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8th Vermont Infantry
Vermont Civil War Timeline
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November 12, 1861

Stephen Thomas, native of West Fairlee, a democratic member of the Vt. Legislature, was commissioned Colonel of the 8th Regiment, which he immediately proceeded to recruit. (Peck)

February 18, 1862

8th Regiment mustered into U. S. service. (Dyer)

February 19, 1862

Albert Hale, 8th VVI, wrote his father from Camp Holbrook, Brattleboro (more)

March 4, 1862

8th Regiment departed Brattleboro for New York (Dyer)

March 6, 1862

Albert Hale, 8th VVI, wrote his father, on the train, en route New York. (more)

March 9, 1862

The 8th Regiment leaves New York on the ships 'Wallace' and 'James Hovey,' with sealed orders, which, on being opened at sea, directed the troops to report to General Phelps at Ship Island, in the Gulf of Mexico. (Peck)

March 19, 1862

8th Regiment departed New York for Ship Island, MS, arriving there April 6. (Dyer)

May 12, 1862

The 8th Regiment arrived at New Orleans, and went immediate into quarters in the Mechanic's Institute building. (Peck)

June 22, 1862

8th Regiment at Raceland, LA (Dyer)

September 4, 1862

8th Regiment at Boutte Station and Bayou Des Allemands. LA (Dyer)

September 4, 1862

Private Lewis J. Ingalls, Co. K, 8th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)

January 14, 1863

8th Regiment engaged with Steamer 'Cotton.' (see battles)

January 14, 1863

First Sergeant Squire E. Howard, Co. H, 8th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)

March 21, 1863

Captain John S. Clark, 8th Regiment, who died on the 20th, was buried in the Sparks family vault in Girod cemetery, New Orleans (Carpenter)

April 12, 1863

8th Regiment at Bisland, LA (Dyer)

May 27, 1863

8th Regiment engaged in assault on Port Hudson, La. (see battles)

June 10, 1863

8th Regiment participated in the night engagement at Port Hudson, La. (see battles)

June 14, 1863

8th Regiment participated in the assault on Port Hudson, La. (see battles)

July 13, 1863

A force of artillery, cavalry and infantry, including the Eighth Vt. (Colonel Stephen Thomas), left Brashear City, Louisiana, under command of General Weitzel and joined a gunboat fleet of side-wheel steamers, Colonel Kinsman, Estrella, Calhoun and Diana on Bayou Teche. On the 14th, the Eighth Vt. crossed to the east side of the bayou by Diana to engage sharpshooters. The Seventy-fifth New York stayed on the west bank of the bayou for the same purpose. Sixty picked men from the Eighth were sent under command of Captain Henry F. Dutton, Company H, to pick off the gunners of the Confederate side-wheel river steamer Joseph A. Cotton. Calhoun went aground, her commander, Lieutenant-Commander Buchanan was killed, and the boat was 'in imminent danger of capture.' The Vermonters were requested to take the rifle-pits; they 'rushed forward at double quick' and overran the rifle pits, and some cavalry supporting them. They killed 7 rebels, wounded 26 and captured 57, without a single Vt. casualty. That night, Colonel Thomas found his regiment on the left bank of the bayou, alone and vulnerable. He used a bit of deception, building a line of camp fires two miles long, indicating a much larger force than really existed at that point, and convinced the rebels that their position was untenable. They fired the Cotton, set it adrift, and it sank. Lieutenant-Commander A. P. Cooke, commanding the gunboat Estrella, said of the Vt.ers' clearing the rebel rifle pits, 'It would have been impossible for the boats to have dislodged them.' Acting Third Assistant Engineer George W. Baird, of the Calhoun, recorded in his diary that 'the Eighth Vt. Regiment had charged the pits and the rebs were running, so I single out a reb and emptied my revolver.' (ORN)

August 15, 1863

A detail from the 8th Regiment, consisting of Captain Leach, Lieutenants Carpenter and Cooper, and six non-commissioned officer were sent to Vt. on recruiting service. (Peck)

September 1, 1863

The Eighth Regiment moved to Algiers and went by sea to the Sabine Pass expedition, which was not successful, the troops returning to Algiers on the 11th. (Peck)

January 5, 1864

Three hundred twenty-one members of the 8th Regiment 'made a second claim of being patriots by re-enlisting for three years more of service.' (Peck)

September 19, 1864

Sergeant Henry W. Downs, Co. I, 8th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)

September 19, 1864

8th Regiment was engaged or present at Winchester, Va. (see battles)

September 22, 1864

8th Regiment was engaged or present at Fisher's Hill, Va. (see battles)

October 19, 1864

8th Regiment was engaged or present at Cedar Creek, Va. (see battles)

October 19, 1864

Colonel Stephen Thomas, 8th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)

November 12, 1864

The 8th Regiment was In camp, Newtown, Va. through December 20. (Peck)

April 15, 1865

The 8th Regiment was ordered to Washington and posted about the City to prevent the escape of the assassin of President Lincoln (Peck)

May 17, 1865

Colonel Holbrook, 7th Regiment, reported on the siege of Spanish Fort, near Mobile, AL (Reports)

June 28, 1865

8th Regiment mustered out, having lost 4 Officers and 115 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 7 Officers and 241 Enlisted men by disease. total 367. (Dyer)

February 27, 1941

Charles H. Emerson, Co. D, 8th Vt. Inf., died in Dalton, NH (Last Vets)

July 13, 1942

Charles S. Heyer, Co. C, 8th Vt. Inf., died in St. Johnsbury (Last Vets)