three years, arrived at Burlington, Vt., December 30th, and was received with the firing of cannon and the ringing of bells. The regiment, which numbers 325 men, were escorted to the Town Hall by the 3d Vt. battery. Many distinguished citizens, several provost marshals of the state, and General Pitcher, assistant provost marshal general, participated in the reception.' (Fitchburg Sentinel, courtesy of Jennifer Mitten, original at Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.)
1864/08/03Hiram Laraway, Company A, 5th Regiment, died at Andersonville of diarrhea. (see Alson Blake's deposition)
1864/08/215th Regiment was engaged or present at Charlestown, Va. (Battles)
1864/09/135th Regiment was engaged or present at Gilbert's Ford, Va. (Battles)
1864/09/225th Regiment was engaged or present at Fisher's Hill, Va. (Battles)
1865/06/295th Regiment mustered out, having lost 11 Officers and 202 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 124 Enlisted men by disease. Total 338. (Dyer)
1936/05/15Charles H. Spaulding, last known surviving member of the 5th VT INF, died in Bulington, VT