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6th Vermont Infantry
This page is in transition. The first section, General Resources, will contain articles related to the unit in general; the section section has "additional information" in the individual soldiers' records. While in transition, there may be references to individual soldiers in both sections.

General Resources

2nd-6th Regiments - AG65
6th Infantry - AG62
6th Regiment - AG63
Additional Service
Argy, William L., pension record
Army Medical Museum Case Histories
Barney, Elisha L., 6th Regiment, Report of 5 May 1863 - AG63
Battle Honors
Battle of Savage's Station
Benedict, Chapter 10
Betney, John, pension related documents
Brownlee, James T., correspondence
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Camp Griffin
Charles Collection
Co. K, 6th Vermont, at Camp Griffin
Company K Casualties
Corps Badges
Cox, Augustus T., correspondence
Dillon, Edward, photograph
Dwinell, Silas O., memorabilia
Dwinell, Silas, tombstone
Gibson Collection
Herrick, Edgar E., id disk
Houghton Photographs
How A Man Feels in Battle
Huntley, Stephen, account of service
ID Disks
Identification Disks
Italo Photo Collection
Jones Collection
Jordan, Willis B., biography
Joseph Stahl Collection
Kelley, John, biography
Kimball, Frederick M., correspondence
Kimball, Frederick, diary/correspondence
Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864
Lincoln, Sumner H., 6th Regiment, Report of 31 Jul 65 - AG65
Lord, Nathan, 6th Regiment, Report of 10 Jul 62 - AG64
Lord, Nathan, 6th Regiment, Report of 17 Apr 62 - AG64
Mather, Warren D., correspondence
National Soldiers Homes
O'Riley, John
Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas
Petersburg, 1st Brigade Marker
Research Aids
Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor
Shepard, William S., obituary
Sheridan, Philip, Army of the Shenandoah, Report of Campaign
Sixth Infantry - AG62
Small, Herman L.
Sperry, William J., biography
The Wilderness - Vermont's Bloodiest Day!
Troops in the Field - AG64
Valentinetti Photo Collection
Vermont Flags
Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
Wilderness, 1st Brigade Monument

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Aiken, Walter A.
Ainsworth, Judah Troop
Aldrich, Almon
Aldrich, John L.
Allard, William H.
Axtell, Richmond
Ayers, Dana C.
Babcock, George C.
Bagley, William
Bailey, Charles Francis
Baker, George W.
Baker, Henry J.
Barber, Edgar Lee
Barker, Seth W.
Barney, Elisha L.
Barney, Friend H.
Barnum, Rodney R.
Barr, John Clark
Baxter, Stephen William
Bellows, Ruluf L.
Bentley, Royal S/E
Bird, Riley A.
Bitney, John
Blackburn, Charles William
Blake, Arthur Parker
Blake, Benjamin M.
Bliss, George C.
Bliss, Hobart E.
Blood, Willard F.
Blunt, Asa Peabody
Boyce, George C.
Bradbury, Frank B.
Bridge, Rodolphus
Briggs, Horace B.
Brown, Willard Thaddeus
Brown, William N.
Brownell, Julian W.
Brownlee, James T.
Buck, Francis E.
Burleson, George Washington
Bushnell, Henry N.
Bussell, Hiram D.
Butterfield, Franklin George
Cameron, Sylvester
Campbell, Alexander Jr.
Campbell, Beman H.
Campbell, Bertrand D.
Campbell, Hugh Crawford
Campbell, John
Cannon, Barney
Carr, David G.
Chandler, Charles Marcellus
Chapin, Cornelius Augustus
Chase, Luther
Chase, Mark C.
Chase, Nelson W.
Clapper, Harrison
Clark, James
Clark, John Wesley
Clark, Thomas R.
Cleveland, Charles C.
Cleveland, Henry C.
Clifford, Isaac W.
Cole, Horace B.
