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10th Regiment, United States Colored Troops

The 10th Regiment, Infantry, United States Colored Troops was organized in Virginia on November 18, 1863 and was attached to the 1st Brigade, Hinck's Colored Division, 18th Corps, Army of the James. The regiment was then reassigned to the predominantly black 25th Corps until their discharge in 1865.

A detachment from the regiment was stationed at Plymouth, North Carolina where they participated in the siege and eventual surrender of the city on April 20, 1864. The main body of the regiment was encamped near Crany Island, Virginia until January 12, 1864 when it was moved to Drummondstown where they remained until April. The regiment was moved to Yorktown, Virginia until May. When General Benjamin Butler's offensive toward Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia, began on May 4,1865, the 10th Regiment moved toward the Confederate capital with the Army of the James.

May 5, 1864 the 10th Regiment was engaged at the capture of Fort Powhatan, Virginia and later, on May 24, a detachment from the Regiment proceeded to Wilson's Wharf where they were assigned garrison duty. On July 6 they were moved to the front lines facing the Confederate defenders of Petersburg and Richmond. The 10th remained there until August when they were moved to the rear in order to guard the Union supply camps located at an area known as the Bermuda Hundred and then later to the major Union base at City Point. While at City Point the soldiers of the 10th engaged in fatigue (work detail) duties, unloading and guarding the endless streams of supply ships sending food and munitions to the troops on the Petersburg and Richmond lines. They remained so employed until June 1, 1865.

By this time the hostilities were all but ended in the east. As several other U.S.C.I. regiments had already been transferred to the west as a part of the newly formed 25th Corps, the 10th Regiment was eventually moved to Texas where they served garrison and provost marshal duties along the sides of units such as the 41st U.S.C.I., the 43rd U.S.C.I. and the 45th U.S.C.I. All of these Colored Troop regiments contained Vermont men in their ranks. The 10th served at various points along the Rio Grande until May 17, 1866 when it was mustered out of Federal Service.

Vermonters Who Served In The
10th Regiment Infantry
United States Colored Troops

Paul Eglin

Jackson Sheldon

Michael Smith

Elisha Walker
promoted to Corporal

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