Stephen S. Huntley

"Embarked from Hartland, VT Dec 22, 1863 and was mustered into the US service Dec 22, as a private of Captain M. Warner Davis, Vt 1st Infantry to serve 3 years unless sooner discharged. The regiment was commanded by Colonel Elisha Barney and served in the "Old Vermont Brigade" 2nd Division, 6th Army Corps. He joined the Army just before the Wilderness Campaign and was engaged at Wilderness May 5th, 1864, when he was severely wounded, losing his right hand. He was taken to the hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, for one month, then to Harriswood Hospital, Washington, from there to Brattleboro, VT and finally to Burlington and was honorably discharged August 25th, 1864 by reason of wound received in action."

Source: handwritten account in possession of his 3rd-great-granddaughter, Lorie Robbins, Centreville, Va.