Collins, Henry Wallace
Colomb, John
Colt, Daniel Jr.
Coty, Jesse
Cox, Lorenzo H.
Craig, William Parker
Crandall, Richard Bailey
Crane, Porter C. Jr.
Cummings, Nathan
Curtis, Edward Malcolm
Cushman, Adolphus J.
Cutler, Daniel W.
Daley, Orrin
Danforth, Alonzo W.
Davenport, Henry D.
Davis, Alexander W.
Davis, John C.
Davis, Martin Warner
Dawson, William E.
Dean, Caspar Honorus
Divoll, Charles P.
Divoll, Morris L.
Dodge, Edwin R.
Dodge, George Franklin
Douglas, Alfred F.
Drew, Carlos L.
Drew, Isaac Thomas
Drew, Rufus Leonard
Dwinell, Carlos W.
Dwinell, Silas Oscar
Dyke, Lorenzo
Earle, Albert Selden
Earle, William Boardman
Eastman, Seth N.
Elliott, John
Elliott, William R.
Elmer, Lorenzo David
English, Hiram S.
Evans, Goin B.
Fairbrother, Edson Thomas
Fairbrother, Stephen W.
Farr, George V.
Fisher, Christopher C.
Fisher, Henry John
Fitch, George
Fitch, Samuel Norman
Flanders, George W.
Flannagan, Morris
Fletcher, Jefferson H.
Fletcher, Silas
Folsom, Augustus P.
Forbes, William H.
Freeman, Charles H.
Freeman, Henry B.
Fuller, Harvey A.
Fuller, Samuel G.
Gage, Edgar W.
Gardner, George
Gates, Abel F.
Gilbert, Stephen
Gilbert, William D.
Gilchrist, William H.
Gillis, Archibald Leitch
Gilroy, Edward
Gilson, Eli
Gladden, Atwood Mark
Goddard, Charles Austin
Goddard, Levi B.
Goodrich, Leonard H.
Goodspeed, Elisha
Goss, Aaron
Gowing, Norman Levi
Gravel, Joseph
Gravelle, Joseph
Gray, Samuel Drown
Green, Warren W.
Green, William A.
Griswold, John S.
Grout, Austin
Grout, Harrison E.
Hagar, John E.
Hale, Oscar Adrian
Hall, Elia
Hall, William H. H.
Hammond, John F. C.
Harris, Jarvis C.
Hatch, George H.
Hatch, Stillman A.
Hayford, Lucius Warren
Hazen, Goodrich Spellman
Heath, Henry R.
Herrick, Edgar E.
Hill, Charles
Holbrook, Selah H.
Hollister, Homer H.
Holmes, Darius G.
Holmes, John W.
Holt, Andrew J.
Holt, David C.
Holton, Edward A.
Horner, Albert Norris
Horner, Eri J.
Horner, George Washington
House, James
Howe, Charles C.
Hunter, Hiram Morse
Hunter, John H.
Huntley, Loomis D.
Hutchinson, Orville W.
Ingalls, James N.
Ingalls, John W.
Ingleston, William H.
Jacobs, Uriah D.
Jenkins, Ralph
Jenne, William S.
Jesmer, David
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, Orrin A.
Johnson, Stephen
Jones, Daniel S.
Jones, Edward Threadway
Jones, George A.
Jones, Samuel H.
Jordan, Willis B.
Judd, James
Keith, Alfred Horton
Kelley, John
Kelley, John
Kendall, Fletcher R.
Kennedy, Thomas B.
Kent, Evarts B.
Kimball, Frederick Marius
Kimball, George W.
Kirby, James P.
Knapp, Charles A.
Knapp, Francis L.
Lamphere, Perry
Levins, Alonzo
Lewis, Edwin C.
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Linsley, Ransom H.
Little, Joseph H.
Livingston, Alexander
Lombard, Eli
Lord, Nathan S. Jr.
