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Confederate Vermonters

Green Mountain Boys Who "Went South"

The majority of Vermonters who "went south" moved to a Southern State before the war, some more than twenty years before. One was visiting relatives in Missouri when the war broke out, and apparently joined a local unit without really understanding the political implications. There were at least seven who had joined Vermont units and were taken prisoner, or deserted, and either joined Confederate units or took an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, and fifteen Vermonters, unnamed, were seen in a Chicago prison camp.

Babcock, Bradley Whitney, 2nd VA CAV, 5th VA CAV CSA
Barber, Samuel Stillman, CSA
Bard, Henry Holmes, Phillip's GA Legion
Beauclerk, Thomas Wentworth Sydney, Cadet
Benson, Ellis, 20th TX INF
Benway, Charles, 17th VT INF
Blackmar, Armand Edward, Civilian
Bliss, James Monroe, 30th AR INF
Carter, Henry Gray, 4th TX CAV
Conger, Charles, 1st TN INF
Corse, Malcolm Sears, 1st VT CAV
Crane, Charles, Conscript
Davis, James Bliss, 7th LA INF
Davis, Pliny Earl, 15th LA INF (CSA), CSN
Dwinell, Melvin, 8th GA INF
Fleury, Harry John, 5th TN INF
Fremont, Sewell Lawrence, 1st Corps NC ARTY and ENG
Frost, Alden J., CSA
Gaskill, Varney A., GA State QM
Gill, Thomas N., 31st MS INF
Green, George W., Civilian
Greene, Ranney, Crescent City Regiment
Grow, Milo Walbridge, 51st GA INF
Hart, Hubbard L., CSA
Hemenway, David Jr., 11th VT INF
Higby, Edward I., 5th TX CAV, GA Militia
Huntington, Alvah Corydon Ayers, 8th GA INF
Kelsey, Alvah George, 6th MO INF
Labardie, Nelson, 11th VT INF
Lahaize, Oliver, 26th NC INF, 8th VT INF
Leland, Oscar Hopestill, 30th TX CAV
Marsh, Otis Mason, Spreight's Btln, TX CAV
Maverick, Lewis, 1st NC INF, 22nd TX CAV
Maxham, William Ransom, 9th LA INF
McCarty, Henry, 11th VT INF
Moreau, Julius, 3rd VT INF
Nutting, Charles Allen, Civilian
Oatman, Stephen B., GA State Guard
Parker, James, 3rd VT INF, 17th VT INF
Parkhurst, Austin S., 17th VT INF
Robinson, Charles Henry, 31st NC INF
Robinson, Frederick G., 8th NC INF, 40th NC INF
Rock, Peter, 1st VT CAV
Royce, Moses Strong, 4th TN CAV
Russell, William Bass, 14th AR
Sawyer, Eliphet M. B., 15th TX INF
Scott, Charles, 11th VT INF, 10th TN INF, USA
Shepherd, Jonathan Avery, Chaplain
Smith, Franklin Gillette, Civilian
Smith, Otis David, 6th AL INF
Spoor, Willam Barnabas, 2nd MO CAV
Stevens, Albert Mack, 47th TN INF (CSA)
Stevens, Hoit Charles, 28th VA INF
Stone, John, Surgeon
Tucker, Stephen S., 1st AL ARTY BTLN
Tupper, Tullius Cicero, MS MILITIA
Van Doorn, Charles Anthony, CSA
Von Strantz, Benno, 1st LA HARTY, 2nd VT LARTY
Wadsworth, John, 1st VT CAV
Wells, Thomas P., Phillip's GA Legion
Wetherby, Luther Paris, 15th KY INF
Wilbur, Aaron, ADC, LTCOL, State of Georgia
Wilcox, Edward Warren, 1st NC LARTY, 3rd NC LARTY
Wing, Levi Humphrey, 2nd GA INF CSA
Yott, Moses M., 1st LA INF

Another Fifteen Confederates

Major Edward Hastings Ripley, 9th Vermont, while the regiment was on parole at Camp Douglass, near Chicago, noted in a letter to his mother in early 1863, that there were 15 Vermonters among the Confederate prisoners they were guarding.

Source: Ripley, Edward Hastings. Vermont general: the unusual war experiences of Edward Hastings Ripley, 1862-1865. Edited by Otto Eisenschiml. New York, Devin-Adair, 1960., page 73.

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