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6th Vermont Infantry

         Camp in the Field, Virginia 
                            May 19th 1864

Dear Father, 

          Again am I permitted to be
spared to write you to let you know that
I am still alive and well.  For which I
am truly Thankful to God. 

I presume that Edward has written to you
& gave the particulars of his wound,
and also of my own, But for fear
he has not I will just mention it.
Edward is wounded in the left side
just above the hip in that fleshy part
of the body.  Not very serious I think
if he only takes care of it.  My wound
was in the hip.  I think the ball must
have struck my bayonet because it
bruised my leg & left it black & blue
& made me quite lame for some time.
I am now alright.  It did not cut the skin.
We are now laying behind some breastworks
we built today within a quarter of or
half a mile of the rebels. This has been
a terrible Battle so far.  How much
longer it will last we don't know.  I tell
you Grant is moving I think succesfully &
I hope we will son have destroyed
or captured Lee's Army.  The Battle
is one of the hardest one of the war. 

   The Vermont Brigade is pretty well
used up over half gone I think I dont
think 2,500 will more than cover our loss. 
Our Colonel & the Colonel of the 2nd VT are
both dead & Lt. Colonel Lewis of the 5th 
lost his arm & Colonel Foster of the 4th VT
was severly wounded & Adjutant of the
3rd VT was killed. Our Capt'n. the only
commissioned officer we had was killed
& the Capt. & 1st. Lt of Co. A were both killed.
Our Adjutant 2 Cpt'ns. & 1 Lt. were wounded.

The loss of our Regt is 243 I believe and the
2nd VT over 500. & we may thank General
Hancock for losing about twice as many
as we ought as he ordered us in at a bad
time and place.  The greatest trouble was he
is too fast.

But I will write you more next
time if I am allright. 

I thought as the mail was going out
now I would write you to let you
know that we are alive. 

     Give my best Respects to all
inquiring Friends & accept this
from your Affectionet Son 

         James T. Brownlee 
         Co. F. 6th Regt. VT Vols 

Our Co. lost 3 killed 15 wounded
& 4 missing