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Frederick Marius Kimball's Diaries

A new era has dawned upon the world. This year will tell greatly upon the destiny of the country. May its close be not like its predecessor to leave our country still in war. With the old year has closed a great volume in American history-the most eventful of any on record. This new epoch will tell greatly upon the destiny of mankind through all coming time, not only of our own country but of every nation. May it demonstrate that a free people can govern themselves & that American Slavery will be no longer. Slaves no longer slaves & Rebels no longer rebels.

"In that blissful vision each shall share,
As much glory as his soul can bear."

1862 diary

1863 diary:


1864 diary (digital)

1865 diary (digital)

In addition to diary entries, Kimball left a variety of items in his 1863 through 1866 diaries.

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