Lucia, George Henry
Lull, Lewis J.
Lyford, Henry
Lynch, Patrick
Macomber, Carlos S.
Macomber, John G.
Maloney, John
Manghan, Michael
Marston, Archibald
Martin, Guy C.
Martin, Remembrance C.
Mason, Dan
Master, Franklin
Master, Joseph
Matthewson, Ozias D.
Mattimore, Barnard
Maxwell, Samuel
McGowen, John
McKenzie, Michael
Mehuron, Allen E.
Mellish, George H.
Mills, Charles
Miner, Andrew A.
Mitchell, William
Monroe, Daniel
Morgan, Talma H.
Mosier, Peter
Mower, Charles E.
Murphy, Patrick Henry
Myers, Winslow S.
Neddo, George
Nevins, Alfred M.
Newton, Chester F.
Newton, Henry
Norton, Calvin Luther
O'Riley, John
Packard, Henry C.
Page, John
Page, Lemuel B.
Palmer, John G.
Parker, George Andrew
Parkhurst, H. Byron
Pasha, Antoine
Perkins, Edward H.
Pettingill, Harry B.
Phelps, George H.
Phelps, John D.
Phillips, Edwin
Pier, Orris
Pierce, Payson A.
Pillsbury, Thomas Jefferson
Poland, Benjamin
Potter, Nahum
Pratt, George S.
Priest, Alonzo
Quimby, Daniel C.
Raistrick, John Y.
Ralph, William H. H.
Randall, Charles J. S.
Randall, George C.
Raycroft, William
Raymond, Daniel
Raymond, Owen J.
Reynolds, Edwin F.
Reynolds, Edwin L.
Reynolds, William B.
Rhieu, Frank
Richardson, Edwin R.
Richardson, Plummer H.
Richardson, Samuel A.
Roberts, Augustus L.
Robinson, Amos
Robinson, John Randolph
Roby, William H. H.
Rock, Joseph C.
Rogers, Martin V.
Russell, John S.
Sanborn, Evander M.
Sargent, James M.
Sawyer, Elliott F.
Scarbo, Midor
Sears, Frank C.
Shanty, Frederick
Shattuck, Charles S.
Shaw, Stephen
Shepard, Calvin J.
Shepherd, Daniel P.
Shiney, Joseph
Shonnio, Chauncey S.
Shonnio, George A.
Shontell, Louis
Small, Herman L.
Smith, Emery L.
Smith, Frederick Elijah
Smith, Ira N.
Snay, George H.
Snell, William LaSalle
Spaulding, Jesse C.
Spear, Edwin S.
Sperry, William Joseph
Spicer, Albion H.
Spicer, George W.
Squire, Argalus L.
Stickney, Joshua G.
Stiles, Benjamin W.
Stiles, Frank C.
Stoddard, William Henry
Stone, Edward Payson
Stratton, Nathaniel Hapgood
Strong, William Mitchell
Tabor, James Madison
Taggart, John H.
Tatro, Thomas
Taylor, Benjamin R.
Thayer, Nathan
Thompson, Albert L.
Titus, Spears J.
Trask, Frank Alden
Tubbs, George W.
Tuttle, Lyman Morver
Tuttle, Oscar Stratton
Ufford, Charles J.
Ufford, Edward A.
Vaughan, William C.
Vernal, Harmon
Vondell, Henry L.
Wakefield, Arrington C.
Waldo, Dillingham
Ward, Zalucas
Waterman, Walter F.
Watson, William H.
Way, Harrison S.
Webster, Harvey
Westover, Silas
Wheelock, Albert J.
Whipple, John
White, Samuel G.
Whitney, Cyrus O.
Whitney, Elijah
Whitney, Pardon A.
Whittier, Edwin S.
Wilson, Warren J.
Wood, Gideon
Woodman, Thomas W.
Wright, Harry H.
Wright, John Henry
Wright, Thomas Kidder Green