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"Dreadful Train Accident"

1st Battery - AG62

1st Battery Light Artillery - AG63

1st Battery Light Artillery - AG64

1st Company Heavy Artillery - AG65

1st Light Artillery Battery - AG62

2d/3rd Batteries Light Artillery - AG64

2nd Artillery Battery - AG65

2nd Battery - AG62

2nd Battery Light Artillery - AG63

2nd Light Artillery Battery - AG62

3rd Artillery Battery - AG65

Abrams Collection

Artillery Units

Benedict, Chapter 29

Blackmer Family, Family Chart

Bounty for Seventeenth Vermont Volunteers and Third Vermont Battery - AG65

Cavendish Light Artillery, enrollment

Dyer, Charles H., correspondence

Dyer, Charles H., diary

Flint, William H., diary

Gibson Collection

Groves Collection

Hebard, G. T., 1st Battery, Report of 19 July 1863 - AG63

History, 1st Battery

History, 2nd Battery

History, 3rd Battery

Holcomb, T. E., 2nd Battery, Report of 17 July 1863 - AG63

How A Man Feels in Battle

Jones Collection

Leroy, James, correspondence

National Soldiers Homes

Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas

Research Aids

Rolfe, Eugene W., diary/correspondence

Root, David, biography

Start, Romeo H., 3rd Battery, Report of 16 Jun 65 - AG65

Start, Romeo H., 3rd Battery, Report of 31 Dec 64 - AG65

Taplin, Eben, promotion letter

Taplin, Eben, proof of service

The Faded Coat of Blue

Valentinetti Photo Collection

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Waterman, Truman J., biography

Whitney, William, biography

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Adams, Benjamin Henry

Adams, Loren D.

Aikens, Charles C.

Ainsworth, Alfred

Alden, William Seymour

Alexander, Charles Wesley

Atherton, Francis M.

Atwood, Alfred A.

Ayers, Hiram David

Badger, Philip D.

Baker, George A.

Baker, Perry Alverton

Baker, Schuyler T. Jr.

Barber, Lawson E.

Barnard, Lucius M.

Barnett, George B.

Bartlett, John W.

Barton, George M.

Bashaw, Lagro

Bent, Alonzo

Bent, William Henry

Bishop, George

Blodgett, Clark P.

Blodgett, Stephen Blaney

Blood, Phineas Homer

Brady, Patrick

Brown, Ira Nelson

Bullett, Joseph

Burt, Dawson

Burt, Dunham G.

Butler, William O.

Butterfly, Frank

Buzzell, Samuel D.

Campbell, Humphrey

Campbell, James

Carey, George

Carleton, George C.

Carr, Jeremiah

Carr, Silas B.

Casavaw, Frank L.

Cayhue, Jesse

Chandler, Oscar

Chase, John W.

Cheney, Abial

Clancey, James

Clark, Dan

Clay, Benjamin M.

Cole, Orra C.

Collins, Artemas Arthur

Collins, Robert

Congdon, Henry E.

Cook, Alvin Joseph

Corivan, Louis

Corry, Michael M.

Cram, Charles J.

Cutler, Harvey M.

Darling, Alvaro R.

Daskem, George W.

Davis, Charles W.

Dickerman, Austin Hubbard

Dingwall, Daniel

Doty, Quincy

Downer, Henry C.

Duncan, George W.

Dutton, Charles H.

Dutton, John

Dyer, Charles Henry

Everest, Milo A.

Ewens, Alonzo

Fales, Prosper E.

Farrington, Sawyer G.

Ferre, Luther

Fisher, Charles Frederick

Fisher, George W.

Flanders, George T.

Foley, John J.

French, Aaron Farnham

George, Christopher

Goodwin, Morris M.

Gould, Albert H.

Greenleaf, Edward Everett

Grover, Isaac

Hackett, George D.

Hall, Robert H.

Halo, Thomas

Hardy, Hiram Tenney

Harrington, John H.

Harrington, Randall

Haven, Frank

Heath, Ahira

Hebard, George T.

Hebard, Solomon Blodgett

Herrick, George S.

Hill, Hiram

Holcomb, Pythagoras E.

Howard, George A.

Howland, John

Hulett, Chester Orlin

Hurley, Patrick

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Charles P.

Jones, Edwin

Joslyn, Frederick A.

Judd, William F.

Kelley, Michael F.

Kemp, Austin

Kibbee, John L.

Knowlton, John T.

Langdon, John B. Jr.

Leland, Henry S.

LeRay, James Robert

Lowell, Willis W.

Lyford, Aura

Mack, Rufus S.

Mahoney, Edmund F.

Mann, Charles W.

Marlow, Louis

Marsh, John W.

Marshall, William H.

Mather, Charles D.

Maynard, Edgar Monroe

McDonald, James J.

McIntyre, Napoleon

Miller, Edward

Minor, Peter

Mitchell, Clement

Morgan, Edward Fletcher

Munn, Harry W.

Myers, Lyman D.

Myers, Nelson

Noland, Matthias

Partlow, Orman

Peil, Martin

Perrin, William Burton

Phair, Henry

Phillips, Walter Arnold

Powers, Martin H.

Provost, Clement

Racine, Philibert

Riker, James Brownell

Rivers, Julius

Robinson, Daniel Orlando

Rolfe, Eugene William

Rollins, Charles

Rowe, Joseph

Sanders, Charles A.

Savage, Edward M.

Scarbo, John

Scott, Amos A.

Sharkey, Charles

Sheridan, Thomas

Sherman, John

Shiatt, Francis

Shontell, Joseph

Smalley, Henry Adams

Smith, Amos P.

Smith, Milo

Start, Romeo Hoyt

Stratton, Henry C.

Sturtevant, Charles D.

Taplin, Eben

Thompson, James

Todd, John F.

Tower, Henry F.

Tracy, George W.

Tyler, Perley

Vaughan, Isaac C.

Vaughan, Roswell C.

Warden, Henry

Waterman, Henry

Waterman, Truman J.

Wheeler, James Eugene

Whitcher, George W.

Whitney, William Porter

Whittemore, Edward

Whittemore, George

Whittemore, Harrison W.

Wilder, Joshua Elihu

Williams, Charles B.

Williamson, James S.

Williamson, Leslie G.

Williston, Edward Bancroft

Wright, Harry H.

Wright, John Henry

Young, George

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