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8th Vermont Infantry


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Field and Staff

Allen, Cyrus Hamilton
Barstow, John Lester
Bayne, Thomas
Brackett, Aurick S.
Brown, Edward Marcus
Carpenter, George Nathaniel
Carpenter, Henry
Child, Lewis
Currier, Samuel Hammond
Dewey, Edward
Dillingham, Charles D.
Dutton, Henry Forest
Flagg, Gershom H.
Franklin, Alvin B.
Gale, George F.
Gillett, Heman H.
Gilmore, William H.
Grout, Luman M.
Haenel, Auguste
Haskins, William H.
Henderson, George Washington
Hodgkins, Merrill Levi
Martin, Anselm
Mead, John Boardman
Page, Albert F.
Pettee, Waitstill R.
Pollard, Henry Moses
Ross, Oliver E.
Shattuck, Samuel Walker
Smith, Frederick Elijah
Smith, John Elliot
Thomas, Stephen
Welch, James
Williams, Francis C.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.

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