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They left Vermont and headed west (or east in some cases) for a variety of reasons, not the subject of our study here, but native Vermonters served in regiments from state during the Civil War.

Based on the 1860 census, of the 413,852 native-born Vermonters, 174,765 (42.2%) lived outside Vermont. (William S. Rossiter, "Vermont. An Historical and Statistical Study of the Progress of the State." Publications of the American Statistical Association, volume XII, Nos. 93, March, 1911. Boston: American Statistical Association, 1912).

Given that statistic, one would assume a good number of native Vermonters served in other State's units. Indeed they did! More than 7,500 in just seven states alone! More than 2,600 in New York, 1,400 in New Hampshire, and 1,200 in Massachusetts. Farther afield, the numbers are still impressive: 750 in Iowa, 630 in Minnesota, 570 in Wisconsin and 550 in Illinois.

Since the focus of our detailed study is organized units from Vermont, we will only mention these soldiers' units and personal information, and attempt to locate their final resting places for the Sons of Union Veterans Cemetery Database Project.

NOTE: In some cases, having been in, and served from other states, they returned to Vermont and rest in the shadows of the Green Mountains with their brethren. Again, this is a work in progress.

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