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Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

Sept 1 - Freeman's Meeting Day. Write my dearest Sue. The mail brings us a letter from sister Eliza written Aug 3d at Charleston S.C. Sends her photograph & Warren's. Would that she might come home.

Sept 2 - Glover is indeed all quiet. The school begins today. A letter from Creti.

Sept 3 - Ditto - Rains

Sept 4 - All day

Sept 5 - Ditto

Sept 6 - Attend Church. Write Sue my own Sue.

Sept 7 - Go to Barton. Meet friend McClary & go home to Albany with him.

Sept 8 - Come home today from Albany. Had a very good visit with MC.

Sept 9 - At Barton this morning. Withdraw an application. See Cousin Helen. This PM go toward G. Have a good visit my friend Matt. Bid "Good Bye" for tomorrow I expect to start back.

Sept 10 - Tis now 8ŻAM & expect soon to bid good bye to my Glover friends & start for the war again. Am now only waiting for the stage. May I be spared & return to my home again. God grant it. Ride to Cabot today.

Sept 11 - The moments hours & days that I am with my own devoted Sue glide happily by.

Sept 12 - I am at the Deacons today. Can it be I am so soon to part with my darling Sue.

Sept 13 - We do not attend Church today but stay at home.

Sept 14 - Make some call this PM with Sue & Abbie. Take tea at Mr. Allen Perry's

Sept 15 - Tomorrow I expect to start for my regiment.

Sept 16 - Go fishing this afternoon "for greens"

Sept 17 - We go to Montpelier this AM. Sue goes with me. I expected to go on tomorrow to New York but fortunately meeting Major Crandall who tell me not to think of going as I am & he prevails on me to get another extension of my leave of absence & I do so by going to Dr Dewey. I shall now delay going for a while.

Sept 18 - Last night we listened to an address from Paul Dillingham. By getting another leave of absence it has changed my whole plans. Today at 11AM Sue go down to Northfield & make my sister Martha & family a visit.

Sept 19 - Expected to have returned to Montpelier today & thus gone to Cabot but it rained so hard we had to delay till tomorrow. Pass the day as pleasantly as possible. Martha has a little family of noisy children.

Sept 20 - We stayed art home from Church all day. I send my report & certificate to the Adjutant General & the Col. Of my regt. Write home also. Taken a portion of the still day & have a talk with Mrs Hoyt, Sue's mother, upon the subject nearest to my heart. My desires meet with approval. May Heaven be thanked.

Sept 21 - Today I am again at Deacon Hoyt's. Happy in the society of my loved froends.

Sept 22 - Go to St. Johnsburg today. Sue & I. Rather cold

Sept 23 - The hours pass happily when I am with my devoted Sue, my betrothed.

Sept 24 - Pass much of the time in reading "Course of Time" by Pollok. Write

Sept 25 - Cold & rainy all day. Write home. Sue, thou art dearer to me than life!

Sept 26 - Rainy all day. Hope clear off before tomorrow, as that day weds me to the lady I love. Tomorrow is to be my wedding day.

Sept 27 - The clouds break away. The sky becomes bright - after the darkness that has overcast it. Tis a beautiful day. This day at 7PM Sue & I were made one for life. I was given the partner of my choice. I am a married man. Long shall I remember this day - so beautiful. The bright moon in its full, succeeds in splender the setting sun.

Sept 28 - Today we with Enoch & Abbie go to Montpelier. I am on my way to the army & Sue is going as far as New York. We shall stop there about a week when Sue will return home & I go on to Washington.

Sept 29 - At 9AM I bid E & A good bye & we leave for Springfield where we stay tonight at the Russell House. Get to Springfield at 6PM. I drop a line at Northhampton to have cousin Susan come down. She gets it & comes down at 8PM. We have a fine visit.

Sept 30 - At 12M we leave Susan to return & we start for New York where we arrive at 6PM. Go at once to Hoboken at Hazen's. Tired riding. Hazen & wife were a good deal supprised to see me with a wife.

1862 diary

1863 diary:





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